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  1. Mark91G

    Shop taylor or dobbins ?

    Yeah sorry PPR
  2. Mark91G

    Shop taylor or dobbins ?

    Thanks guys yeah it’s a moment where if I trade him now and he didn’t go on to be great or splits in with Hines great deal for me if he goes off then I traded to low. the Mack owner has Hopkins but I think he values him very high ( as I would also ) was gona try Taylor and TY for him
  3. Mark91G

    Give up on Gronk?

    Yeah I feel gronk is more there at a good blocking TE to buy Brady time and as a comfort for Brady knowing what he gets from him
  4. Mark91G

    Taylor for Julio?

    I would for Julio but I am high in taylor also. I have a similar issue but not for a player as high as Julio big I have the same concern about Taylor either being a top rb or Hines take it. can u help with mine might shed light in what am being offered for Taylor also
  5. Mark91G

    Shop taylor or dobbins ?

    Feel am stacked at rb just now kamara with Murray handcuff Jacobs Dobbins j. Taylor ( mack now out ) mattison ( before cook got paid ) but feel am lacking at wr Hill crowder ( good start but can he continue ) evans ( will tb work in TB) Hilton Iv been offered Fuller or sanders for Taylor but it seems he is now rb1 any advice of the offers / should u shop either ?
  6. Mark91G

    Keeper League Question

    Am Chubb and mixon also for this.
  7. Mark91G

    Another keeper question

    hi I know everyone is firing keepers qs about but it is that time of the season. am in a PPR 1 keeper league with the below options. Most years it’s an easy choice for me this year I feel I have 3 or 4 boom or bust options may help us grateful and happy to give my option to anyone else options mike Evans ( has tb but also gronk ) Mixon ( great player but what about the team ) kamara ( injury slowed him but is he back full this year ) galladay ( great player but who is the qb as Stafford will get hurt ) Aaron jones ( is he free to run or held back again ) Singletary darren Waller thanks
  8. Mark91G

    Pick 3

    Hi guys need help to pick 3 from the below in PPR kamara vs 49ers A.jones vs Washington mixon vs browns D.freeman vs panthers singletary vs ravens thanks
  9. Mark91G

    Qb , rb help

    Hi guys who you think is the best play PPR qb wentz or goff. Both aren’t playing great both against bad ds both missing WR rb pick 1 from freeman , mixon , singletary thanks
  10. Mark91G

    Parker or Cobb at WR

    I’d go with Parker mainly for weather reasons.
  11. Mark91G

    Golladay or metcalf

    Hi guys PPR can’t decide who is the best start both got good match ups but Stafford is out for lions. Golladay was the highest targeted last week but only one catch wasn’t in sink with the back up qb.
  12. Mark91G

    the Flex

    also should add best on the wire is Scarbrough who i liked the look off last week and is up against redskins this week but would have to drop one of the above for him ( maybe murray now Kamara looks back to full health ? )
  13. Mark91G

    Trading Brees in Dynasty

    i don't pay in Dynasty leagues so am really not sure on his value but id say a QB needy team would offer high if its 9 keepers, brees is getting old but the saints look set for id say 2 more good years, they are a play off / superbowl team they got screwed by a bad call last year but are right back there again this year, Thomas and karma a great pass catching RB will also boost his value. basically i think he is a great QB to have for the next 2 years with good selling points, but its if you have a team who is lacking a QB if not then you should be aiming for 2nd round max but that might not be worth much to you
  14. Mark91G

    Which WR would u rather have?

    i would Metcalf has a good match ups from now until SF last game of the year parker has a good match ups after this week against the browns. plus Metcalf is on a team playing for something parker isn't. Wilson is having a year with great QBR and Completion % am not saying he is the better player and that parker wont go off the rest of the year i just feel Metcalf is a safer play in a better position and i do still worry if Wilson goes down you pretty much lose both players
  15. Mark91G

    Which WR would u rather have?

    in PPR Metcalf is a nice play Wilson looks for him a lot, the issue is if Wilson has a bad day / gets hurt so does Metcalf, i like the trade apart from the above issue