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  1. i think comparing Hunts actions to what hill has been accused of difficult to do they are in diffrent leauges, Hunts i can accpt getting a 2nd chance but causing harm to a 3 YO is a diffrent level and no one shuld be allowed to keep ajob that puts them in the public eye and get paid well after that, ( if he is guilty, no one has the facts yet )
  2. Mark91G

    Tyreek in trouble

    if the law find him guilty this is his 2nd chance, and as far banning ppl from the NFL my arument for it is that it should be a privilage to play in the top leauge and get paid so well. and the diffrence between him playing in the NFL or Fixing your car is his platform to Millions of people who see's someone committe these crimes and continue in work like nothing happened compaired to being banned and ending up flipping burgers which shows a huge impact for his actions and also he loses his platrom to influence people
  3. so browns can ride a solid back field of chubb and Duke and get a rested hunt back for 2nd half, he either gels well with chubb and they could have a great rb combo the next season or he plays well and the browsn can off load one for picks to strenghen a team that already looks good
  4. Mark91G


    when you think of the ravens and their style of running ingram is perfect and for a good price, he can easily take on 3 down work he improved in the passing game
  5. Mark91G

    Le'Veon Bell to the Jets

    thing is we can say he cost himself money but per year wasnt his main motivation, he wanted secured money over 4 years and that exaclty what he got.
  6. Mark91G

    Le'Veon Bell to the Jets

    no one knows ...yet if he comes out the gates putting up 1800 yards which we all knwo he can and gives the jets a top 3 rb and a great slot, if he helps make darnold the player they want him to be then yes he is worth every penny
  7. Mark91G

    KC better win in the next couple years...

    id also say that some of those high paid qbs are paid high after winning a super bowl, i mean flaco is a high paid qb but only entered that list after winning, that stat could be a bit misunderstood
  8. Mark91G

    Rams @ Saints NFC Championship Thread

    i didnt say they didnt, you said the leauge found a way to put punish the saints meaning the play that would have won the saints was called wrong on purpose which would mean it was fixed which would mean the right team didnt win. so those two comments dont work together
  9. Mark91G

    Rams @ Saints NFC Championship Thread

    so its a fix and the Rams shouldnt be going
  10. Mark91G

    Rams @ Saints NFC Championship Thread

    i agree with this, i think allowing coaches to challenge could be an issue as the game will stop a lot and reveiws on these types of thing can take a bit and slow down the game alot, but perhaps the call can come from upstairs or back in NY to review
  11. Mark91G

    Rams @ Saints NFC Championship Thread

    the thing is in sports we all accept bad calls happen and calls get missed, if you lose on one of them its hard but it happens. that call however is in another leauge there was no angle or way it could have been seen as anything other than PI this wasnt a shirt pull on the refs blind side or anyhting like that, No1 rule for Pi did the Cb locate the ball at any point, he never even looked back at any moment, its more than a missed call as it was clarely seen it was a just horrendoius moment of judgement. (also agree peyton should just run 3 times coudl end the game with a pritty much a walk of kick.) side note to the Pats game, how do you get linned up over the line on a 3rd and 10 play that can win the game, his answer after the game was " i had to see the ball in that situation" that dosnt mean you line up over the line you idoit what kind of answer was that
  12. no you dont change it now, also whats the point in tie brakers if thats the case?? it makes every head to head game count
  13. Mark91G

    Who's MVP for yor team this year?

    Kamara was my 1st rounder so thats not a surprise MVP but tbh i managed to pick up jones and connar with late round picks, and got chubb as soon and hyde was traded they moves really got me to the play offs
  14. Mark91G

    Hunt went unclaimed today

    sorry for the dyslexia, i'll work on that right away for you
  15. Mark91G

    Hunt went unclaimed today

    i agree with most here it was stupid, he has now came out about it, and i dont think anyone touches him untill the leauge investiagte and no doubt hit him with a big suspension. But after that a see him getting picked up ( if this had been rice level domestic he never gets touched ) But to huskys point above i dont think that is a fair comment about the girl, If i have read things right this girl has never made a complaint or went to police therefore isnt looking for fame of money ( not to say that wont change now its out ) but not fair to go after her like that. I do have an issue with how the leauge deal with accusations with no eveidence. I mean anyone can claim anything but unless there is eveidence such as the video in this case i feel suspending players untill they are proven not guilty is the wrong way about it. Like forster the first time police dropped the case lack of eveidnece the woman dropped her complaint yet by then he missed alot of time Now am not defending him as its all came about again and maybe he is guilty as sin but i cant say either way, All we know is young famous people with money can do stupid things but they are also big targets. i do think we see hunt again but he serves a lenghty game ban fine and has to take anger amanagment course etc