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  1. Mark91G

    AB or no AB advice

    I like that line also I have evans ab and Mooney and need to pick one. me I think ab but maybe Mooney with ab carrying a knock ?
  2. Mark91G

    anyone else scared of Mike Evans??

    I have evans ab or Mooney and need to pic one help ? Stressed
  3. Mark91G

    anyone else scared of Mike Evans??

    I ha e him and brown would u okay either ? Or swap him for Mooney ?
  4. Mark91G

    Final match

    Right guys but if a change for me. Iv had d Williams on my bench for a few weeks. now edwards - helaire is out he moves up a few levels for this week. So last decision for my champ final is pick 3 chubb cook R.jones D.willaims r.penny thanks and sorry for asking again
  5. Hi man congrats am in my first this year as well I like what u have my only changes would be around the wr area. As brown may be out and mvs I hope does well but I can see Rodgers not being in the field all game. Gallup and barrois would be the 2 am looking at. but if am honest I’d be torn between them. barrois has been getting a lot of targets if brown is active I’d be tempted to replace mvs
  6. Mark91G

    Which (2) RBs ?

    Agree Jones and swift
  7. Mark91G

    Can't believe I'm asking.....

    That’s a killer, but with a qb with no game reps this season it’s to big a risk. So Patterson but goes against my don’t sit your stars norm
  8. McLaurin fir me to. If I lost with him in my bench that would hurt more. barrois is 2nd choice for me tho
  9. Mark91G

    Final match

    Thanks guys. I do think it will hurt cook but hoping he gets a lot of check downs to keep the ball moving. and now with ab maybe out Mooney might be playing after all ha. I am swaying with penny but I just can trust him on his last few games alone he has the ability but he hasn’t been I. the game plan for many weeks for the hawks. set the team and can only hope now ha. thanks guys
  10. Hi guys I stream defences but over the last 5 weeks of the season I needed up with both and been rotating which has won me a few games. last game cowboys are playing great and go against Arizona colts against raiders Cowboys playing better but I’d say colts have an easier game? Who you running with for championship game ? thanks
  11. Mark91G

    Final match

    Thanks man, I feel it’s the best option but also open to put mooney in for metcalf if there is a lot of snow again. also with Kirk out I hope that helps cook for than hurts him
  12. Mark91G

    K.Murray or Herbert?

    I am playing Herbert in mine. He almost cost me last week but am trusting him for the final
  13. Mark91G

    Need a Flex choose 1 please

    I like Jones against a bad jets d. swift is a close 2nd I think a better back but I’d rather be running against the jets d than tampa
  14. Mark91G

    Running back dilemma

    For me I’d pick Jones, chubb and penny I think zeke might not see much. When they went up last week it was 50/50 touches so that worried me. But also u never leave a top pick on the bench. jones has a hood match up and so does penny and if the weather is bad again they will lean on him once more.
  15. Mark91G

    Final match

    I made it to the final in my league PPR need to get over the line but have mixed options and could do with some help. I need 2 Wr and 2 Rb and a flex from the following. Any advice is helpful Rbs - Cook, Chubb, R.Jones, Penny Wr - A.brown, Metcalf, Mooney, Brown and metcalf both have hard match ups. Leaning towards brown metcalf cook chubb and flex Jones ? happy to answer anyone’s in return