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  1. League: CBS Sports Buy In: $150 Live Auction Draft: 9/2/18 Link To Join: http://cbssports.com/lr/417EDD93 Please be ready to pay, competitive and ready for some trash talking.
  2. Have one spot left. Auction draft on Sept 2 8:00 PM 150 Buy in through league safe. http://cbssports.com/lr/417EDD93
  3. dmoney21

    $150 10 team PPR Dynasty League!

    One Slot Left!!
  4. CBS Sports using league safe. We have 2 slots left! If you're serious, please use the the link provided below and be prepared to pay once you join. http://cbssports.com/lr/087E2189
  5. CBSSPORTS $200 Salary Cap per team. 6 teams make playoffs: Top 2 team will receive a bye week in the first round. (Best record, Points For, If Point For is tied then 1) H2H 2) Most Points 3) Harder schedule. The money is pooled Through League Safe, weekly payout and distributed as follows: Bowl Winner $970 Bowl Runner-up $270 $20/weekly to high scorer