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  1. How can they prove it? I am sure getting accurate birth records on a Dominican baseball star is probably a lot harder than getting record from Kenya.
  2. Tree of Knowledge

    RotoWrong is no more.

    It was better for baseball than football.
  3. Tree of Knowledge

    Why Didn't Biden Congratulate Tom Brady & Tampa ?

    He’s in bed by 7PM.
  4. Tree of Knowledge

    If you could live one day in the life of one person...

    1970’s Hugh Hefner for a day would be a nice gig.
  5. Tree of Knowledge

    EA Sports NCAA Football is BACK!!!

    Bill Walsh College Football on Sega was cool. Is Coach K Basketball far behind?
  6. Tree of Knowledge

    9 year old girl gets maced by cops

    Why mace? I thought that was to chase people away. Isn’t the taser more warranted in that situation?
  7. Tree of Knowledge

    The Patriot Party

    Unless he can bring blacks into this Party he is just splitting traditional Republican votes. Maybe his pardons are tipping his hand.
  8. Tree of Knowledge

    Where is the civil war?

    DNC cut their funding?
  9. Tree of Knowledge

    Death Pool update: Another HOF hurler- Don Sutton

    Never went on the DL? Never happen in baseball today.
  10. Proud Boys are forced to change their name to Proud They/Them.
  11. Tree of Knowledge

    Most and least annoying TV commercial right now

    The Farmers commercial where the actor from Oz that played Schillinger gives kids balloons does make me chuckle.
  12. Tree of Knowledge

    protesters tear down barricades and storm US Capitol

    Yesterday REAL bullets were used on a protester. Was that the case this summer?
  13. That’s our best hope. Too many deep state people above them though.
  14. They’ve got control of thousands of drones and millions of “vaccines.” If you are lucky you might get to pick your own tattoo number before they turn you into soylent green.
  15. Tree of Knowledge

    Democrats propose ban on all gender specific words

    As long as the Democrats continue to capitulate to elitists, slackers, weirdos, and oddballs, the GOP will be just fine.