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  1. EternalShinyAndChrome

    Will Fuller has a blow up game and then....

    Of course it all makes sense now.
  2. EternalShinyAndChrome

    Week 12 FU

    Hey - this is the FU board. No one wants to hear about YOUR good fortune, you selfish SOB. Take it to the "Thank you Week 12" thread.
  3. EternalShinyAndChrome

    Week 12 FU

    And I have Thomas. NO can save some money next year and get rid of Kamara and Thomas since it's obvious they won't be used because Hill feels like he has ball hog every single time. For those that played football, wasn't there always one guy on the team like this that everyone hated? No one likes a ball hog.
  4. EternalShinyAndChrome

    Week 12 FU

    I hate F'n Taysom Hill. Gadget players are f'n useless. All they do is run because they don't know how to pass, even if the WR is wide open. Why NO inked this guy to a big contract I have no idea. Edit: As I posted this he vultured yet another TD because he can't do anything else. I mean, why have RBs and WRs on your team if your QB is going to ball hog every single time?
  5. EternalShinyAndChrome

    It's Fitzmagic time!

    257 and two TDs. I'll take it. Not bad.
  6. EternalShinyAndChrome

    *Official 2020 Election Thread*

    Guy Who Bashes Conservatives all Day long and Defends Democrats all day long: "Name one thing that puts me in the 'left' column of the political spectrum". IF (and that's a very big IF) you were conservative, you wouldn't be attacking the conservative posters as much as you do. You NEVER go after the liberal posters. This tells me either you're a liberal troll or aren't a conservative. Either way, you're a liberal. Even libertarians don't do what you do.
  7. NO QBs for Denver? They actually have a chance of winning now!
  8. EternalShinyAndChrome

    *Official 2020 Election Thread*

    I doubt it gets that far, but if it did it would be EPIC!!!! And the left would have to accept it because it's, y'know, completely legal and constitutional.
  9. EternalShinyAndChrome

    Conservative Supreme Court Rulings & Discussion

    EXACTLY! The extreme part of the Democratic Party grows larger with each election. Eventually they will overtake the party and under the guise of "Democratic Party" to fool the rubes into thinking they're not extreme, will then push for extreme legislation. And once that's all passed they can throw off the disguise and just rename themselves The Democratic Communist Party of America. Kind of like this ridiculous made up Democratic Socialism they've come up with to fool the rubes.
  10. EternalShinyAndChrome

    Supreme Court - This is what i hate

    If they allow people to empower themselves than that takes away from the profit and money they can make. It's all about TALKING a good game, but walking it actually affects the bottom line - can't have that.
  11. EternalShinyAndChrome

    Conservative Supreme Court Rulings & Discussion

    Oh don't worry. You watch - on January 20th the media will declare that Covid has been cured.
  12. EternalShinyAndChrome

    Conservative Supreme Court Rulings & Discussion

    Look at this a$$hole - the same guy who didn't accept the results of the last election!
  13. EternalShinyAndChrome

    Will Hunter Biden be charged before Trump goes?

    While I have no idea if the stuff on the laptop is there or not and I have no idea if any of this stuff is true, I have to agree with this. Simply put, people in powerful positions and friends of people in powerful positions and family members of people in powerful positions never end up paying for anything. It's the small guy or the average Joe that always faces the full brunt of the law. Now that Joe Biden is going to be president this for sure means Hunter won't face anything.
  14. EternalShinyAndChrome

    Conservative Supreme Court Rulings & Discussion

    And yet, you completely ignore history when it comes to the left pushing Socialism. I would say the case could be made that more people were killed under Socialism than ever were under any Theocracy you can think of. I'm not sure if you were born stupid or if you just actively try to be as stupid as possible.
  15. EternalShinyAndChrome

    Conservative Supreme Court Rulings & Discussion

    Well, according to Cuomo himself this ruling didn't mean anything. sounds like he's going to willfully disobey it.