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    Trade #1 Pick

    12 Team Keeper League- PPR - 2WR/1Flex I have drawn the #1 pick in my league and am seriously considering trading down. I have kept Demarco Murray with #13 round keeper, Kaepernick with #15 round keeper and Julio Jones with #2 round keeper. Option 1: stay where I am and draft Peterson Option 2: Swap 1st round picks with another top 5 or 6 team and also try to get my 3rd or 4th rounder improved to a late 2 or earlier 4th. My thinking is that by trading down to the #5 or so overall I may be able to snag Calvin or Marshall. I would also be trying to include a secondary trade to move back into round 2 for my 3rd round and a 10th or so... Just seeing what some of you thought about this.
  2. I have the number 1 draft pick this year and plan on taking Peterson. In this keeper league a team gives up a position 2 rounds higher than the year previous with a maximum of 3 players kept. My best keeper options look to be Demarco Murray (13), Julio Jones (2), James Jones (15), TY Hilton (15), Russell Wilson (11), Kaepernick (15), Mendenhall (9). My gut is telling me to take Julio Jones at pick 24, Demarco Murray in the 13th and Kaepernick in the 15th. I am just looking to see what some of you thought should be my 3... Thanks in advance.