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  1. snatchit

    Ertz ?

    I dumped Julious last week for him, am I going to regret it ? I know it was his 1st game back last week but man....
  2. Its in a keeper league. I was just thinking I like getting Hunt and having Ware in the wings if he gets hurt... In a Andy Reed O
  3. snatchit

    Sony Michel

    I could be wrong but it all adds up. We all know that NE would never in the past pick a RB in the 1st rnd. I think they we be a strong running team this year Lots of young WR's Brady another year older, QB's dont get hurt handing the ball off. Of course I know they will throw, I just think there will be a shift in game plan. Burkhead with a slight tear in his knee... I think White, kind of tips their hand on the play.... I know he runs between the tackles some Hill, Sony is a big boy Sony was graded very good in pass pro, may have been the best in the class They may look at all these other teams with a rookie RB, being the main ball carrier and playing great. Sony is a pure 3 dn back.
  4. snatchit

    Bears at Packers: In-Game Discussion

    Stupid Bears stopped throwing in the second half, protecting a lead.... against Rodgers ????????????
  5. snatchit

    Travis Kelce

    Ya I was noticing he wasnt even looking at check downs or screen passes. Maybe this will serve Hunt and Kelse with defenders leaving that area open... affraid of being burned deep
  6. snatchit

    Bears at Packers: In-Game Discussion

    Sure am liking the way Allen Robinson looks so far. I believe he will be a stud this year
  7. snatchit

    Check out Tampa on the road....

    ya that was shocking
  8. snatchit

    Sony Michel

    And Hill, a goal line back went out with a knee injury. I believe the Sony train is coming soon
  9. snatchit

    I hate Andy Reid !

    errrmm , its this Fantasy Football Today site ?
  10. snatchit

    I hate Andy Reid !

    ya I was thinking the same thing
  11. snatchit

    I hate Andy Reid !

    ya, they were talking about 300 plus touches before the season started. Hope this isnt the way its gonna be, very disappointed. There sure are some hateful people on this site
  12. snatchit

    Sony Michel

    Some people on this site just dont get it. Of course they want to run the ball more, the more they run the longer their aging QB will last. Plus Bill has been watching these other teams have great success with these blue chip rookie RB's. RB was for sure a pressing need for them. They didn't have a 3 down ( explosive ) back on the roster. Its gonna take a few weeks, but I think there will be a shift.... and Sony will be a true bellcow for them.
  13. snatchit

    Big Ben or Luck week 1 ?

    If its pouring down rain in Cleveland I will go with Luck, but if not ... who do you like best ?
  14. snatchit

    Sony Michel

    oh god, some of you need to think for your self.... not what some writer says. The bottom line is James White and Burkhead cant hold his jock. Yes they have been productive, almost everyone is. Sony is special
  15. The wire is thin, looking for upside stash. Meredith Kumerow Ebron Ballage
  16. snatchit

    Notable Roster Cuts

    I believe Coleman hated being traded to the BILLS, and had a crappy attitude. On the right team he could flourish, dude has skills
  17. snatchit

    Jerick McKinnon injury

    Wow, just the other night at the draft with all these great players on the board mid 3rd round... I say I will take McKinnon
  18. snatchit

    Barkely or Hunt

    I remember some of the expert haters were poopooing Gurely last year too. I say this because you can google Hunt and find, 1st round bust ect. Andy Reid just said recently that he wants to get Hunt more passes, he had a bunch last year. I think teams are going to be freaking out about the long ball, then Kelse underneath. I like it, hoping for another Jamaal Charles
  19. Carson and Barber may only be good to you for 3 or 4 games. When Cook gets up to speed he will dominate touches, I like the A.Jones pic for a chance
  20. snatchit

    Sony Michel

    I understand the experience thing.... but the dude is strong in pass pro. That's all that matters to them, that should keep him on the field
  21. snatchit

    Sony Michel

    I targeted him, and got him. No regrets
  22. 12 team ppr, 2 keepers for the 1st 2 rnds..... Hunt and Mixon Big Ben Luck Hunt Mixon Mckinnon Sony Michel …. I think he will be great in short time, 3 down back Ware Bernard Gordon Allen Robinson Robby Anderson Jeffery Gallup Anthony Miller Watson Dallas D
  23. snatchit

    My high risk, high reward draft

    ya its just a hunch. Burks with a slight tear in knee, white a receiving back, Sony can bulldoze like Hill. I think they would like to be more of a running team, as Brady is a year older. Poor receiving core, besides Gronk. 1st rnd pick. Just seems the odds are in his favor
  24. snatchit

    Kennith Dixon looked good

    Caught some passes too