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  1. EternalShinyAndChrome

    Earbuds/headphones for labor intensive work

    It stays on like a champ!
  2. EternalShinyAndChrome

    Earbuds/headphones for labor intensive work

    I use Trekz Air: https://aftershokz.com/products/trekz-air. They are bone induction. For me it works great. They're lightweight and give me the ability to listen to music AND still be aware of what's going on around me. I prefer that than being totally deaf to the world around me. I need to be ready in case of a Ninja attack.
  3. EternalShinyAndChrome

    Favorite Bush Rush

    Thoughts? Landing strips, full field or completely paved?
  4. EternalShinyAndChrome

    Corona panic - store scenes

    Your mom wanted some lumber. I delivered. And gave her a little extra too.
  5. EternalShinyAndChrome

    Leave it to ESPN to fock up a good idea

    Women just don't compare to men. It's completely different and including them is a joke.
  6. EternalShinyAndChrome

    COVID-19 Rumor Thread

    Your mom is dropping her prices during this pandemic.
  7. EternalShinyAndChrome

    Tom Brady stat

    Also Tom Brady Stat: C@cks sucked: 443 Anal Holes Intercepted: 29
  8. Oh, they're in overtime mode at FBGheys defending China and blaming Trump and the US.
  9. EternalShinyAndChrome

    Bill Gates - well I'll be damn.

    wow. it's like you're some new-age Nostradamus! I just read about somebody that was SHOT this afternoon! How did you know?
  10. EternalShinyAndChrome

    Covid in your state? Up or down?

    Wow. You're mom sure gets around.
  11. EternalShinyAndChrome

    Bears trade for Nick Foles

    This is great! The Packer's are doing some great work in free agency to make sure they continue to dominate the Bears! Between this move and them signing ancient Jimmy Graham is fantastic.
  12. EternalShinyAndChrome

    Is someone missing?

    ahh...right. Thanks!
  13. EternalShinyAndChrome

    Is someone missing?

    Who's "the tough guy"?
  14. EternalShinyAndChrome

    Fat Boy Corden is such a fat useless fock

    He should take over the Daily Show.
  15. EternalShinyAndChrome

    Does anyone know anyone who has COVID -19?

    I don't know much about this new Coded-19. Is it related to Covid-19?