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  1. Mark91G

    flex advice needed

    Thanks guys. Any thoughts on cook or Pitts both got good match ups
  2. Mark91G

    flex advice needed

    Iv started 2-0 but up against the best looking team this week so every point counts PPR starting Shepard and metcalf at wr spots but need to choose between fournette evans ( with ab out I feel he gets tbs attention again this week ) Robinson Who’s caught Only about 50% of targets and fields is starting or Osborn who has done a lot with what’s been thrown his way so far while am here Pitt’s or cook this week at TE? happy to answer anyone’s just leave the link thanks
  3. Mark91G

    Gronk for M. Sanders? Whir

    The way he is playing that’s a trade that will strengthen your team even tho you are given up a lot.
  4. Mark91G

    Trade: Full PPR

    I wouldn’t either. Given the best player in the trade
  5. Mark91G

    K.osborn or z.pascal

    Both are 2nd or 3rd wrs on their teams but have done well in the first 2 games. You think either a hood week to week flex plays in PPR for reasons unknown guy dropped t.Patrick but he has only seen 4 targets in both games but tds in both.
  6. Mark91G

    Trade for Shepard. Ppr

    I still feel am light at wr and looking at a trade for Shepard not sure if am jumping early on him but he has produced and as it stands he is the wr1 on the team, I get that may change tho what are peoples thoughts on him ? The guy is stacked at wr and am not looking at given up to much for him
  7. Mark91G

    Pick 1

    PPR format need one for my flex L.fournette M.Evans E.Mitchell Singletary thanks
  8. Mark91G

    Fournette trade

    PPR was reading fournette for claypool. As am rb heavy wr light. but guy got cold feet after a convo with another owner who want claypool. That’s all I’ll say ha leauge seem pritty high in fournette which am not. What level of player do you think he is worth in a ppr league ? juju was offered and I think a if I sweated it slightly I could get Shepard from one owner who is very wr heavy. M any advice
  9. Mark91G

    Trade for claypool

    Thanks Iv offered. so do you guys think that’s a solid move for the season ? My only issue is bucs look high powered and fournette will score points each week. claypool is wr 2 on a offensive that is great when rolling.
  10. Mark91G

    Trade for claypool

    Thanks He seemed keen when I suggested it. And I feel fairly stacked at rb just now and do think claypool will score a fair amount most weeks
  11. Mark91G

    Trade for claypool

    PPR league but weak at wr and another guy is looking for a half decent / starter rb at rb I have cook , Chubb , singletary, fournette and just got Mitchell of waivers. was going to offer fournette or Mitchell ( although am scared he turns it on in the rb1 spot now ) do you think it’s worth it or can I get better
  12. Mark91G

    Te and wr help

    You high on firkser this year ? He is the starter no doubt but heard they had skit if doubts around him due to his blocking On a run heavy team. he is taken but I feel I could get him for not to much due to his other options
  13. Mark91G

    Te and wr help

    I swapped out kmat for cook. Iv had a love hate relationship with cook which is why I avoid him lol but no place for that in fantasy. I still feel Pitts is a big player this year
  14. Mark91G

    wr and flex help .5 ppr laegue

    I’d Sutton and mostert just as I try keep my options away from 1 team. But ninners are the better match up for sure
  15. Mark91G

    Te and wr help

    Top 3 left are ebron cook okwuegbunam ( possible starts just now ) if you can name who I think is still there but that’s the best I see. I can name everyone