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  1. dont ask me why or how but both have been dropped this week, who do you see as the better pick up ? my Wr are Limited badly Standrad scoring thanks
  2. Mark91G

    D.Thomas or G.Tate

    dont ask me why or how but both have been dropped this week, who do you see as the better pick up ? my Wr are Limited badly Standrad scoring thanks
  3. Mark91G

    Who's MVP for yor team this year?

    Kamara was my 1st rounder so thats not a surprise MVP but tbh i managed to pick up jones and connar with late round picks, and got chubb as soon and hyde was traded they moves really got me to the play offs
  4. Mark91G

    Hunt went unclaimed today

    sorry for the dyslexia, i'll work on that right away for you
  5. Mark91G

    Hunt went unclaimed today

    i agree with most here it was stupid, he has now came out about it, and i dont think anyone touches him untill the leauge investiagte and no doubt hit him with a big suspension. But after that a see him getting picked up ( if this had been rice level domestic he never gets touched ) But to huskys point above i dont think that is a fair comment about the girl, If i have read things right this girl has never made a complaint or went to police therefore isnt looking for fame of money ( not to say that wont change now its out ) but not fair to go after her like that. I do have an issue with how the leauge deal with accusations with no eveidence. I mean anyone can claim anything but unless there is eveidence such as the video in this case i feel suspending players untill they are proven not guilty is the wrong way about it. Like forster the first time police dropped the case lack of eveidnece the woman dropped her complaint yet by then he missed alot of time Now am not defending him as its all came about again and maybe he is guilty as sin but i cant say either way, All we know is young famous people with money can do stupid things but they are also big targets. i do think we see hunt again but he serves a lenghty game ban fine and has to take anger amanagment course etc
  6. Mark91G

    RB decisions

    its chubb for me, has score in what 5 straight that includes texans who have been great last few weeks
  7. Mark91G

    Connar or Chubb this week

    both have been great i am starting kamara and jones this week Jones is against ARZ for my last spot i have either chubb or Connar basied on theeir play last 2 week sits chubb but he is up against texans which i feel is a hard game for him. stanrdard scoring what you guys think ?
  8. Mark91G

    Fournette sanders

    i guys am sitting in 4th 2 teams behind me are just 1 win behind so i need to win the last 2 games in order to Make play offs as they have easy match ups. i have jones kammara chubb connar and fournette guy in 1st place just lost gordon and he wants fournette for the play off incase gordon isnt there. fournette is no good to me just now with the suspension as i need to win now unlike him. he is offering sanders for him which i know means i loose the trade but with out an upgrade a WR i wont make it anyway. what do you guys think standrad scoring
  9. Mark91G

    WR & RB Help

    Juju for me to but am going with Lindsey i know he is a great player but they must stack the box against them this week back up QB 1st game this year AJ still banged up and Lindsey just runs hard. for me tho am gambling Mixon is the safe clever r play but i think id risk Lindsey this week http://www.fftodayforums.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=482969&p=6364982
  10. Mark91G

    Trade advice please

    i just traded Fournette for Sanders as i need a WR to make play offs and stacked a RB , i got robbed but it was the only trade that they would go for and was an upgrade. depending on how the teams around you are for strenght and you NEED a WR then go for it, but Adams is a stud and Lockette is a TD monster so how much of an upgrade are you getting there ? Sanders replced Baldwin for me as he has been a dud compaired to Lockette http://www.fftodayforums.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=482969&p=6364982
  11. Mark91G

    If Green is a full go, Cooper or AJ?

    honeslty i dont know , havent seen driskell enought plus dont know how banged up AJ still is but this week Cowboys are against saints so they will have to keep up so can see the ball gettig aired out a bit more saints d are getting better but usally give up one big play and copper would be the man for dallas in the situation. http://www.fftodayforums.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=482969&p=6364982
  12. Mark91G

    flex and qb question

    just for this week or going forward? i like edelman Brady loves targting him and he dosnt go down early, i do really like adams and i dont think it would be a bad move to go with him but the egals are giving up points if they end up in a hole then it turns more to passing. ryan is better but keenum has a great run of games and a ground game that is helping him out alot. but ryan its ryan for me he has put up great FF numbers this year and i think he will keep doing so Ryan & Edelman for me Adams is close tho very close http://www.fftodayforums.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=482969&p=6364982
  13. Mark91G

    Fournette sanders

    thanks yeah i know it will be a loss on my side but in the big picture i think i have to take it, and i cant trade with the teams behind me in case in comes down to the last week i dont want them to have fournette and i know i may have to face him in the play offs but at least ill have a shot if i make it in.
  14. Mark91G

    Flex: C Carson Vs Josh Adams (.5 ppr)

    Carson feels safer as a player but Adams this week I think is the better play and against giants d
  15. Mark91G

    Chubb or fournette

    Standard scoring who you liking more this week ?
  16. Mark91G

    Chubb or fournette

    Thanks follow up do you start either over Conner this week ?
  17. Mark91G

    TE Help

    have kelce on a bye this week in a must win stanard scoring i picke dup Brate this week when howard went down, but Rudolph Gates and Graham are on the wire you think any of these a better filler this week?
  18. Mark91G

    Edelman or Boyd Flx WR PPR

    Edelman for me purley just as i think he will see more and Pats will be looking to bounce back http://www.fftodayforums.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=482779&p=6361111
  19. Mark91G

    Flex help

    id agree with your choice, the only factor is dose mitch being out help or hurt Cohen, id liek to think the back up will dump it off to him often. http://www.fftodayforums.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=482779&p=6361111
  20. Mark91G

    TE Help

    thanks i hope he just take over from Howard we seen what he can do last year with Winston. thanks man you to
  21. Mark91G

    WR2 for the week

    am agreeing with wee paws i see the attraction to the others but moore has got around 3/7 catches over the last 5 weeks thats good preoduction for a WR2 plus he is a deep threat and has wheels to take off. fitz is fitz no reason needed http://www.fftodayforums.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=482779&p=6361111
  22. Mark91G

    Starting lineup help: Golladay, Edelman, White, A Jones

    Jones and edelman for me, thats the safest galladay is boom or bust so depending if you want to risk that http://www.fftodayforums.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=482779&p=6361111
  23. Mark91G

    Crunch time help

    Hi guys am sitting 4th 7-3-1 so in play off bracket but tough game this week against the top 8-3 we (have a 3 way tie at the top ) Rb issue this week is what 3 to play between Fournette Kamara Chubb Jones Connar And Wr issue what 2 out of Ty Robinson ( not hot in him but he lit up the lions 2 weeks ago ) Funchess Baldwin ( seems back on track ) Cant afford to lose this week with 5th only 2 games behind Its a standard scoring as much help as possible would be appreciated and happy to answer anyones as usual just leave a link.
  24. Mark91G

    Crunch time help

    thanks wee paws do you pick fournette over chubb based on Bengals d he is up against compaire to bill d ? and any reason you pick funches sover TY this week? i currently have Kamara connar ty baldwin and i prefer chubb but base don the d they face this week think fournette may be safer play
  25. Mark91G

    flex question

    i like moore more based on mouths to feed smith has had 2 great games a few okay games and then nothing djs numbers seem to steadly rise. if you are confirtable dropping ware adams is a better option but in FF that usally means the 2nd you do hunt will go down