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  1. Wil Infamous

    Stevie Johnson

    I picked him off of waivers last night. Got him Eddie Royal and Michael Crabtree on my bench. I'm hoping one of those three can put up some nice numbers in PPR.
  2. Wil Infamous

    Jordy Nelson: Rappaport reports possible ACL

    What rd should you reach for Davante Adams now?
  3. Wil Infamous

    Josh Gordon back for Week 10?

    Exactly what I was thinking. Thanks!
  4. Wil Infamous

    Josh Gordon back for Week 10?

    Yes, another owner in my league dropped him after the first suspension news and I picked him up. And yes, I've seen dude play. I'm talking about rust and trying to work your way back into a team 10 weeks into the season. Not just 2 weeks like last year.
  5. Wil Infamous

    Josh Gordon back for Week 10?

    So to quote the group Gangstarr "the question remains"...is he worth stashing? Already have Andrew Hawkins in a PPR league but wondering if its a pipe dream thinking Gordon will come back and be anything near what he was last year.
  6. Wil Infamous

    Josh Gordon back for Week 10?

    According to Adam Schefter on twitter https://twitter.com/AdamSchefter/status/510431625944268801 Josh Gordon will get an 8 game suspension and be back for Week 10. Is he worth stashing until then?
  7. Wil Infamous

    Better RB in PPR this year...Lynch, Ball or Rice?

    Appreciate the feedback fellas! Yeah, with all the news about a possible hold out from Lynch and a 4-6 game suspension from Rice its kinda making the decision easy.
  8. I'm in a 12 team PPR keeper league (keep 3 for your first 3 rounds of picks in the draft) and already have Jimmy Graham & Demaryius Thomas as my top 2 keepers but choosing between 3 RB's for the third. So who do you think will have a better season in PPR this year: Marshawn Lynch Montee Ball Ray Rice (also, it looks like I'll have the 10th pick in my draft if that makes a difference for who you would pick) I know its early June and many questions for these players are still yet to be answered but any and all feedback much appreciated.
  9. Just trying to cut the fat from my roster before the playoffs and wanted to add a couple back up RB's. My league's championship game is Week 17 (I know...SUCKS) and I lost in the finals 2 years in a row because my studs were rested. So out of these 4 who would you scoop up to prevent that from happening again? K. Hunter (SF) K. Davis (KC) B. Pierce (Baltimore) B. Brown (Philly) (already own M. Ball) Thanks!!
  10. Wil Infamous

    DeMarco Murray or Ryan Mathews?

    Quality feedback right here. *gold star*
  11. Wil Infamous

    DeMarco Murray or Ryan Mathews?

    Marshawn Lynch and Ray Rice
  12. Wil Infamous

    DeMarco Murray or Ryan Mathews?

    Not only do I love when you reply to a post (fan of Havoc and Prodigy and enjoy seeing your avatar in the responses, haha) but you bring up a good point. I'd hate it if either of these two were my RB2 but I'm in a keeper league so my other RB's are Ray Rice and Marshawn Lynch. Just looking for that former bust might become boom lottery ticket to cover myself incase one of my main RB's get hurt. And since its a keeper league some players are available where they normally wouldn't be. Planning to pick one of these two with my 5th RD 2nd pick. Hoping that Murray's still on the board but wanted to see what people thought of Matthews. In the 5th RD as a RB3 I think they both can be a good pick if...and its a BIG if...they can stay healthy.
  13. Wil Infamous

    DeMarco Murray or Ryan Mathews?

    I said "can" not have.
  14. Wil Infamous

    Julio Jones or Brandon Marshall?

    Love Julio but Marshall is a target monster in Chicago...or at least he was last year. I see Jones getting more looks from Ryan this year but not as many as Marshall from Cutler.
  15. Wil Infamous

    DeMarco Murray or Ryan Mathews?

    Who do you trust more as a RB3/Flex in a 12 team PPR, DeMarco Murray or Ryan Mathews? When healthy both Murray and Matthews can put up some nice numbers and I feel at least one will stay relatively healthy this season (13 games or more). Just not sure who.