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  1. Mark91G

    QB for week 16 Purdy or ???

    I’d say stick but mayfield would be my second if u have a gut feeling
  2. Mark91G

    Which WR to flex on Thursday?

    Kupp if he goes puka if he is out
  3. Mark91G

    Play off help

    PPR leauge QB Wilson or pick up Lawrence, Mullens Or carr ? TE - Kelce or njoku ( hard to sit your star but njoku has been balling lately I need 2 wr 2 rb and 1 flex from the following group. ( good problem to have ) metcalf, diggs aj brown K.Walker, k. Williams, b.Hall, Etienne, singletary thanks for your help need the win this year happy to answer any questions back
  4. Mark91G

    Rb help hunt or allgeier

    Yeah m worries ravens shut them down. So would like mother option like allgeier or singletary but they are not great either
  5. Mark91G

    Rb help hunt or allgeier

    Thanks. Yeah I think either way I may be frustrated. one thing that scares me is he ravens d shutting the run down but hoping one can steal a td
  6. Mark91G

    Rb help hunt or allgeier

    Due to bye week am light on rbs. I have Ford and picked up hunt as a handcuff this week I can either play both hunt and Ford or Ford and allgeier PPR
  7. Mark91G

    PJ Walker or Jordan Love

    I’d roll the dice with Walker. not expecting much from love
  8. Mark91G

    Help to Pick 2

    Thanks for the advice. Iv made a deal to get swift. So now he is a lock. so it will now be pick 2 of the above.
  9. Mark91G

    Help to Pick 2

    PPR Hunt , ford , Henderson, d smith or Samual ? not sure who is getting the work load this week in Cleveland same in La with Henderson. d smith I feel is a must start but has a thought match up
  10. Mark91G

    Make this trade

    PPR 2rb 2wr 1flex My rbs - Walker ll, Etienne, k.Williams, b.hall, Bain Robinson. And I picked up demercado of waviers this week. My WRs are , diggs, aj brown, metcalf and doubs. am strong in both departments but if a wr goes down I could be short. Was going to shop Robinson but best offer I have had is nico Collins who is great but Texans worry me. what’s peoples thoughts good trade ?
  11. Mark91G

    Which RB tio start

    Thanks both. just ti add more issues williams now has no injury status now but did miss some practice during the week and races eagles d.
  12. Mark91G

    Which RB tio start

    PPR K.Williams , Etienne Or B.Hall I have Etienne and Williams in as it stands but Hall is not meant to be on a snap count this week and has Denver which just seems like a a perfect game for him. compared to Williams who has the rams and a bruised / hurt hip and Etienne faced a decent Denver run d thanks
  13. Mark91G

    Achane sell high ?

    After his great week are you guys thinking sell high or hold on ? he had a great game but it was a blow out and Mostert was equally as great so he wasn’t out playing the starter. but there could be a rbbc but I just feel in closer games mostert is getting the ball
  14. Mark91G

    Eagle RB

    Yeah I have gainwell in one league and swift in another. I feel safer with swift coming off a big game and gainwell nursing a rib injury but honestly have no idea what the future holds here. Both have had a great game each now
  15. Mark91G

    Eagle RB

    After a strong games from each if gainwell is back this week who do we think is getting the rb1 slot ? or will it be week around or split carries going forward now. Only bouns for swift is the rib injury may linger for gainwell. Headache for any owner who has both deciding who to start