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  1. Mark91G

    Quick help for tonight ko Pick 3

    Who would you drop from the 3. Godwin had the hardest match up but been consistent
  2. Mark91G

    Quick help for tonight ko Pick 3

    No worries man. yeah I went with him but also had cook who thanks to the big screen play has put me up early. but I can still fit pacheco and in as I have 2 wr and a flex spot left options are wr - maclaurin, godwin, watson, m.brown ( but he is banged up and against Denver ) rb/flex I could put in Pacheco, r white as it stands I have pacheco flex and Godwin and watson in as wrs?
  3. Mark91G

    Lineup help RBs and WR

    Akers, McKinnon hopkins , chase stub and d smith https://www.fftodayforums.com/forum/topic/512402-pick-3/
  4. Mark91G

    PLEASE PICK 1! Seeking playoff advice!

    Brown is also banged up this week. I don’t think he seems much action https://www.fftodayforums.com/forum/topic/512402-pick-3/
  5. Mark91G

    Which Qb????

    I’d do dak both hard match ups but dak has better weapons
  6. PPR LEAUGE R.white N.chubb I.Pacheco Godwin c.watson usually chubb and Godwin are locks but ravens d is playing well and Godwin has and illness and tough match up thanks all
  7. Mark91G

    R white or I Pacheco

    Hi guys am in last play off spot but only on head to head so need to win the last few. PPR as above which rb you running with ? other 2 rbs are chubb and cook so this is flex spot. Both have touch ground match ups white is used more in the passing game but fournette cut heavy into usage last week
  8. Mark91G

    Chubb or pacheco

    With Pacheco looking like the lead I’d still go chubb but he is up against tampa run d which looks solid PPR both will see targets thoughts ?
  9. Mark91G

    K Allen

    Yeah that’s a killer tbh could derail the season. Hopefully Allen is back next week now ha I have chubb cook and hall are rbs was tempted to shop cook for a top tier wr
  10. Mark91G

    K Allen

    PPR league someone got fed up with the injuries and dropped him. I am fairly strong on wr with m brown and godwin but I picked him up in place of b. cook seemed like a no brainier to have when he is fit but when do we think this is ? Anyone any more clue than I do it’s seemed minor but clearly isn't now
  11. Mark91G

    Trade b hall for m sanders and d Johnson

    Thanks would you make the trade of it was for aj brown or still keep hall ?
  12. Mark91G

    Trade b hall for m sanders and d Johnson

    He does has aj brown so I was tempted to go back with hall for brown and see if he takes that
  13. Mark91G

    Rate my trade

    I’d say you are in the stronger side https://www.fftodayforums.com/forum/topic/511107-trade-b-hall-for-m-sanders-and-d-johnson/
  14. Mark91G

    Dynasty Trade

    With Kelce on your team I’d do this for sure https://www.fftodayforums.com/forum/topic/511107-trade-b-hall-for-m-sanders-and-d-johnson/
  15. Mark91G

    Trade Dalvin for Rhamondre and Gabe?

    I like cook and fournette in rb and flex spot. but how many wr slots do u get ?