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  1. pipeman

    NFL Draft Contest - Results Posted

    Too funny, Mike... although I can't help thinking of Ferris Bueller changing his absences on the computer as the principal watches on. Nice job. Your street cred just got a boost.
  2. pipeman

    6 mediocre RB's, 3 slots to fill

    Exactly. Talent wise, there's a big difference between CEH and Dobbins vs Bernard, but the 10-15 touches they both recieve make them big play/TD dependent. I'm leaning toward Taylor, Bernard, and CEH, but that will change 15 times before tomorrow afternoon.
  3. My stable of mediocre RB's are all ranked within about 10 spots of one-another, and I'm going to need every point. Which 3 in full PPR. Jonathan Taylor @ LV Raheem Mostert v Wash Giovani Bernard v Dal CEH @ Miami JK Dobbins @ Clev Devin Singletary v Pitt Pretty much have eliminated Singletary due to matchup. Thanks in advance for the insight.
  4. pipeman

    Cordarrelle Patterson Eligible at RB?

    He's been listed as WR/RB on ESPN all year.
  5. pipeman

    The Matt Patricia Experiment - IS OVER

    About time. Hopefully the Ford's announce the sale of the franchise as well.
  6. pipeman

    Houston at Detroit: Turkey Game Discussion

    Hopefully the final dagger to Patricia's career in Detroit. The bigger question- what's the pencil for? Sudoku?
  7. pipeman

    Ertz rest of the way?

    Lol. I guess I'll skip my courtship. Now his wife on the otherhand...
  8. pipeman

    Ertz rest of the way?

    Yes, but I also remember the intrigue associated with her. Not looking to marry Ertz, but will he give you a couple weeks of good times? He's available in one of my leagues, as well as Tonyan, Thomas, and Reed.
  9. pipeman

    Ertz rest of the way?

    Not sure what to make of his value. Many drafted him as TE 4 or 5 off the board, but he hardly looked the part before getting injured. Now it's looking like he'll be available for the playoff push, but do you think he's got enough left in the tank to make a difference vs the other TE streamers out there?
  10. pipeman

    James Robinson - sell high?

    As fast as my fingers could hit the "Accept" button.
  11. pipeman

    JK Dobbins and Mark Ingram have the COVID

    Minimum of 2 weeks, maximum of death.
  12. If you play on ESPN, there should be an alert informing you that he does not carry a TE designation this week. They may allow his name to stay there, but you won't get the points come game time.
  13. pipeman

    Kittle - coming back? worth a roster spot?