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  1. Torn

    Trade (Ghost, Strombn)

    Is there some injury news on Bieber that I'm unaware of?
  2. One other thing that causes me heartburn. Please avoid conditional trades. You either take a chance with keeper deals or don’t make the deal. Having to potentially roll back changes if a deal is rescinded due to injury makes it even more difficult to keep things straight. Can I now safely assume that my E-Rod deal is voided if his tweaked knee turns into a big deal? If O’Neill or Woodruff go down, is it assumed that the Disturbed/Stromb trade is voided? If Verdugo’s back gets worse, is my deal with Harry out the window? If Berrios’s arm falls off, is the Talent/Harry deal dead? Let’s hold off from posting trades until you are ready to obligate. If you are concerned about a medical issue, hold off on posting the deal until keeper deadline day. I will consider all posted and confirmed deals as final. Thanks!
  3. Ghost receives: 9.05 and 20.01 Torn receives: 18.04, 20.04 and rights to Eduardo Rodriguez Ghost to confirm...
  4. HappyHarry receives the rights to Alex Verdugo and pick 30.08. Torn receives pick 18.10. HH to confirm...
  5. I have 4 guys that may be of interest to people for upgrading/adding keepers to their squad. All of them have 3 full years of eligibility left. Amed Rosario - 14th Luke Weaver - 17th Yandy Diaz - 22nd Alex Verdugo - 23rd If interested, let me know via PM or text.
  6. Torn

    Two rules changes in 2020

    I was thinking the same. The negative stats do introduce an avoidance strategy aspect to the matchups. I'd only seen it used (by myself included) for close matchups on the last day of the week. You were the first to discover that it could be implemented in a more sweeping way over the course of a season. Dumping the negative stats would certainly curb that option. Not going to change stats for this season. It's too late for that. I will still expect folks to keep their AB numbers high. I trust you all to work within those guidelines. I may consider putting up a vote for removal or replacement of the negative stats for next year though,
  7. Torn

    Two rules changes in 2020

    Yes, the "after the fact" punishment wouldn't work for the reason you stated. I play roto in my other 2 leagues and love it. That being said, I've always liked the change of pace we have here with a H2H league. I also like our draft order selection process and the incentive it provides and wouldn't want to lose that aspect either.
  8. Torn

    Trade (TalentScout, HappyHarry)

    Sorry, accidentally deleted Harry's approval - this trade is approved and good to go.
  9. Torn

    2020 Draft Tracker Sheet

    Thanks, posty! You should have full access to the sheet. Let me know if you can't update.
  10. Torn

    Trade (WhiteWonder, Torn)

  11. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1H_nb8lOv2SrieNXLPbuUEoUjFMutE4HpKS32L5njj8Y/edit?usp=sharing Here is link to the 2020 Draft Tracker sheet. I’m fairly confident it’s accurate, but please check. PLEASE do not enter anything in any location but Column D. It can potentially mess up the formulas. I will take lead on entering picks to the sheet, but I'm fine with folks entering names in column D if I'm away for a while. Do not modify for trades. I'll address those. I will also add keepers after they lock on 3/4. I also try to keep the Yahoo site up to date as we roll along in the draft so the player list there stays within a few picks of accurate. (NOTE: If you do not enter the name correctly as it is found in the Yahoo! database, column E will say "#N/A"... Instead of fixing it in the "List" tab, correct it in column D. This will help with keeper searches in future spreadsheets. ~~posty)
  12. Hi all - great job in getting the draft order locked in! Against my better judgement, trading season is now open. Last year, I had a heck of a time trying to adjust the sheet to reactively account for all of the deals. I also recall folks messing trades up because they tried to re-deal draft spots that they already swapped with someone else in a different trade. Painful. Additionally, since we don't have keepers locked yet, you need to be extremely careful to NOT trade for or away draft pick rounds for your likely, but not yet locked keepers. This will create a cascade problem where you won't have a pick in a round you need for that keeper. You'll end up having to give up the next highest available round's pick to put the keeper in. For example, you make a deal that puts a new player in your round 16 OR trade out of round 16 entirely. You then declare a round 16 keeper later. You'll have to give up your round 15 pick to do so (or 14 if round 15 is already clogged as well) because of the pre-keeper lock trade. Be careful! Now that the draft sheet is up (see separate post), we will at least have a reference to look at to accurately see where our round positioning is at any given moment. However, I can't add keepers until the lock date. Like last year, please post trades on the forum. Acceptance of a deal is not official until both owners say so via the forum thread. I will tag a thread as being "in sheet" when I have adjusted the draft sheet. Since I can't react immediately to everything, please be mindful of downstream impacts if you try to make multiple deals before I get the draft sheet updated.
  13. Torn

    2020 Draft Order : DONE

    Nice job everyone! That was fast!
  14. Torn

    2020 Draft Order : DONE

    I'll take the 5 spot.
  15. Torn

    2020 Draft Order : DONE

    Proxy for Gratefulted - Pick # 11