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  1. Apparition

    Start/Sit help (Round 1)

  2. Apparition

    Flex help!

    Flex spot full ppr. Robert Woods @ Chicago or Jaylen Samuels @ Oak??
  3. Apparition

    Please Help with Flex

  4. Apparition

    FLex Help - Do or Die!

    Put in Rivers over Winston, and Humphries over Diggs.
  5. Apparition

    Need WR help

    I would go Gordon.
  6. Apparition

    Bears Defense!

    Not feeling confident in starting Bears defense this week! Best available on waivers is.. Patriots @ Miami, Steelers @ Oak, Cowboys @ home against Philly, Jaguars @ Ten tonight. Thoughts on who to pick up?
  7. Apparition

    Cohen better this week with Trubisky out?

    Start Mixon over Cohen.
  8. Apparition

    Week 10 FU Thread

    FU James White! Should have started Chubb instead!
  9. I need 28 pts out of James White tonight. .5 ppr...What are my chances? how many pts do you all need?
  10. I'm down 34 points and have Adams and Crosby. PPR 6pt td's. What are my chances?
  11. Apparition

    Brown or Baldwin?

    Start John Brown or Doug Baldwin? ppr.
  12. Apparition

    What do you need on MNF?

    I'm up by 4 pts, he has Mahomes and I have Hill. Any chance Hill outscores Mahomes??
  13. Apparition

    WR Help

    This is a tough one... I think I would go with Mike Williams, even if Allen plays he may be a decoy. Eli is a bad qb, And I need to see Ridley do it again before starting him over Williams.
  14. Apparition

    Coleman or Johnson?

    Start Tevin Coleman (Freeman ruled out) or David Johnson? My opponent started Kupp last night 45pts!!!
  15. Apparition

    Woods or Fuller?

    Full ppr. Start Woods tonight or Fuller on Sunday?