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  1. We had a Josh Palmer review on how he helped the Chargers in 2022 with other receivers out. Dont miss it cmh!
  2. Chargers still at work with the coaching staff. Staley still in ( for now ). no coaches hired yet. need to feed cmh with his blue and yellow news!
  3. yes! you started another thread! since you are a chargers fan, here another chargs hype video to get ready for the game!!!
  4. thats just the logical fallacy of making the exception the rule.
  5. it almost feels like the 49ers traded for McCaffrey just for this game.
  6. yah thats what im thinking. shanahan will run the eagles over.
  7. 1. rusty calls republicans a name that implies being dumb. 2. rusty also claims he is a republican. 3. rusty just called himself dumb.
  8. JustinCharge

    nuclear war - doomsday⌛

    I suppose this needs its own thread. There's not much we can do about any of this except be prepared. A satellite phone, police scanner, go bag, and just being somewhere off the grid might boost your odds. I'm shielded by several mountain ranges at the moment in an out of the way area. A good idea might be to have a friend with a doomsday bunker (think 10 Cloverfield Lane with John Goodman). Or if you have a ocean-worthy vessel you could sail out to sea for a while. But other than some ideas to survive, there's not a lot to say. Link to a guide on how to prepare for nuclear war:
  9. JustinCharge

    The Carolina Panthers are raciss

    Reich had records of 10-6, 11-5, and 9-8. Last year was bad. Reich clobbered the Panthers a few years ago 38-6 which may have left a good impression on someone.
  10. JustinCharge

    This is why I can't play live poker in a casino

    not in my experience. but i always pretend im super dumb to loosen them up.
  11. JustinCharge

    Championship Round Discussion

    It feels like theres a trend where when two top QBs square off, one of them dominates right from the start and it is relentless their entire career. Brady dominated Manning and Roethlisberger immediately and forever. Aikman dominated Favre immediately and forever. We're sitting here and Burrow is 3-0 v Mahomes already. I think this is 49ers-Bengals in the Super Bowl.
  12. JustinCharge

    This is why I can't play live poker in a casino

    its best to play live poker at a casino in the morning. all of the good players play into the night and are still in bed. show up when the first games start and you will likely be sitting at a table of tourists that dont know what to do. take them for everything they got and then bail when the good players start to trickle in.
  13. I think the steps are: 1. not recognizing that the media commits lies of omission. everything they tell you is true, but they aren't giving you all the facts. people fall for that a LOT. 2. if they fall for that long enough, THEN the next step is to not listen to other points of view that are not in lockstep with the MSM. 3. if they do that enough, they become ignorant.
  14. JustinCharge

    rationing during wartime in WW2

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LxBV7cg8j1o nice video detailing rationing in WW2. In theory, the best goods and food went to the military. civilians endured rations in the form of points assigned by the US government. This came in the form of "ration books" which was used in conjunction with stamps. you could buy 1lb of bacon for 30 cents plus 7 points. any time a new item was added to the list of restricted goods, hoards would raid stores and clean them out of that good, leading to immediate shortages. then those people would turn around and trade them on the black market marked way up. its kinda interesting because we hold this myth that people are better than that, yet with the pandemic we saw people hoard goods and sell them at markup on ebay.
  15. Karl Marx was an academic. Vladimir Lenin came from the upper class. Antifa kids are mostly upper class.
  16. ok but you should be called close-minded then.
  17. its like i say. the problem is freedom of the press is lost. without that, you cant do anything.
  18. JustinCharge

    This is why I can't play live poker in a casino

    middle aged woman with a widows peak. why bother putting on makeup?
  19. For example, CRZ (Christopher Robin Zimmerman) used to do these hilarious pro wrestling recaps in the 1990s. Then around 2000 he got sick of it all and stopped. But he left his forum website up. The pro-wrestling forum was hot but the political forum was also very popular circa 2002 etc. The pro-wrestling got sparse but the political forum was propping the place up. Nowadays everyone drifted away. https://the-w.com/ i will say CRZ was originally posting his recaps on usenet but got really popular and opened his forum later on. All of the same personalities existed there as they do here. and all of the same topics and musings. even this one. its all recycled as new people join forums and old people leave forums, each one thinking they have a hot take when it was discussed to death 30 years ago.
  20. ive seen large political forums emerge on video game forums, investing forums, programming forums, tech forums, pro wrestling forums. not sure its sports guys specifically.
  21. actually, if you go on the internet seeking political discussion, you are very likely to google something like "political forum" or "off topic forum" and wind up getting sent to something like a classic rock music discussion forum.
  22. surprisingly, most internet forums start out with a particular topic in mind (sports, video games, investing etc) and in many cases, the original topic dies and the only active section is the off-topic / political section. so you might be very wrong there. eventually, a lot of people go to a forum to head for the off-topic / political section.
  23. here in America we made freedom of speech a priority. and in particular, freedom of political speech is emphasized.
  24. i think you need to add a phone number to access twitter in some cases which likely chills speech.