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  1. JRCase27

    What TE would you start?

    This is for 3rd unfortunately but the circumstance might as well be the ship (secondary?) Agreed that it is hard to not play kittle with the upside but with a "snap count" and Bethard it does cause some apprehension. I mean...Dan Arnold is out there...
  2. JRCase27

    What TE would you start?

    PPR Kittle ("somewhat" of a snap count), Ebron (supposedly healthy) & Hooper (never know what your going to get) Who you got?
  3. JRCase27

    Wk 15 start 2 .5 PPR

    I would still ride with JK and Scary. For TE if I were to switch Andrews at all it would be for Cook.
  4. JRCase27

    PPR Emmanuel Sanders vs. Chase Claypool

    Sanders. Too many mouths too feed in pitt. Just playing the odds.
  5. JRCase27

    RB advice

    So know Harris is out for pats and Sony is lead dog. Pick up Sony and play over Gordon???
  6. JRCase27

    Rams DEF or Steelers DEF?

    Dont think either turns out bad. I am starting Rams.
  7. JRCase27

    RB help!

  8. JRCase27

    lineup help week 15

    RB2 would be Edwards Flex Mckissic WR is tough. Higgins is interesting with NYG top corner and slot db out. I think its Jones, and Gage or Higgins.
  9. JRCase27

    Flex for 1/2 point PPR

    Tough calls. I would go Diggs and Aiyuk with confidence.
  10. JRCase27

    RB advice

    I think what is getting me is I am more worried that Den will be behind and the running game is factored out. I guess a positive is Gordon is somewhat a pass factor.
  11. JRCase27

    QB: Big Ben, or Hurts?

    I agree. I am playing ben this week and have baker for next week vs jets.
  12. JRCase27

    CLE D vs NYG or IND D vs HOU?

    I would do the same and play IND. I think both give you a good floor and would be in good shape either way.
  13. JRCase27

    Brees or Trubisky

    Yep I would take the safe route with Trubisky as well.
  14. JRCase27

    RB advice

    Is a healthy Ahmed vs pats with no Gaskin a better play than Gordon vs bills with a Lindsay?
  15. JRCase27

    Which WR would you start?

    I would go DJ if healthy and scary T.