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  1. Mark91G

    Chubb or pacheco

    With Pacheco looking like the lead I’d still go chubb but he is up against tampa run d which looks solid PPR both will see targets thoughts ?
  2. Mark91G

    K Allen

    PPR league someone got fed up with the injuries and dropped him. I am fairly strong on wr with m brown and godwin but I picked him up in place of b. cook seemed like a no brainier to have when he is fit but when do we think this is ? Anyone any more clue than I do it’s seemed minor but clearly isn't now
  3. Mark91G

    K Allen

    Yeah that’s a killer tbh could derail the season. Hopefully Allen is back next week now ha I have chubb cook and hall are rbs was tempted to shop cook for a top tier wr
  4. PPR league I tried to get d Johnson for J Wilson he countered with b hall for m sanders and d Johnson my other rbs are chubb cook Boone and dobbins my other wr are Goodwin, m brown Myers, McLaurin and cooks any advice ?
  5. Mark91G

    Trade b hall for m sanders and d Johnson

    Thanks would you make the trade of it was for aj brown or still keep hall ?
  6. Mark91G

    Trade b hall for m sanders and d Johnson

    He does has aj brown so I was tempted to go back with hall for brown and see if he takes that
  7. Mark91G

    Rate my trade

    I’d say you are in the stronger side https://www.fftodayforums.com/forum/topic/511107-trade-b-hall-for-m-sanders-and-d-johnson/
  8. Mark91G

    Dynasty Trade

    With Kelce on your team I’d do this for sure https://www.fftodayforums.com/forum/topic/511107-trade-b-hall-for-m-sanders-and-d-johnson/
  9. Mark91G

    Trade Dalvin for Rhamondre and Gabe?

    I like cook and fournette in rb and flex spot. but how many wr slots do u get ?
  10. Mark91G

    Trade advice

    PPR my team below Qb- Wilson Rb- chubb, cook, b hall, boone, dobbins, j Wilson wr- cooks, m brown, Godwin, McLaurin, g Wilson I have been offered Lamb for b hall really not sure what to do here hall is a too 10 rb in PPR just just now lamb is playing well and I think wr may be my weaker part of the team He also has higgins would I could counter for any help would be great
  11. Mark91G

    Cam Akers

    Yeah I don’t see him being worth the space. Shop him then drop him
  12. Mark91G

    Trade advice

    PPR. been offered Lazard for breeze hall My other rbs are cook chubb dobbins and Boone My wr are m.brown, cooks and godwin g.Wilson woukd u make the trade to possibly upgrade wr ?
  13. Mark91G

    Drop one

    Iv got cook so need to handcuff with mattison for injury reasons. PPR league i need to drop one to make room b,cooks thielen mclaurin Godwin or j Wilson ( feel he has a big role in 49er for a good few weeks )
  14. Mark91G

    Trade advice.

    PPR league Been offered the below trade I get - Herbert , a. Cooper , Hines I give - rus Wilson , d,cook, McLaurin I know I’d be given away a lot but cook now banged up rus has not been doing much I do think more to come from mclaurin my team is below qb - russ rbs- chubb, cook, b hall, dobbins, j wilson wrs- b cooks, m brown, c Godwin, mclaurin, thielen, g Wilson would u take the trade to upgrade qb and wr but lose cook ?
  15. Mark91G

    Trade advice.

    Thanks was going to counter with russ and McLaurin for Herbert he is weak at wr very weak and I could do with the qb upgrade
  16. Mark91G

    Trade for mccaffrey?

    If he would take it yes
  17. Mark91G

    Waiver Wire Advice - RB's -

    I have cook and am grabbing mattison who I feel is a top rb in his own right and cook will miss time. With this injury maybe not next week but it will hit hurt more some weeks. I’d drop hunt. Do think Dillon will get more touches
  18. Mark91G

    Flex help

    PPR need one from the below G wilson - issue is against bengals pass d McLaurin J Wilson - issue is against Denver run d B hall Thanks
  19. Mark91G

    Keeper chubb or cook

    Hi guys who is your keeper is PPR league N.chubb or D.cook ? Also have m. evans and fournette but feel the other 2 are better options. Grateful for advice
  20. Mark91G

    AB or no AB advice

    I like that line also I have evans ab and Mooney and need to pick one. me I think ab but maybe Mooney with ab carrying a knock ?
  21. Mark91G

    anyone else scared of Mike Evans??

    I have evans ab or Mooney and need to pic one help ? Stressed
  22. Mark91G

    anyone else scared of Mike Evans??

    I ha e him and brown would u okay either ? Or swap him for Mooney ?
  23. Hi guys I stream defences but over the last 5 weeks of the season I needed up with both and been rotating which has won me a few games. last game cowboys are playing great and go against Arizona colts against raiders Cowboys playing better but I’d say colts have an easier game? Who you running with for championship game ? thanks
  24. Mark91G

    Final match

    I made it to the final in my league PPR need to get over the line but have mixed options and could do with some help. I need 2 Wr and 2 Rb and a flex from the following. Any advice is helpful Rbs - Cook, Chubb, R.Jones, Penny Wr - A.brown, Metcalf, Mooney, Brown and metcalf both have hard match ups. Leaning towards brown metcalf cook chubb and flex Jones ? happy to answer anyone’s in return
  25. Mark91G

    Final match

    Right guys but if a change for me. Iv had d Williams on my bench for a few weeks. now edwards - helaire is out he moves up a few levels for this week. So last decision for my champ final is pick 3 chubb cook R.jones D.willaims r.penny thanks and sorry for asking again