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  1. In this crazy, unpredictable, confusing and often stressful year, we did manage to play through it. I find it somewhat fitting that we crowned Posty as champion this season. In the many years he played in the league, he was never able to finish on top (I know the feeling). But, he volunteered to unretire and take over Ted's team when we all received the sad news of his passing. So, we have a new champ that finally won for the first time and he did it with a team who's initial foundation was built by the departed Ted. Somehow, I see Ted looking and smiling and saying thanks to Posty for seeing it through... Congrats, Posty and thanks for taking over the team!! I hope everyone has a great offseason and I look forward to coming back to a full season and hope for good health to all and an end to the mess that has been 2020.
  2. Torn

    2021 - Just thinking out loud...

    Another consideration of going to roto is the effect on our draft order process. In the current format, there is an incentive to staying active in the consolation bracket by getting your preferred draft slot in the next season. Not sure how we could mimic something like that with roto scoring.
  3. Torn

    2021 - Just thinking out loud...

    I'm OK with going to a roto format. This is the only league I play in that is H2H, so I'm pretty comfortable with the nuances of playing that format. Based on Games Played limits and Max IP Limits, streaming can be curtailed pretty easily while still allowing for unlimited moves. My other 2 roto leagues simply have a 162 games played limit for each position and a seasonal 1400 IP limit. We could tweak that if desired, but still have a ceiling to prevent things from getting too crazy. You are correct that there is no minimum IP limit for roto, only a max. As for stats to use, we could circle back to that if folks are onboard, but some initial thoughts: I'd think that HR's and RBIs should be in there. Having Runs, SBs and with BA related stats and no power stats devalues big sluggers too much, IMO. All of a sudden, Trea Turner/Whit Merrifield types are MVPs and guys like Arenado and Freeman become JAGs. Like K/9 and QS as stats. I agree that W's are way to fickle, especially in the age of openers. I'm open on S+H, but it may dilute the RP market to the point of "who cares" - why waste an early pick (or a keeper slot) on a closer if I can just keep plucking holds guys off the WW all season long? I'd lean towards keeping the 2 categories separated.
  4. Torn

    Add 1 keeper in 2021?

    I am going to cast the 7th vote to add a 6th keeper in 2021. I would have voted in this direction if my vote was needed. We WILL add a 6th keeper for the 2021 season ONLY. I agree with WW that we may have drafted a bit differently had we known this. But... Considering existing keeper status was frozen, I just think it's a good idea to be able to consider holding onto an extra surprise player from this shortened season without having to surrender prior keepers. Again, this applies ONLY to next season. Also note: 1. Free agents pickups from this year cannot be kept UNLESS they were taken in this year's (2020) draft. 2. All 2019 keepers retain their service years as they stood coming into this season (i.e. +1 years will NOT be added to their status). These players have a K next to their name in the Yahoo league site. All other players drafted in 2019 are irrelevant heading into 2021. 3. You can keep players drafted in 2020 (round 6+) as per normal league rules - i.e. they will cost a pick that is 3 rounds higher than where they were drafted. 4. Any player taken in the first five rounds in the 2020 draft cannot be kept as per standard league rules. 5. Up to 6 players can be kept heading into the 2021 draft. These can be any combination, up to or less than 6, of the frozen 2019 keepers AND 2020 draftees.
  5. All of your points are mostly accurate. Re 1. - No FA keepers unless they were taken in this year's draft. If they were drafted and were sent the ww at some point, they ARE eligible as keepers. Any undrafted players are not eligible as keepers. All 3 of the other points are accurate as written.
  6. This season has been a joke and very confusing. My "studs" have been late rounders and undrafted FAs (Didi, Urshela, Winker, Nimmo) and my stiffs have been Acuna, Bellinger, Altuve, Moncada. Pitching has been a constant patchwork of guys in my bullpen and for SP depth behind Cole and Buehler (who has also underachieved). Complete mess of a season.
  7. Should we add a 6th keeper in 2021 due to the chaos of 2020 and an inability to really judge players with the shortened season and other issues?
  8. Based on the crap product we're seeing now and the pile of injuries, I'm not opposed to putting it to a vote. I'd only allow for 1 more keeper, though. We need to have a good player pool to draw some for the draft and taking up to 120 guys off the list is cutting too deep. I'll post a poll for it. I should have foreseen the above average pile of injuries coming. A long layoff and short ramp up time has wreaked havoc on the players who are creatures of routine/habit.
  9. Well, that didn't take long. I now have 5 IL guys to go along with a new opt out. Even WITH the additional IL slots, I can't put in a full lineup due to "Day to Day" injuries and multiple game postponements. What a $hit show...
  10. 5 may work now, but I'll bet we'll see more teams use 5+ IL slots over the upcoming weeks the way things are going. Your secondary point is a good one. I don't think all of our managers have been paying as much attention as usual. Godfather didn't submit a lineup until day 4 of the season (all guys were still on BN since draft) and may not make IP limit. Others have IL slots not filled with eligible players. Others have IL slots filled with players who have returned. I'm not really complaining, but this season is turning into a "just for something to do" type of year. I've acquiesced to that reality at this point...
  11. It's not a permanent change. Just for the season. Combine injuries with the fact that Yahoo has put COVID players as IL eligible as opposed to NA and it's just the best option. If Yahoo had allowed it earlier, I would have done so before the season started anyway. If anyone else thinks it's too much, let me know. I guess I'd be open to reducing it back to 5. Just trying to do my best to ensure that managers don't have to drop short term IL players to fill out a lineup card.
  12. NOTE - Yahoo has bumped IL slots from 5 max to 10. I have adjusted ours to 7 for now. You are now allowed to place two extra guys on IL if (when) needed. I can't see how they can play this out. It's already gotten ridiculous. Too many games getting postponed and it looks like the Marlins are hopelessly lost in COVID hell.
  13. Well, this delayed season is turning into a mess already. Lots of injuries with pitchers (especially) going down all over the place. Likely due to short ramp up time and conditioning. Many others getting COVID. And now, a significant COVID outbreak with the Marlins that is causing postponements of other games as well. Bleak...
  14. 2019 does not matter any longer except for players on your current roster with a K next to their name. Nothing else relating to 2019 matters. If they have a K next to their name, you can keep them for the same exact same round value (and service years) as they had heading into this year's draft. If a guy on your current roster does NOT have a K next to their name AND was drafted this season, you can keep them in 2021 using the league's standard keeper rules. Undrafted players from this year's draft (or 2019) are not eligible for keepers. Drafted players from 2019 who are or were on the WW this season are not eligible as keepers.
  15. Almost. The only clarification is that there are no restrictions for number of swap outs. If you want to swap out all 5 of your pre-draft 2020 keepers with drafted players from 2020, you can. It's not limited to one. Those new keepers would take up the slot +3 rounds ahead, though, where your existing 5 keepers would not.