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  1. pipeman

    Who do you regret drafting so far?

    Dee Dee without Foles is looking like a 7th round waste.
  2. pipeman

    WR Trade Help

    I'd try coupling Godwin with Waller while Waller stock is so high. Andrews is going to be top 5 TE this year if healthy.
  3. pipeman

    Zeke's trade value?

    I've received a trade offer, with the biggest piece being Zeke. The offer isn't terrible, but I know I can get him to sweeten it. 12 team PPR QB/2RB/2WR/TE/Flex Conner, Mack, and OJ Howard for Zeke, L. Murray, and Njoku My roster- Watson/ EE, Mongomery, Singletary, L. Murray, C. Thompson, J. Jackson/ Julio, Diggs, Westbrook, Tate/ Andrews, Njoku His- Jackson, Ryan/ Conner, Mack, A. Jones, M. Brown/ OBJ, Thielen, Ty Williams, Sutton, Ross/ OJ, Hockinson I'm thinking of asking him to add Sutton for Justin Jackson for a little WR depth, or swapping Thielen for Diggs. What do ya think?
  4. Just wait until they figure out a few more ways to get him involved in the red zone...
  5. pipeman

    Happy new year fellas

    Cheers! Hope this Montgomery kid is as good as advertised...
  6. pipeman

    Do you play Zeke?

    The cupboard isn't as stacked as I would like, but my PPR 2rb/2wr/flex options consist of Zeke, Montgomery, Singletary, L. Murray, and J. Jackson at RB, and Julio, Diggs, Westbrook, and Allison at WR.
  7. pipeman

    Where did Zeke and Gordon fall in your drafts?

    I chose Zeke at 1.10 in one of my drafts on Sunday. Couldn't believe he dropped that far. Gordon went at the end of the 4th.
  8. Zero love for Andrews on this bored. I've picked him up in the 13th in all three of my drafts. Check out what the Baltimore insiders are saying about him. This years' Kittle?
  9. pipeman

    Do you play Zeke?

    https://1053thefan.radio.com/blogs/1053-fan/cowboys-and-elliott-agree-principle-deal-press-conf Assuming he gets four days of practice under his belt, are you comfortable starting him this week?
  10. pipeman

    whats your team's biggest weakness

    TE for sure. Run came in the 8-9 turn, missed out, and wound up w/ Njoku and Andrews.
  11. Don't know how bold it would be, but Chubb leads all RB.s in scoring.
  12. pipeman

    Good 2017 Team Names

    I've been "Touched by an Uncle" for years , but with the addition of Odell, I'm thinking "OB/JYN" for this year.
  13. pipeman

    Drafting from 7

    Yeah, drafting 7-10 in a 12 this year has been tough. Last night I drafted out of the 8 slot in a full PPR w/ flex redraft, and went WR/WR out of the gate in a league that traditionally emphasizes the RB's early. Thought was that after the 2nd, I'd be able to piece-meal a few PPR friendly backs while everyone else started filling other spots. That didn't happen, and my roster shows it. QB- Winston, Rivers RB- Montgomery, Ingram, Abdullah, White WR- OBJ, Baldwin, Sanders, T. Williams, Wallace TE- Kelce, Witten I think my roster would have benefited had I gone RB (Gordon, Ajaji), but Odell was too tempting that late...
  14. pipeman

    Vereen or AP?

    Either one have a chance at being a championship game difference maker?
  15. pipeman

    Turkey Day flex help

    Need to decide which 2 of 3 to start, full PPR. Theo Riddick Golden Tate Tevin Coleman