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  1. dont worry, the MSM is totally ignoring Chicago gang violence just for you.
  2. JustinCharge

    So Am I The Only One Watching Rudolph ?

    Mason Rudolph sucks. I wish everyone here positive fart energy.
  3. JustinCharge

    There Was A Trainer At My Gym Yesterday

    nice pokemon thread.
  4. JustinCharge

    Quick Threads

    peenie would definitely know if i was going in.
  5. JustinCharge

    Who do you like that posts here?

    we have rails? i thought this forum was an unmoderated freight train on fire chugging at full speed.
  6. JustinCharge

    Boom! Disney getting canceled 🤣😅

    how is he contradicting himself? HT is saying Disney is nuts because DIsney has already proven they have no moral code as it is, they have shown to be a total sell out, so for them to even be denied access to China on moral grounds is pathetic. that cant even sell out correctly.
  7. JustinCharge

    Spotify 2022 Wrapup: Top Artists

    i dont use spotify.
  8. JustinCharge

    Leaders are infected with behavior changing parasites

    i thought he was talking about Charles in Charge not Charles Ingalls lol.
  9. JustinCharge

    Leaders are infected with behavior changing parasites

    yes master. what is thy bidding master?
  10. JustinCharge

    San Francisco set to deploy killer robots - T2 doomsday

    the "defund the police" movement was just to win votes, not to actually help minorities and the poor. if you look at the calendar, its 3 weeks after the midterms so we are about as far from elections as possible. now its time for the mask to slip and for global leftist elites to start showing us how efficient they can kill us all if we step out of line.
  11. i browsed the list of restaurants and i get the impression its like 90% big cities and almost nothing out in rural areas. I checked Ohio and its strictly Cleveland, Columbus and Cincinnati (with one visit to Lakewood which is also Cleveland).
  12. or maybe its all a coincidence and they were always going to get rooned.
  13. JustinCharge

    Where is your mind at currently?

    remember what Edgar Friendly said in Demolition Man. "I'm the enemy because I like to think". Get rid of smart people from your life. Who cares where your mind is at. Instead, get offended by intelligence and drown yourself in booze and rat burgers to kill the pain. Stupidity is a virtue because the alternative is too horrible to think about. Follow Raymond Cocteau.