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  1. And plenty of people run marathons, and do long daily jogs to keep in shape. 3 hours on a stationary bike is much less stress on your body.
  2. JustinCharge

    PSA: Black Monday sale today on the new MacBook Air M1 laptop

    Intel isn't even *trying*. Apple has been outhustling and outworking everyone else for years to convert cellphone chipsets into full-fledged laptop and desktop computers with all of the amazing efficiency gains. They finally arrived with the M1 that just came out. The gap is enormous now. Think of the release of the M1 as a major event, like the release of the first iPod, or first iPhone. Its THAT big. It takes all the power efficiency and lightning speed of an iPhone and turns it into a regular computer.
  3. JustinCharge

    PSA: Black Monday sale today on the new MacBook Air M1 laptop

    Sure PCs are entrenched in the business world, but no-one is going to be buying intel PCs for retail use in a few years. Its over.
  4. i stopped reading when i read the lieutenant governor of CA was Elephant Kookookachu
  5. JustinCharge

    PSA: Black Monday sale today on the new MacBook Air M1 laptop

    its not going to be long before most major pc game titles offer M1 optimizations. and then future iterations of the M series chipset are going to destroy intel. intel might very well be dead in 3 years. the PC/Apple wars are over. Apple is the undisputed winner. The PC is going to die and pretty damn fast. intel is probably 10 years behind in tech now.
  6. the problem is she wouldnt be the first minority veep. that title goes to charles curtis, a republican and hoovers veep. so they either have to give credit to republicans for electing a minority by calling harris the second minority veep ever, or whitewash history and just say she is the first black and first asian.
  7. JustinCharge

    PSA: Black Monday sale today on the new MacBook Air M1 laptop

    I would go on youtube and google "Macbook M1" and the name of the game you want to play. The M1 is the talk of the industry right now and I'm sure by now, most gamers have uploaded video of their favorite games running on it. Apple has been building to this moment for like 15 years. They started pulling away from Intel and designing small pieces of architecture to help their products runs more efficiently and faster. With the M1, its a total break. They are leaving Intel in the dust and designing their own specialized cores and they are focking amazing. I think Intel is going to die. They are so far behind at this point, and the gap is only going to grow. The PC is dead.
  8. JustinCharge

    PSA: Black Monday sale today on the new MacBook Air M1 laptop

    No. This thing is different than anything Apple has put out before. The M series chips are crazy. Absolutely craaaaaaaaaaaaaazy.
  9. This thing is absolutely insane. It beats many gaming laptops in performance. Everything loads instantly. This is not just a major upgrade in your life, its crazy nuts. Words don't do it justice. This is a revolution. This is something Apple has been building up to for 13 years - putting a smartphone chip in as a cpu/gpu for their laptop. We're potentially looking at Apple outright killing the PC market with this, as Intel is just falling more and more behind. On sale today for $899 (save $100) https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/technology/apples-macbook-air-m1-drops-to-899-for-cyber-monday/ar-BB1bujRR https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1604825-REG/apple_mgn63ll_a_13_3_macbook_air_with.html
  10. JustinCharge

    When knowledge is implantable...

    We already have smaller societies of people that pretty much have unlimited wealth and can do whatever they want. In these small cases, you can see how it plays out. Without education, work, knowledge or anything else to separate people, they start to morph into socialites like Paris Hilton or Kim Kardashian. Worth is determined by 100% social status. Who knows who? Who has the best rep, and who does everyone disrespect? Gossip rules all. Don't make a faux pas. This also kinda applies to high school as well, where most kids are on equal footing in most ways. High school kids also start to turn into socialites. It would look something like the capital city in Hunger Games. People wearing outlandish costumes and trying to impress, fear of rejection and social isolation. The Bible tried to head this off by making it DAMN clear that confident gossips are evil. You create Heaven on Earth by building a society of humble, sincere people who are NOT confident and don't gossip. So if you followed the Bible's instructions and removed from society every single person that was either confident or a gossip, it would work. But once those people get in, it turns into Hell on Earth.
  11. Hint: the left doesn't care about racism, sexism, or anything like that. They just want absolute power. They want to destroy the Constitution and create a dictatorship. To get it, they will try to make everyone feel guilty until they willingly give up their freedoms. Once they get it, they are going to kill all the groups that helped them tear down the system (because then it will be THEIR system). They will genocide the blacks, kill all the LGBT+ groups. This already happened in the USSR. Lenin promoted lifting up forgotten classes. Then when he got power, they got slaughtered. You are not smart. You just never learned history.
  12. JustinCharge

    *Official 2020 Election Thread*

    You DO understand the different levels of evidence, correct? Let me make it easy for you. Think of the OJ Simpson trial. Simpson was acquitted in criminal court. But in civil court, Simpson was found liable for the murders. The current evidence can bring a judgement against these states in civil court. Of course, the state legislatures might just make Trump the winner, too. That doesn't happen in a court at all. Evidence is not required in that scenario.
  13. This makes me imagine a gigantic jinx where the media and liberals poke fun at Trump for being a one-termer, forgetting he could run again in 2024, and then all the massive amounts of negative karma makes him win again. If Trump loses, there is a real possibility of 4 years of Trump rallies from 2020-2024, followed by a Trump second term from 2025-2029. So you actually getting twice as much Trump by beating him in 2020 than if you just let him win.
  14. JustinCharge

    ***Happy Football Day Week 12***

    Well its why he was never all-pro. Really good teams are going to be able to scheme for him and cause tons of problems, like throwing 3 picks in the super bowl against belichick.
  15. JustinCharge

    ***Happy Football Day Week 12***

    I disagree completely. McNabb was NEVER a polished passer. His mechanics were always poor and relied a lot on scrambling around and causing things to pop open. This is why McNabb was basically done by age 33, because his legs were gone (kinda like an RBs legs are done by age 30 or maybe 1-2 years beyond). He could no longer scramble around to open things up - they just ended up as sacks.