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  1. JustinCharge

    Just had pot roast

    Gonna take a nap. Been yet another good day. Zzzzzzz
  2. JustinCharge

    Pawn Shops

    I hear the ones in Dallas are flooded with Cowboys super bowl LVI champs merchandise.
  3. JustinCharge

    Coronavirus - Doomsday

    Its interesting that covid hit blacks and hispanics the hardest. Those are the groups that china wants to genocide. So this could even be a “test run” on killing unwanted minorities with viruses. Maybe they will release another and another until it kills them all.
  4. JustinCharge

    Dallas Cowboys 2018 & Beyond

    I listened to the radio broadcast of the 49ers loss and they kept criticizing the Cowboys OL for constantly allowing pressure on Dak. Sounded as if it was worst performance ever for pass blocking.
  5. JustinCharge

    Dodds leaving FBG

    Or they claim they want to help inner city minorities, and instead leave them destitute for generations? or they claim they want to fight against voter suppression, and then gerrymander in places they control (and never get called out on it) and allow foreigners to vote in new york city which suppresses the citizens vote? or they claim they want to fight against corporations, meanwhile corporations are their lapdogs who help push their agenda? or they want to “stop the politics of personal destruction” when clinton is getting impeached, then turn around and try to destroy bush and trump? the left believes in nothing but power.
  6. Biden threatened to punch out trump when he was still the president.
  7. JustinCharge

    Restricting Voter Access

    The democrats are suppressing voter rights by allowing foreigners to vote in city elections in New York City. That robs the citizens of actual voting power.
  8. JustinCharge

    CNN lost 90% of its audience since 2021

    Local news just seems mostly to be a local police blotter.
  9. JustinCharge

    ***happy football day super wild card weekend***

    the broncos, patriots and steelers hog about 50% of all AFC titles in existence. This will be the third consecutive year that neither the steelers, patriots nor broncos will appear in the AFC title game. The last time that happened was from 80, 81, 82 & 83. That was also the only time they were absent for 4 consecutive years. 79 steelers 27, oilers 13 80 raiders 34, chargers 27 81 bengals 27, chargers 7 82 dolphins 14, jets 0 83 raiders 30, seahawks 14 84 dolphins 45, steelers 28
  10. Australian PM is up for election at some point between now and May. Hes trailing the opposition due to excessively strict policies towards delta and its generally viewed that detaining Djokovic is the last straw that will cost him his job.
  11. JustinCharge

    ***happy football day super wild card weekend***

    The first division eliminated from the playoffs was the NFC east.
  12. JustinCharge

    ***happy football day super wild card weekend***

    It feels like the Chiefs start every playoff game slow or are getting blown out and then they often rally late.
  13. JustinCharge

    ***happy football day super wild card weekend***

    There are kids in philadelphia and all they know is the eagles won the super bowl and are probably confused by todays outcome.
  14. JustinCharge

    [** Official President Joe Biden Thread **]

    Reminder, rusty has claimed he is a “moderate republican” and says he sides with the likes of romney and mccain. These are neocons. So he also sides with diick cheney.
  15. JustinCharge

    ***happy football day super wild card weekend***

    Sorry. Its just i Couldnt wait til the weekend