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    TE Trash Pile

    Giving Burton one last chance
  2. Bad Mojo

    Championship Roster Advice

    Made 9 drops and adds yesterday, how this 7-6 team made it is a miracle. The big risk is the Flex, eyeing CJ Anderson, also in case things go bad Have Nelson and Hamilton as Flex emergency backups I lost Josh Gordon and now Julio is a problem...Happy Holidays! 14 Team PPR I need 2 RB and 2 WR and 1 Flex RB McCaffrey CAR D.Williams KC CJ Anderson LAR J.Kelly LAR WR J.Jones ATL Q-GTD R.Anderson NYJ M.Williams SD D.Pettis SF D.Hamilton DEN J.Nelson OAK Waiver Wire WR R,Foster BUF D.Moore SEA C.Hogan NE T.Patrick DEN Here is the rest of the team QB Prescott TE Burton K Zuerlein D Browns (Cowboys available)
  3. If you play the non Brady choices and they crash... Give Brady this last chance
  4. Bad Mojo

    Tough Call with Gurley...

    Williams and Samuel
  5. Bad Mojo

    Jaylen Samuels or Lamar Miller?

    Easy Samuel, nice play!
  6. Bad Mojo

    Championship Advice for RB and Flex

    This is correct
  7. Bad Mojo

    Tough Choices

    14 team ppr Which DEN WR for Monday Sutton Hamilton Patrick Which RB D.Williams @SEA J.Kelly @ARZ R.Freeman @OAK
  8. Bad Mojo

    Help Cam not playing!

    McCaffrey is the fantasy MVP
  9. Bad Mojo

    This is it and I have some decisions....

    You leaned 3 times correctly
  10. Bad Mojo

    John Kelly

    So... Something is not quite right with Kelly if he can't start over an afterthought
  11. Bad Mojo

    Ware or Williams

    Ware is doubtful
  12. Bad Mojo

    John Kelly

    I picked both up... Ugh
  13. Bad Mojo

    John Kelly

    Have many skill position players been able to play the same week they were signed?
  14. Bad Mojo

    John Kelly

    Could not pass up this pickup with a lucky to be in 7-6 team May flex even if Gurley plays
  15. Bad Mojo

    Ha! ESPN is all jacked up today

    Now it is fixed
  16. Bad Mojo

    Ha! ESPN is all jacked up today

    Wow it is still not fixed
  17. Really Josh? You couldn't wait one week more?
  18. Bad Mojo

    Ha! ESPN is all jacked up today

    You could say that I won by 2, but now I lost by 11 I had Zeurline 12 point to 0 points He had Maher -1 points to 0 points
  19. Bad Mojo

    Which QB?

  20. Bad Mojo

    K. Cousins Week 16

    I have Cousins and Dak Went with Cousins last week despite 90 percent of advice calling for Dak Such a touch choice, Tampa is terrible on D
  21. Bad Mojo

    Post them Championship bound rosters

    7-6 14 team ppr QB Cousins, Prescott RB McCaffrey, S.Ware, D.Williams, J.Jackson, J.Adams, Yeldon WR J.Jones,J.Gordon,C.Sutton TE I.Thomas K Zuerlein D Broncos