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  1. soupy

    Keeper/Dynasty is 10 keepers too many

    Thanks folks. I do think we have a hybrid keeper dynasty league. I think that is what I like about this league I am in. To add it has been a league most of us have been in for 15 years and we started it with pen and paper while deployed in Iraq. Great way for us to stay I touch through the years. I am like a lot of folks who rarely post anything on this site but have used it extensively for research. Always looking for ways to improve our league and to have fun. As the older I get the more important that part is. FF is meant to be fun and competitive at the same time. Cant wait for the season to start. wondering if we should start another league with the same folks but do it with no contracts. I guess kind of a shadow league to our original so those that may be having a down year I. Our keeper league have a shot at being competitive in the other. thoughts?
  2. I’m in a10 team standard scoring league where we keep 10 players every year. I love this league and throughly enjoy the long term strategy we all have to have to stay competitive. 5 year rookie contracts and 4 year waiver wire pick up contracts. Granted I have only played in one keeper type league. Just wondering others thoughts and rules they have for contract times. (This is a non money league for us die hard FF dorks who have been playing together for over 15 years and just love to play) One QB two RB’s and two WR’s, one TE, DEF and K. Starting line up. 5 player bench. We always are looking to improve our league. I’m not sure if we need too? But wondering others thoughts one successful and fun leagues. Thanks
  3. soupy

    Is Antonio Brown a keeper this season?

    Trade both WR’s for top tier RB’s. Find the Cleveland and Oakland fans in your league and make trades with them.
  4. soupy

    Mike Williams

    Dropped Allen Robinson sor Williams. Believer dude is a stud with a pass heavy offense.
  5. soupy

    Mack vs Ekeler in keeper league

    Thanks man. Both on waiver wire, looking at long term productivity. I grabbed Ekeler.
  6. I know Mack has been banged up, but down the line I still see him as the main RB option on the Colts. I love the start Ekeler has had and the potential is there, but with Gordon not sure if he gets his opportunity any time soon. Thanks
  7. soupy

    Anyone grabbing ADP?

    He is running hard tonight. Can he last a long season? But he does look better than the other backs the skins have.
  8. soupy

    Josh Gordon returns to Browns

    Worth a late round pick. They didnt sign Dez and kept Gordon around for a reason. He is still young and the upside is worth the risk.