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  1. JustinCharge

    ***Shotsup Memorial Sunday Football Thread***

    Can size of tds?
  2. JustinCharge

    Dallas Cowboys 2018 & Beyond

    Theres always a play that can go either way. Thats why i say that if you want to win an NFL game, win it by 2 scores. If the other team is within 1 score then you have no right to biitch because you knew going in that one bad call or bad bounce can cost you the game.
  3. JustinCharge

    Justice for J6 rally

    This seems to be backfiring on the left. Instead of smearing the right, the right uses it to fuel unity on their side by saying its a false flag by the feds.
  4. JustinCharge

    Dallas Cowboys 2018 & Beyond

    The team with the #1 overall pick is usually a team decimated by injuries. Do the cowboys have their #1 pick in 2022?
  5. JustinCharge

    Restaurant service

    I think low end robot chefs cost $30,000 now. Restaurants simply cannot pay much more than $20/hour for human staff before its cheaper to go all robots. Hell, you can buy a bunch of service robots at $100k a pop and if they hold up for a few years they start paying for themselves.
  6. JustinCharge

    [** Official President Joe Biden Thread **]

    I had been seeing more and more biden bumper stickers here in Los Angeles this summer. Its very noticeable that i have not seen a single one this past week. I think everyone scraped them off their cars.
  7. JustinCharge

    Spermoff: accidental drone targets

    there was a base in iraq where prisoners were waterboarded or something or bad photos were taken, i dunno. dems were calling bush a war criminal. biden kills kids with a drone strike. not a word from dems.
  8. JustinCharge

    Robot vacuum

    Why would you want to vacuum up some robots? Do you have a robot infestation?
  9. i know. I think that's where the fun died.
  10. This will be the same thing as everything else. When republicans talk about civil war (wether they want it or not) they will be branded as loons. Once democrats talk about it, it will be considered rational discussion. You can hard quote this post to the skies.
  11. The Quartering looked at actress Sarah Silverman calling for the nation to split into 2 nations. There seems to be some disagreement on Tim Pool. Some say he wants civil war. Others say he does not. Sounds a lot like what I deal with lol. Also, lots of interesting chatter in the comments section of the video. Also 6 pages of discussion on an LSU tiger forum? https://www.tigerdroppings.com/rant/politics/sarah-silverman-calls-for-a-national-divorce/98375893/ https://nationalfile.com/why-dont-we-break-up-comedian-sarah-silverman-says-america-should-divide-up-into-like-two-or-three-countries/ In an excerpt of the podcast posted to Twitter, Silverman said, “I mean, this may be a negative thought, or a positive one I don’t know, but if people aren’t getting along, like in a relationship, they break up. You know? So why don’t we just, finally just realize that this, these states aren’t working, and like divide up into like two or three countries?” She added, “Like USA 1 and USA 2? And they can be USA 1, like the conservatives can be USA 1 because they love being number one and it means something to them, and I’d love to have that be theirs, they can be USA 1, we’ll be USA 2, and we’ll be allies.” Noting that vaccine requirements would likely be a defining issue between the two countries, with hypothetical USA 2 requiring a seemingly endless series of COVID-19 booster shots, she then added, “And you’ll come over here, and we’ll go over there, and you know when you come to certain, many times when you to a different country you have to get a vaccine. That’s that.” Author Ryan Girdusky noted, “Pat Buchanan was fired for writing ‘Will America Survive Till 2025’ just a few years ago… now breaking up the US is being openly floated and will probably become an increasingly common opinion in the future.” Girdusky refers to paleoconservative icon and former presidential candidate Pat Buchanan’s 2011 book, “Suicide of a Superpower: Will America Survive to 2025?” The book, released in 2011, apparently led to Buchanan being fired as a paid commentator for MSNBC, before the cable network veered extremely far to the left, as Brian Stelter, now a show host for CNN but then a writer for the New York Times noted in 2012 with an article titled “With Book, Buchanan Set His Fate”.
  12. i mean I remember a time when people would post pics of hot girls and we'd rate them. Now we do this.
  13. JustinCharge

    how do you clean your shoes and how often?

    sneakers count as shoes.
  14. The Saints have announced that the Giants suck so bad that they are going to play them in the ruins of the Superdome in week 4.
  15. Well the redskins DL is a brick wall