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  1. md61813

    Should I take this trade? WHIR

    Done! And thanks.
  2. md61813

    trade dilemma - whir

    Lol that's what I figured. Personally I would try to trade for Barkley and drop Kupp from the Keeper list. I feel like Cooper and Allen give you enough starting value at WR that you could probably fill in the gaps with a draft pick next season.
  3. Who has more value in a non-PPR league for the rest of the season? TY Hilton or Tyrell Williams?
  4. md61813

    trade dilemma - whir

    What is your question? lol
  5. md61813

    Should I take this trade? WHIR

    What about if he switched out Tyrell Williams for TY Hilton. Would that be better or worse you think?
  6. Rough start to the season for me, really need another RB. Should I do this? I receive: Todd Gurley II and Tyrell Williams He receives: Tyreek Hill He also might be interested in switching out Tyrell Williams for TY Hilton -- which is better you think? The rest of my WRs/RBs on my roster: Julian Edelman Jarvis Landry Terry McLaurin Golden Tate Auden Tate Ezekiel Elliot Adrian Peterson LeSean McCoy Wayne Gallman Jr (just a handcuff at this point) Kareem Hunt Chase Edmonds Post the link to your question and I'll answer as well.
  7. md61813

    0-3 Team help

    I'm in the same boat due to three straight weeks of eerily bad luck. I think you need a lot of help at WR. DJax and AJ Green will help later in the year, but you need to make moves now being 0-3. Olsen can get you by at TE. I would try to trade Kelce for a pretty good WR, or maybe make some kind of package deal.
  8. md61813

    Pick 2 RBs -- WHIR

    Standard scoring non-PPR, bonus for going over 100 yards rushing/receiving: Pick 2: LeSean McCoy @ Detroit Lions Adrian Peterson @ NY Giants Wayne Gallman Jr. vs. Washington Redskins I know Shady retweaked his ankle and is Questionable for Sunday, but it sounds like he's going to play. Assuming all three are healthy, who do you choose? Post the link to your question in your comment. Thanks!
  9. md61813

    Pick 2 RBs - WHIR

    That's what I'm leaning towards but I could also see Cohen having a big game if/when the Bears get behind the Saints
  10. md61813

    Pick 2 RBs - WHIR

    1 Point PPR league. Pick two of these guys to start this week: Tarik Cohen at Saints Jalen Richard at Bill's Buck Allen at Dolphins (tonight) Jerick McKinnon Thanks and post the link to your question under your answer.
  11. Need to stream a FA TE this week. Standard scoring non-ppr. Jason Witten vs. Redskins O.J. Howard vs. Panthers Zach Miller vs. Saints Or any other low end streamer. Thanks, and post the link to your question below your answer.
  12. md61813

    Standard Scoring Flex Play

    I'm going with Allen out of all those. Probably beat matchup and most work available. Thanks for mine!
  13. md61813

    Brandon Marshall or LaGarrette Blount?

    Oooh I just saw that Adam Caplan is reporting that Blount's role could be reduced today. Take the gamble for goal line TDs or roll with Marshall in hopefully what will be a bounce-back week?
  14. Marshall or Blount for the flex spot? Standard scoring.
  15. Definitely time for patience. I'm in a 12-team PPR and your team would kick my team's ass. At least you didn't lose David Johnson like me I think you're good to go, you might've just had an unlucky Week 1 like a lot of other people. Don't panic yet lol. Would you mind taking a look at mine? http://www.fftodayforums.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=469497