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    Playoff game on peacock

    Just found out I can't watch my home team Dolphins because they are only on Peacock. Well I could, if I wanted to pay Peacock, but I don't want to and won't ever. Watched just about every televised game the last 22 seasons and if the NFL doesn't come to their senses on this TV crap, I will have watched my last. I am just sick and tired of being a mark. Support the people and the future of the game by refusing to pay Peacock any money. Hopefully they lose their azz and we can have football return to the way it's been televised for the last half century.
  2. RepoPatrol

    Nyheim Hines traded to Bills for Zack Moss

    I think Taylor is done. The team is going to be built around Ehlinger, DJax, Pierce the ROS. Moss will be there to give DJax breathers.
  3. RepoPatrol

    Week 7 Sleepers

    One guy to watch out for is Curtis Samuel. he played a few years with Heincke in Carolina. heinke saw little action but did start one game where he peppered Samuel with 13 targets. 2 weeks earlier Heincke threw one pass, a 33 yarder to Samuel. I'm starting Samuel this week as should any of you who have him.
  4. RepoPatrol

    Travis Kelce, Tyreek Hill off the Covid list - Week 17

    I am sure that everyone with Hill wishes he hadn't been cleared.
  5. RepoPatrol

    Week 16 Thank You

    Thanks to the junk time Dionte Johnson TD I am still alive in my game.
  6. Took me 20 years to win the Super Bowl in my league last year. Hoping for 2 in a row if Saints DT can come through.
  7. RepoPatrol

    What do you need Wk 16 MNF?

    Need the Saints DT to outscore Waddle. We start our DT's with 20 points and you lose 5 points with any score and then when you hit 8, 15, 22 pts (0). Dolphins fan rooting for Saints DT. LOL
  8. RepoPatrol

    Steelers at Bengals: MNF Discussion

    This game exposed the Bengals coaching inability to rally their players. Took JuJu to get them to perform.
  9. RepoPatrol

    Week 15 Thank U thread

    My opponent needed 5 points out of Gallman to beat me. Or if the GMen had scored more than 7 points. Loving the Giants right now.
  10. RepoPatrol

    Go with Keenan Allen tonight?

    Big semi-final game. Do I go with Allen if he is active and supposedly limited or do I put in Gage (also have Julio on bench - doubtful), Watkins, or Jacobi?. Other 2 receivers are Cooks and Cooper. Edit: Not a great situation to be in for the Fantasy playoffs
  11. RepoPatrol

    Steelers at Bengals: MNF Discussion

    What is going on with the refereeing in this game? Three head hits and none of them called. #44 Frank Leblanc, gave the Steelers 3 bad spots in a row. He actually walked diagonally to mark the spot. This guy is either inept or in the bag.
  12. RepoPatrol

    phukeen NFL refs

    Nope. The brain dead are falling over backwards to send him money to ruin our democracy and he gets to keep 80% of it.
  13. Owner in my league drafted Pollard and used him to beat the Zeke owner in the Semi's. Kudos for hanging on to him all year.
  14. RepoPatrol

    Week 15 Thank U thread

    Thank you Browns DT, Montgomery and Swift
  15. RepoPatrol

    Go with Keenan Allen tonight?

    I somehow survived Allen and Cooper this week. Was down 11 points before last night and browns got me 16 vs. 2.9 for my opponent's Gallman and eeked out a 2 point victory to advance to the league's Superbowl. I got lucky as hell, but thankfully most everyone else came through (Mahones, Robinson, Montgomery, Swift, Blankenship, Browns, Cooks (not so much). Now to figure out my trainwreck of a receiver corps for next week. Can you actually start Gage, Jacobi and Sammy Watkins as your WR's in a Super Bowl?
  16. RepoPatrol

    Dionte Johnson or Mike Evans in a PPR.

    Disregard this. Should have qualified if Allen and Williams don't play.
  17. RepoPatrol

    Go with Keenan Allen tonight?

    Looks like he is going to play, as well as Williams. Going to roll the dice with him. Gotta stick with what got me here. May end up playing Gage over Cooks though.
  18. RepoPatrol

    Go with Keenan Allen tonight?

    Thus the reason for this thread. Other sources say that if he plays he will be limited? So my question is what to do if he plays?
  19. RepoPatrol

    Dionte Johnson or Mike Evans in a PPR.

    I would pick up Ty Johnson and play him instead. I may do that if Allen is out.
  20. RepoPatrol

    Ravens at Browns: MNF Discussion

    Then you would you would have to give QB points as well. Maybe just a point or two for every PI drawn.
  21. RepoPatrol

    Dak just broke his ankle

    Cowboys wrote Cooper out of game plan because he "gave up" on that last death pass that Prescott threw him last week. Blame Amari instead of having Dak admit he never should have thrown it. Unfortunately this is how Karma works.
  22. RepoPatrol

    Who is you favorite breakout player this year?

    Rookie of the year will be James Washington. Jax was impressed enough to get rid of Fournette.
  23. RepoPatrol

    I have $1 left for playoffs, need Streamer QB!

    Fitz is the man this week, WR corp cleared of concussions. I think Tannenhill has a major regression game. Everyone likes him and that usually means he bombs out. You may want to grab the Texan DT if available.
  24. RepoPatrol

    Chubb/Hunt, this oughtta be good..........................

    Thursday Night game is the right circumstance for Hunt to increase his workload.
  25. RepoPatrol

    Mark Walton 4-Game Suspension

    So who are they going to pick up? The League should fine them if they go with Ballage as a 3 down back. Maybe they bring back Jay Ajayi?