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  1. knight11e

    FitzMagic = League Winner?

    Starting Fitz with confidence in a 2QB league. I want to believe
  2. knight11e

    Marlon Mack's hand

    Even against TB? They held McCaffrey in 2 games, seems like a trap matchup
  3. knight11e

    Marlon Mack's hand

    Anyone rolling Marlon out this week? Coming off of injury and up against a tough run D. I find myself wanting to find a replacement.
  4. knight11e

    Rank these 5 RBs for RoS

    Guice, Mixon, Penny, Mostert, and Conner that order is my initial impression. Anyone feel strongly about another order?
  5. knight11e

    Brady's career..............................

    Brady has proven himself to be the goat... that being said, the patriots won 10 games with Matt Cassel as their starter, so there’s obviously a system in place doing more than its share of the work.
  6. knight11e

    Hypothetical Situation - Clueless Owner

    I take whichever action helps me more. I’m only interested in winning, not managing other people’s teams. I also do not feel the need to lecture people about how much time they should be spending on a hobby.
  7. knight11e

    RB to trade away

    I need a TE, and another team in the league has Kelce and Hooper. He needs RB help, and I’m having trouble deciding who to offer. I have LeVeon and Barkley locked in, so the choices to trade are: Chris Carson or Josh Jacobs Carson has been on fire, but still has his bye and looks to have a moderately difficult schedule coming up. Jacobs looks to have a cake schedule and has already had his bye, but his usage has been spotty. Also I play against this owner in week 8, with Carson at ATL and Jacobs at HOU. What do you think?
  8. knight11e

    RB to trade away

    Was starting Walker until this week when I threw Everette in there. He’s got RB issues, especially this week, so I threw out a James White and Damien Williams for Hooper Hail Mary. See how desperate he is.
  9. knight11e

    What's up with Damien Williams today?

    Aren’t there always a few games mid-season where Andy Reid makes inexplicable play calling decisions before coming to his senses? I feel like it has happened numerous times in the past.
  10. knight11e

    The Official Week 6 FU Thread

    I start Minshew for one game...
  11. knight11e

    Will Dissly

  12. knight11e

    Cleveland Clowns

    Browns gonna brown
  13. knight11e

    Fire up scary terry

    I didn’t say I was dropping him, I just wanted to know if other people saw a dire enough situation to warrant doing that.
  14. knight11e

    Fire up scary terry

    With the injury and the QB situation, is anyone planning on starting him any time soon? Anyone just dropping him?
  15. knight11e

    Devin Singletary

    Wondering this myself
  16. knight11e

    Fire up scary terry

    What are people doing about him this week with the hammy news? I had him locked in but now I’m worried.
  17. knight11e

    Who are your buy low guys after 3 weeks?

    Anybody got any additional RB targets? I’m on the cusp of panic mode.
  18. knight11e

    Josh Jacobs Week 3

    I have him penciled in for now. I’m not convinced the MIN run defense is anything special, and JJ has had 2 good yardage games so far. Feels like the raiders need him to do well for their offense to work, so for those reasons I’m staying the course.
  19. knight11e

    Thielen and Diggs

    Will you two bone already and get it over with?
  20. I’d do Ek for Mahomes in a second.
  21. knight11e

    Zeke Signed!!!

    Holding Pollard this week for this reason.
  22. knight11e

    Melvin Gordon update

    Ekeler value increases...
  23. knight11e

    Drafting from the 9 hole

    10 or 12 team league? I drafted last night from the 9 hole and grabbed Julio, then Conner in the 2nd. Mocking from the 8/9/10 spots I found my team was questionable at RB if I didn't grab one in the first 2 rounds.
  24. knight11e

    What's Conner worth?

    Traded Conner and Rodgers for Cam and Tyreek Hill. I am stacked at Rb and weak at WR so it felt like the right call.
  25. Don't know what to tell you, it happened and I was equally clueless as to why.