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  1. EternalShinyAndChrome

    Trump wanted to release illegals into sanctuary cities

    Thanks for posting. However, I would like to get your thoughts on my questions I posted to you earlier. And I didn't even bring any snark if that helps.
  2. EternalShinyAndChrome

    Trump wanted to release illegals into sanctuary cities

    I asked @MDC a couple of legitimate questions above and I've yet to hear from him.
  3. EternalShinyAndChrome

    Trump wanted to release illegals into sanctuary cities

    But what about the issue at hand here? What are YOUR thoughts on sanctuary cities refusing to take them? Do you think that's immensely hypocritical of them?
  4. EternalShinyAndChrome

    Has anybody ever hired a private detective?

    Gloria - I think everyone has her number
  5. EternalShinyAndChrome

    Game of Thrones (no spoilers)

    Weren't we told the episodes would be "movie length" at almost 80-90 minutes? What gives with the lame 54 minute episode?
  6. EternalShinyAndChrome

    Some People Did Something

    The drama on the left is hitting 12 now. Pelosi now ratcheting it up with her fake hysteria over Trump's comments, requesting more security for that racist, anti-american, anti-semite Oman.
  7. EternalShinyAndChrome

    Ariana Grande. Brain scans. PTSD.

    I get that people react to traumatic events differently and no one can ever know unless you've been in one yourself, but this just doesn't pass the smell test. This has more of a "look at me!" feel than anything else.
  8. Even further behind is Elizabeth Warren. No one likes her.
  9. EternalShinyAndChrome

    Ariana Grande. Brain scans. PTSD.

    Soldier: "I've got PTSD from being in multiple firefights in Iraq. Saw my fellow soldiers killed and wounded." Arianna Grande: "I've got PTSD from being backstage surrounded by my security team when a bomb went off that i wasn't even near and was then whisked away to safety by my personal security team."
  10. EternalShinyAndChrome

    Why do you buy Water? really?

    Anyone use ULTRAWF water filters in their fridge? If so, what brand do you use and do you have a link? The last couple I bought I went to reorder them and the product is nowhere to be found on Amazon anymore. That kind of concerns me because it seems like it's a fly by night operation and not sure the filter is any good. So, I was wondering what the high rollers here at FFT use.
  11. EternalShinyAndChrome

    NSFW Bill Maher

    Maher has always been a tough watch if you lean right. Heck, even if you're middle of the road. His show is predicated on finding the dumbest GOP or conservative person you can get, putting them on his show, surrounding them with 3 zealous liberals and himself plus pack the studio audience with nothing but liberals and proceed to eviscerate said GOP/Conservative person. His show does nothing but preach to the choir. He does has some good views on left wing snowflakes and PC nonsense but ultimately his agenda is to rid the country of Conservatives.
  12. EternalShinyAndChrome

    Ariana Grande. Brain scans. PTSD.

    This. No one is arguing that she can't be traumatized or sad.
  13. EternalShinyAndChrome

    Ariana Grande. Brain scans. PTSD.

    Have you completely taken everything out of context for a reason? Because you have. No one is arguing that she shouldn't be traumatized. The argument is PTSD level traumatized. She was off stage, in the back, nowhere near the bomb. That's like you watching it on the news and saying you now have PTSD.
  14. EternalShinyAndChrome

    Ariana Grande. Brain scans. PTSD.

    After your initial post I did some research and found out that the bomb went off AFTER the concert had ended and as people were walking out. The bomb went off in the foye (entrance) of the building so Grande was already backstage by the time it happened. She wasn't even near the bomb. Most likely already in her dressing room surrounded by her security team. No f@cking way she should be traumatized to the point of PTSD. This beeyotch is just looking for attention. There is no way to tell her brain scan reveals PTSD at the moment, because more details are necessary. F@CK her.
  15. EternalShinyAndChrome

    Censorship is real

    Well, they're going to keep getting away with it until somebody takes this up the chain to Reddit. By doing nothing, you are almost complicit in allowing them to censor opposing thought. I would raise a stink with Reddit. Send them that exact screenshot.