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    Things that are more expensive for guys than women

    Things that are more expensive for guys than they are for women. Hmmmmm.....how about: WOMEN!!
  2. EternalShinyAndChrome

    Halsey handling motherhood even worse than my ex-wife

    what an insufferable douche. Was she not getting enough media coverage? she needed to advance a few rungs on the victim scale to score some virtue points?
  3. EternalShinyAndChrome

    3 tips for stopping an argument with a woman

    you cray-cray.
  4. EternalShinyAndChrome

    3 tips for stopping an argument with a woman

    Dude - she's HOT to F'N TROT. I'd hit that all day, every day. you are out of your mind crazy if you think she's fugly.
  5. EternalShinyAndChrome

    Don’t Bother With Sonic The Hedgehog 2- Woke Trash

    What was woke about it? Any examples?
  6. It's about time. IF there is one thing this world needs LESS of, it's liberal, pretentious, condescending and insufferable artists.
  7. EternalShinyAndChrome

    Johnny Depp vs Amber Heard

    She a spicy meat-a-ball!!!!
  8. EternalShinyAndChrome

    Twitter adopts 'poison pill' to prevent Elon Musk takeover

    So....that whole poison pill talk was just smoke and bluster?
  9. EternalShinyAndChrome

    Boom! Disney getting canceled 🤣😅

    Pro-Tip: child abuse will never end. It's been with us throughout human history. If complete eradication of child abuse is the only standard you're applying then no one will ever live up to it. All we can do is remove them from society when we find them. Which we did with one of the greatest child abusers/sex traffickers we have known - under Trump's watch. I'd call that a win for Trump. Whether you like it or not, President's get the credit/blame for things that happened during their administration. Sometimes fairly, sometimes not, but we always do it.
  10. EternalShinyAndChrome

    Boom! Disney getting canceled 🤣😅

    When was Jeffrey Epstein arrested again? Hint: Thanks, Trump!!! You should probably think twice before hitting the "Submit" button next time you try and post. Unless, of course, your "thing" is looking like a complete f###ing idiot. Then don't think and just hit the button.
  11. EternalShinyAndChrome

    Boom! Disney getting canceled 🤣😅

    Cool. Then you can link to a post you've made about an example of Democrats doing it and you declaring your outrage over it. TIA!
  12. EternalShinyAndChrome

    Anyone following this NY murder case - Orsolya Gaal

    Did she deserve to die? No, but I feel terrible for the husband and kids she left behind because of her unfaithfulness.
  13. Vomit knows exactly what I meant and what we're talking about. You think he would stand by if someone messed with his kids like he's portraying in here? No f'n way. I award him ZERO virtue points.
  14. We're getting to the point now where violence is going to be the only answer for a while. It's the only way for them to learn that messing with someone's kids is going to have some painful consequences. The American Left just keeps pushing things too far in their race to the extreme - at some point there is going to be an explosion.
  15. EternalShinyAndChrome

    Hottest Country woman?

    Carrie Underwood and it isn't even close. Faith Hill next and then Shaina Twain.
  16. EternalShinyAndChrome

    New job perk: abortions!

    To be fair, the way those employees cry and scream like children and spoiled brats you would THINK 99% of the employees got the ghey, but in fact it's the .001% minority that's actually having the temper tantrum. Which, is funny, because if you ran your business catering to the .001% of customers who cried and whined all day long while giving the finger to the other 99% you would be out of business.
  17. I've always said Racism never left the Democrat Party - it just went underground. The Democrats just moved black people form the physical plantation to the virtual one. The Democrat Party has destroyed the black family unit which is why you see the problems in the community today. It was all by design by the Democrats.
  18. EternalShinyAndChrome

    Cracker Jack launches ‘Cracker Jill’ to honor women in sports

    Within a decade there will be no more women's sports. Just Men's leagues and Fake Men's leagues.
  19. Right. The Dems know now that they'll have to find 5-7% more vote so they can start working on manufacturing them early to be ready for the election. Wait and see - At the last minute they'll "find" a storage room full of ballots.
  20. I'm not seeing a problem here.
  21. EternalShinyAndChrome

    Attempt to kidnap Gov of Michigan & overthrow government failed

    You should head on over to FBGs. A whole lot of them over there still believe in Russian Collusion, Pee Tapes, Kavanaugh raped and ran a train on a woman, biological men are actually women if they say so, male children should go thru surgery if they play with dolls because "they might be trans" and the list goes on. Seriously, you have a cornucopia of gullible idiots over there who believe anything if you just preface every post with, "OMG!!!! TRUMP!!!". You could make so much $$$$$ you could probably buy FBGs in about 4 weeks.
  22. EternalShinyAndChrome

    The 2022 Grammy Awards

    If Trevor Noah made a joke and people laughed, that would be the very first time he made people laugh. I have no idea how that guy has a job in the entertainment industry. He's so bad, Amy Schumer looks like a comedy legend compared to him. #trevorNoahSucksBalls
  23. EternalShinyAndChrome

    We had a hell of a last day in Kauai…saved 3 people.

    I'm glad you were able to save some lives. Very disappointed to hear about the can size, though.
  24. EternalShinyAndChrome

    Well, Hope Solo's Trash

    Good one, Bunny. I nearly choked on my water after reading this I laughed so hard.
  25. EternalShinyAndChrome

    50,000 (again)

    No pics means it didn't happen.