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  1. Torn

    Keepers available

    Only the guys who WERE kept when we started the 2020 draft are eligible. Not just anyone from the 2019 draft.
  2. Torn

    A perk for the "new guy"

    Correct - I will be working on the keeper sheet over the weekend.
  3. Lucky for you. I have not received an email for your roll. If posty didn't either, then you will need to re-roll.
  4. Torn

    A perk for the "new guy"

    See the rules thread. If Lamet was one of your keepers heading into the 2020 draft, then yes, you can retain him without the 3 round hit and he will not lose a service year for 2020. If you opt to keep someone you drafted for the first time in 2020, you can do that, but that player WILL incur the 3 round hit in this year's draft and 2020 WILL count as his initial year of service time.
  5. Torn

    A perk for the "new guy"

    Tough to account for that via the Yahoo site. I'd lean towards the Ghost proposal. A few of us may struggle with which 6 guys to retain, leaving 2-3 viable keepers in total heading back to the player pool. We could offer those guys to him after we lock down keepers for the other 11 teams, but before we start the draft. That'd at least give him a couple of more bargains heading into the draft. Also remember, many of us don't/won't keep 6 anyway. It's a max of 6, not a "must have 6".
  6. Please review - some of our standard rules have been altered for 2021 only and some of the special rules we added for the crazy 2020 season have been reverted to normal as well. KEEPER LEAGUE RULES * Roster Size : 30 rounds with 5 IR spots available. For 2021 ONLY, I will be adding an N/A slot again. This can ONLY be used for players who opt out of the season for COVID reasons. It is not to be used for any other reason than that. Any players occupying that slot for a reason other than a season long opt out will be sent to the WW for any manager to pick up. * For 2021 ONLY, each team can keep up to 6 players. This will revert back to 5 in 2022. Players who were kept from 2019 heading into the 2020 season can be retained for 2021 at the same round value and service year count. All other players and anything whatsoever relating to 2019 is irrelevant to 2021. Only the max of 5 players you kept heading in to the 2020 season are relevant. Players who were drafted in 2020 and are on an end of season 2020 roster can be retained as well, but will follow the standard keeper rules as outlined in the bullets below. * Contract length is 4 years max (draft year + 3). Keeper service time and round status will follow a player if traded or if picked up from the WW. Be aware of this when trading for another team's keepers. * Players drafted in rounds 1 through 5 cannot be kept the following year. * For each player you keep, you must give up a draft pick 3 rounds higher than the player's draft position the year before. If you have two players at the same former draft round, then the next earlier draft round must be given up as well to retain both. For example, in order to keep two 15th round picks, one would have to use their 11th AND 12th rounders to keep both or acquire an additional 12th round pick to keep this from happening. * Players acquired via free agency cannot be kept unless they were drafted during that year. * Only players in the Yahoo database can be drafted. * Future draft picks cannot be traded. * Weekly limits - min IP of 30 - min AB of 150 (via gentleman's agreement). * Season transaction limit is 70. For playoffs, counter is reset and 20 transactions are allowed for the playoffs.
  7. Torn

    A perk for the "new guy"

    Keep in mind that the dice roll is simply determining your priority to pick your draft slot. It's not determining the actual draft position. If my 88 roll holds up as high number, it simply means I can decide to take the first pick, 12th pick or whatever slot I want. It does not necessarily mean I will have the 1st pick.
  8. MCK left behind a pretty weak team with minimal keeper quality players. While there isn't much I can do about that from a practical perspective, I did want to provide Isotope with some sort of help to make him a bit more competitive out of the gate. I was thinking of giving him 1st draft slot selection pick - i.e. regardless of how the dice rolls go, Isotope gets to choose his draft slot first. Any objections?
  9. I got an 88 and 95 - not too shabby... ---- Signed section - include this line ---- Results: Results sent via email. Summary: Torn - Dugout Dice Roll -------------------------------------------------- Roll One Generating 1 rolls of 1d100, 10 per line. Comment: 88 -------------------------------------------------- Roll Two Generating 1 rolls of 1d100, 10 per line. Comment: 95 Message sent to these addresses: jadams63@verizon.net, epostlethwait@yahoo.com
  10. We will continue the league as a pay league. Buy-in remains at $25. Winner: $200, 2nd: $75, 3rd: $25 Please use PayPal if at all possible. I can text info if needed. If you need to send a check, I can text my address to you. Let me know. UNPAID: Talent Scout - Opted for charity donation of 2020 fee Vargapugh - Requested refund last year Strombn - Opted for charity donation of 2020 fee Isotope - Newcomer PAID: Torn - Opted for charity donation of 2020 fee Godfather (fees held over from 2020) Disturbed Fan (fees held over from 2020) Kysar (fees held over from 2020) HappyHarry (fees held over from 2020) WhiteWonder (fees held over from 2020) Posty Ghost - Opted for charity donation of 2020 fee
  11. As noted in the 2020 Rule Changes thread, for this year only, draft slots will be defined by a random dice roll as opposed to our normal process. High roll is the "winner". Once we have the 12 rolls sorted, we will still allow draft pick slot selection. High number gets to pick his draft slot first, 2nd highest roll gets to choose his slot next, etc. We will return to our standard draft format next season. As a reminde´╗┐r of that process - we derive our draft order in a unique manner. The order is defined by manager choice. The winner of the consolation bracket gets to choose their desired draft position. If they want pick 1, great. Pick 12, fine. Etc. The Champion gets whatever draft slot is left after others have decided. So, the order of slot choice is defined by the following finishing positions from the previous season. 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. --------------------------- Please read this post very carefully BEFORE you roll the dice... This is for the regular draft NOT the supplemental draft... To go to the dice server, follow this link: https://www.pbegames.com/roller/ Your first roll will be taken and an illegal roll will not count and you will be required to re-roll again... We will be rolling two die with d100 sides... So this is what it should look like when you fill out the dice roll: Under email recipients (all on separate line): Your address should be first jadams63@verizon.net epostlethwait@yahoo.com Under Summary of Rolls (type): Your Username Name - Dugout HardBallers Dice Roll Show Results Select BOTH Roll One Number of Rolls: 1 Dice Type: d100 Rolls per Line : <leave blank> Comments: <leave blank> Roll Two Number of Rolls: 1 Dice Type: d100 Rolls per Line : <leave blank> Comments: <leave blank> E-mails not received by posty and me will not count... 1st die is for draft order 2nd die is for tiebreaker If two are tied on first die the second die will be used as the tiebreaker... Please post your roll in this thread... Thank you and good luck... --------------------- 88 (95) - torn 83 (19) - DisturbedFan 82 (16) - WhiteWonder 77 (93) - happyharry 77 (73) - Ghost 15 (84) - strombn 15 (19) - TalentScout Left to roll... Godfather Isotope kysar posty vargavpugh
  12. Torn

    Checking In

    At this point, I'll say our roll call is complete. Welcome back to all returning managers. Hopefully, our MCK replacement will gain access to the forum soon and we can welcome him onboard.
  13. Torn

    Checking In

    I need to review more deeply, but at a minimum, LeMahieu, Pollock and Sale are clear keeper values. Depending on his feelings re: bullpen guys, there are a couple of potential values there as well.