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  1. JustinCharge

    Microsoft set to reveal Windows overhaul June 24th

    I only do my online banking on a chromebook. They are much much more secure. About the only ways to hack a chromebook is if you either install a third party extension from someplace that is not the google play store, or use an unsecured internet connection. I wouldn't use Vista.
  2. JustinCharge

    Gun sales are blowing all records out of the water in 2021

    I find it amazing you think its stupid in an America where we just had nationwide looting, burning, attacking of people, statues pulled down of the FOUNDING FATHERS all over the place, people teaching CRT in schools. You are incredibly stupid at this point if you don't think its coming. Wake the eff up.
  3. JustinCharge

    Major Cities Re- funding Police

    You can damn well sure the MSM will under-report THIS story.
  4. JustinCharge

    Gun sales are blowing all records out of the water in 2021

    I think the US military will split into 2 factions. And the right wing side will get assistance from Russia and China. Because its quite obvious that the world sees western liberalism as a total cancer in the mold of Nazi Germany. It goes beyond winning a war. It cannot be allowed to exist.
  5. JustinCharge

    Major Cities Re- funding Police

    They need to end a bill to democrats and BLM to cover the cost.
  6. JustinCharge

    Is the CDC now a regulatory agency?

    That's actually how the Roman Republic collapsed into the Roman Empire. The Senate was too lazy and drunk to do its job, so they went out and partied and quietly handed all decision-making to Caesar.
  7. JustinCharge

    Gun sales are blowing all records out of the water in 2021

    From January 2018 to today, Americans are taking an increasingly positive view on gun ownership. More and more Americans like guns. https://content.gallup.com/origin/gallupinc/GallupSpaces/Production/Cms/POLL/a8grvrled0wcikahy-9q0g.png
  8. Gun sales were at an all-time in 2020. But after Biden got elected, gun sales have gone completely bananas. EVERY SINGLE MONTH after Biden won has been an all-time record of background checks for that month. January and March were the first 2 months on record with over 4 million background checks, and March got close to 5 million. https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/us/gun-sales-best-may-ever-2021-set-to-crush-record-public-afraid-of-violence-tyranny/ar-AAKDAEF Gun sales: Best May ever, 2021 set to crush record, public 'afraid of violence, tyranny' Paul Bedard 6/2/2021 As Democrats and President Joe Biden continue to promote gun control instead of targeting those who commit violent acts, people in May continued to flood gun stores, giving the month the record for FBI background checks. The latest FBI data suggests that 2021 will be another record year for background checks and sales, topping the nearly 40 million checks in 2020. One eye-popping statistic: 2021 looks to double the number of background checks and sales of 2015, when 23 million checks were conducted. While not a one-to-one match, background checks track gun sales. Background checks are also conducted in some instances for security clearances and concealed carry permits.
  9. No, they will use the Hammer and Sickle. Here is Jen Psaki wearing a pink commie hat with the hammer and sickle alongside then secretary-of-state John Kerry.
  10. JustinCharge

    Pick a movie for me and the GF tonight

    source code is freaky.
  11. JustinCharge

    Best Line In A Movie

    [ Evil ] can only mock, it cannot create. -- Gandalf, to Rusty and the other libs on this board (probably)
  12. But if we got rid of Trump, all of this was supposed to stop... We did what you wanted. We have Biden now. Were not racist anymore right?
  13. JustinCharge

    So I'm having a Coke for breakfast

    Also, drinking out of a wiffleball doesn't help since it all leaks out the holes.