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    I'm on Venmo!

  2. JustinCharge

    I'm on Venmo!

    no one asked for your boyfriends pics.
  3. keeping an update, i used to get mocked for warning of civil unrest and civil war, and im guaranteeing a nuclear war. civil unrest happened and the mocking stopped over that. no more mocking of my worries of civil war. unfortunately, thats not something to be happy about. i get some mocking over nuclear war but not much. what a nasty age to live in.
  4. As I've been saying all along, Putin goal is to wipe out liberalism and destroy Western values that are built on it. He argues throught his state TV mouthpiece that America should be placed under Russia's wing to eliminate gays and trannies. I'm completely correct in my assessment of Putin's plans and this just proves it. The Western media is perplexed at the statement because they aren't paying attention to the messgae at ALL. https://www.yahoo.com/news/team-putin-airs-insane-offer-085446683.html Team Putin Airs Insane Offer to ‘Help’ America and ‘Save’ Trump Julia Davis Fri, August 12, 2022, 1:54 AM The search of former U.S. President Donald J. Trump’s Florida estate provided yet another opportunity for the Kremlin’s top propagandists to besmirch the United States. Russian state television incorporated endless clips of Trump and his allies on Fox News and Newsmax, using them to corroborate their longstanding narrative that American democracy is a sham. In a surreal twist, news of the raid even prompted some state media bullhorns to suggest that America’s “failing” democracy should be placed under Russia’s wing. “We need to officially tackle the American democracy, American society, American economy,” Evgeny Popov, the host of state TV show 60 Minutes who also happens to be a member of Russia’s State Duma, said in his Wednesday segment. One of his guests, military expert Igor Korotchenko, proposed that Russia’s Foreign Affairs Ministry should “form a special group that would prepare reports evaluating the status of democracy in the U.S., like statements that used to be created by the U.S. State Department.” Popov then graced Russian airwaves with his own bizarre suggestion on how to “help” America. “There are more homeless children in America than anywhere else in the world. These are the official statistics. There aren’t that many impoverished neighborhoods, with medieval levels of poverty, not seen anywhere else—not even in Somalia,” he said. “Clearly, we have to help Americans to deal with this disaster. Of course, we can take those homeless children and raise them—normally, without gays and transgenders, in normal, classic culture. We need to start dealing with this right away.” The desire of Russian propagandists to “help” the United States was also expressed in their concern for Trump’s well-being and safety. Korotchenko, who previously informally endorsed Trump’s candidacy in the 2024 presidential election, claimed to believe that the former president’s life is in grave danger. In reality, he was simply regurgitating a point made by former New York police commissioner Bernard Kerik on Newsmax, one day earlier. Kerik baselessly suggested to host Eric Bolling that he was worried about the potential “assassination” of Trump in the event he runs for president in the next election. “This campaign of fomenting hatred in certain circles of American society against Donald Trump can later be converted into a campaign of the political assassination of Donald Trump, at the hands of those who will carry out the orders of the influential circles, which aren’t interested in his return to power. This is a bad scenario, we know the practice of political assassinations in the United States of America,” Korotchenko said. Popov chimed in: “We should ask [Russia’s] Federal Security Service to start protecting our Donald.” Host Vladimir Solovyov opened Wednesday’s broadcast of The Evening With Vladimir Solovyov by praising Trump’s refusal to answer questions during his deposition by the New York Attorney General’s Office. The host beamed with pride: “Well done, Trump!” Solovyov added: “This is the only good thing I can tell you about the United States of America.” In a theme that was covered all over Russian state media—as though it was the networks’ top assignment for the day— Solovyov condemned American democracy as an “ultra-totalitarian system.” Vitaly Tretyakov, dean of Moscow State University's School of Television, agreed with Solovyov and asserted: “We [Russians] are the last free generation of humanity.” He claimed that in the West, admitting that you are a Bible-carrying believer is dangerous and could lead to the said person being pelted by rocks. Tretyakov speculated that the new Iron Curtain, enforced through visa bans for the Russians, would turn into the modern-day Berlin wall—with Westerners trying to break through and immigrate to Russia as the last remaining bastion of freedom in the world. Disingenuous posturing aside, at one point during Wednesday’s broadcast Popov dropped all pretense of a make-believe concern for America. Addressing the United States, he said into the camera: “We ran out of goodwill a long time ago. What we do have is a great desire to rip your horns off.”
  5. JustinCharge

    [** Official President Joe Biden Thread **]

    I completely disagree. The reason is trust in the system has been in decline ever since WW2 ended. It predates the internet by a country mile. I've discussed this before. There are actually specific historical events that line up with sharp drops in trust. When Nixon resigned, you see a sharp drop in trust that never recovers. There was no internet then. When the media turned against the Iraq war in 2003, you see a sharp drop in trust that never recovers. When a bunch of new social changes were made at once under Obama in 2015-2016, including issues like gay marriage and a war on cops, you see a full collapse in trust and Trump rose as a result of that. Its easy to blame the internet but really its just the political class wrecking everything for 70 years.
  6. JustinCharge

    Ukraine - Doomsday

    i mean, the West tried to put Putin on public display and humiliate him and get him to submit for several years there. His response has been to cozy up to Ayatollah, invade Ukraine, and threaten to blow up the world. That's legit. He's showing us where he is headed. Russia is radicalized now.
  7. JustinCharge

    Trump's residence raided by the FBI

    i had to download that video from this link because the feds will probably delete it from the universe lol https://ssstwitter.com/ImMeme0/status/1558252009395986432
  8. JustinCharge

    Trump's residence raided by the FBI

    we know how they will handle this. they will find the slightest bit of difference between Hillary and Trump's situations and then use that to say Hillary is in the clear and Trump should go to jail.
  9. JustinCharge

    Ukraine - Doomsday

    i completely disagree. Putin has made many many speeches over the past decade ranting about the satanic, evil moral values of the West. He literally warned about how the US was going to start accepting paedophilia in something like 2013 in one big speech. That sort of stuff is the entire reason he is going berzerk about NATO being on their border. The fanatics took over. They are ready to die to stop the spread of Western immorality. I remember Putin delivered one of these rants while in France standing next to Macron. Putin spoke in Russian and the western press utterly ignored everything he said. Macron would respond and also utterly ignore what Putin said as well. It was all a big fock you to Putin even back then. He's reached out, he's tried. Now he sees it as a huge threat and is partnering with the Ayatollah now in 2022. I refuse to believe you witnessed any of this when you say what you say. I don't think you've listened to Putin speeches or seen these interactions. You are talking out of wishful hope that it won't happen without seeing this process play out over the years.
  10. JustinCharge

    Mexico - widespread cartel violence

    There were some strange articles this morning about the US government advising US government workers in Tijuana to "shelter in place", which basically means "you remember Afghanistan how we abandoned everyone and left them to their own devices? Yah we not coming to help you either!" But none of the articles would say what is going on. The only article actually going into specifics was from VICE, which says this is a cartel attacking the country in retalition for the Mexican government cracking down on the CJNG cartel. https://www.vice.com/en/article/n7ze4q/mexico-cjng-siege-doble-r Whole Cities Are Under Siege by Narcos in Mexico Cartel violence has wracked Mexico since the reported arrest of cartel leader Ricardo Ruiz, or “Doble R.” Now AMLO is claiming Doble R was never arrested. By Luis Chaparro CIUDAD JUAREZ — Over the past four days multiple Mexican cities faced an onslaught of attacks from drug cartel militias, showing the government’s continued inability to stop criminal groups from causing chaos in some of the country’s largest cities. The western states of Jalisco and Guanajuato were under siege for around 10 hours on August 9 reportedly after Mexican authorities busted up a meeting between several important leaders of factions of the hyper violent Jalisco New Generation Cartel, or CJNG. The cities of Guadalajara, Irapuato, Celaya and Leon saw numerous cars and buses engulfed in flames to block off traffic arteries, while a reported 25 convenience stores were also set on fire. Rumors swirled throughout the following day about the capture of Ricardo Ruiz, alias “RR” or “Doble R,” one of the top leaders of the CJNG in western Mexico. But on Thursday, Mexican president Andrés Manuel López Obrador denied the arrest took place after being pressed by journalists during his morning news conference. He said that 16 people were arrested during the attacks, without providing their identities, “but they [the arrested] are supposed to be influential people, because that is why there was such a strong reaction.” In October 2019 Mexican authorities detained Ovidio Guzmán, the son of incarcerated Sinaloa Cartel boss Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán, in the city of Culiacan. Sinaloa Cartel associates laid siege to the city in an attempt to pressure the government to release Ovidio Guzmán, who relented, and allowed the younger Guzmán to escape. López Obrador later admitted that he gave the order himself to release Ovidio Guzmán to stop the attacks throughout the city. “These acts are pressure tactics that have worked for the cartels to pressure the government in turn. And it’s nothing new,” Alejandro Hope, a prominent Mexican security analyst, told VICE World News. “Criminal organizations don’t really need an enormous amount of people. These kinds of attacks are pretty easy and cheap to carry and they generate huge chaos.” The president did not explain how he intended to quell the ongoing violence. As López Obrador spoke, most businesses and schools remained closed as fearful residents barricaded themselves inside their homes.
  11. JustinCharge

    I Have A New Idea For A Star Wars Series

    boba debt? he has a mortgage, credit cards, owes money to jabba.
  12. JustinCharge

    Ukraine - Doomsday

    this is the common mistake people make. do not apply Western values to Russia or China. They value human life a lot less than we do. also, we spent decades of intense foreign relations power to make sure neither Iran nor North Korea ever got the bomb. and the reason is that everyone understands that if they got it, they'd blow up the planet. but for some reason, people have a really difficult time applying that to Russia. I think that its just wishful thinking. we wish and hope they wont use it. but i think everyone knows in their gut they will. you are making up assertions to give you comfort. you assume that, surely, Russia has Western values. You assume that, surely, Russia isn't filled with enough fanatics to push the button. but you know all of it is wrong.
  13. i threw all my likes at hardcore troubadour. he found sho nuff. awesome.
  14. JustinCharge

    Tatis Jr. 340 Million!

    Padres feel like a runaway freight train. Fock it. Just sign Carlos Correa in the offseason. And Judge while they are at it.
  15. JustinCharge

    Ukraine - Doomsday

    as i say, if Russia is fully committed to not using nukes, if that is their true position, then they would never have invaded Ukraine to begin with. Russia is a pariah state now. There is no going back. There is NO scenario where Russia negotiates a peace where it takes part of Ukraine and then rejoins the international community. They are a pariah forever. NONE of what Russia is doing makes any sort of sense if nukes are off the table. It would not be hilarious to see them defeated. I mean, what, you think they would lose this war, see their economy crumble, and then meekly hand over 6000 nukes and go to jail or death? That path does not exist. So as you can see, the only path for them is forward... I think a lot of people wish and hope Russia will take the high ground and accept a loss and being a pariah. But really, what does your gut tell you? You know what's coming.