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  1. dkhasidy


    Hi All, i won the chip. thanks for the advice over the year.
  2. dkhasidy

    Lineup help, first time reaching the champs!

    did you win?
  3. dkhasidy

    Championship TE start

    i go brate and inman. TB vs NO should be a shoot out and he's really liking brate recently.
  4. dkhasidy

    WR Advice

    Semi finals. Starting to have nightmares on who to start as my second wr. Djax Steve smith Rishard Matthews Marquis Lee Need a safe floor. I currently have djax but starting to get worried that he has a dud game. Am playing the 1 seed and he has David Johnson. I'm gonna need every point. Leave your link and I'll help in return.
  5. dkhasidy

    Brady or Wilson Week 15. Leave Link to Yours

    brady no question
  6. dkhasidy

    Starting too many Seahawks?

    seahawks have been and are the most overrated team in NFL history, lead by the most over rated QB of all time. Wilson is garbage and you should not start him. He is totally garbage without a running game. Rawls isnt the answer either tonight. Id roll with Powell over Rawls and get Luck in the lineup.
  7. dkhasidy

    Roethlisberger or Cousins?

    i go cousins. they score points and gb wash could be higher scoring than expected. Pitt should easily handle Indy and bell is going to dominate the ball. and thanks for your post on my topic
  8. dkhasidy

    WR Advice

    Starting 2 of 3. Steve Smith, Rishard Matthews or Crabtree? all three are pretty much close in floors. have been starting crabtree all season, but think he's starting to slow down. Just got Matthews and Smith off waivers a few weeks back and both have been great. Am thinking Matthews and Smith. Really looking for a high floor performance, nothing amazing. My RBs will carry the hard work, Elliot, McCoy and Miller. Thanks and good thanksgiving to all
  9. I'm struggling with one of matthews or smith, for you, id roll with matthews and smith. the GB / Wash game has wind and weather issues.
  10. dkhasidy

    WR 2 Advice

    going matthews. thanks all. wish me luck, and luck back at you guys.
  11. dkhasidy

    WR 2 Advice

    got 45 mins. Steve Smith or Rishard Matthews. Been leaning Smith all week, but having doubts. I expect the Indy Tenn game to be shootout, but they could just run Indy to death. Any help appreciated.
  12. dkhasidy

    Chance to grab Rishard Matthews

    maclin. he's not getting any thing done in that offense, and is injured. only issue with matthrews is bye in week 13. but def drop maclin
  13. dkhasidy

    Drop Maclin for R. Matthews?

    yes, i did the same thing today. maclin was killing me. matthews should have nice floor for the game flow vs GB this week. cant be any worse than maclin honestly.
  14. dkhasidy

    WR Advice

    Need advice. Pick 3 of the 4 WR. Crabtree (most likely) - decent floor Snead - decent floor Maclin - who knows Sheppard - what happened to the giants offense? Leave link and ill help in return
  15. dkhasidy

    TE Help

    I Have Julius Thomas and Cameron Brate as TE. Don't know who to start this week, and will drop one for Corey Coleman cuz i need WR help more. Which TE, Thomas or Brate has best value for remainder of the season?