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  1. Changing the rules to allow her to wear her turban to Congress should have never happened.
  2. Tree of Knowledge

    Memphis Police Killing

  3. I have a question for other like minded pro-American patriots. How would you rate these 3 in who is the most destructive to our Republic. Here is my rankings: 1) Schiff: “Bug-eyes” has the most power and his awfulness and deceit during the Russian canard was pretty close to treason 2) Swallwell; Obviously compromised CCP asset, but in the end he seems to be a lot of hot air and flatulence. 3) Omar: Obvious racist from a bizzaro precinct in another leftist state. Nobody of consequence takes her seriously. She may as well be shouting at clouds.
  4. These 3 should be happy they serve in the USA. In many other nations and in other historical times their indiscretions would have had much more dire consequences.
  5. Tree of Knowledge

    Will the Bungles go full bungles and keep the #1 pick?

    AFC is loaded with great QBs for the next decade.
  6. Tree of Knowledge

    Creep or not?

    Last two women on the planet are her and Lizzo. None of you are taking Lizzo.
  7. Tree of Knowledge

    trump leads biden in hypothetical 2024 matchup: poll

    Anyone still voting for Biden over Trump after everything we have seen hates America. I hope we get fresh candidates, but this is where we are.
  8. Three straight days of mass shootings. Be better Kalifornia.
  9. They are not even trying to hide the fact Democratic Party leadership is tied to the BLM/Antifa riots https://thepostmillennial.com/breaking-son-of-democrat-house-minority-whip-katherine-clark-arrested-for-assaulting-cop-during-boston-antifa-event
  10. What’s more likely? Biden pardons these DNC shock troops Or Kamala raises bail money for them?
  11. Tree of Knowledge

    DeSantis’ Florida continues to persecute academic freedom

    Don’t forget about Trans History.
  12. Tree of Knowledge

    Florida judge fines Trump, lawyer for ‘frivolous’ lawsuit

    ThEY gOt hIM ThiS tIME.
  13. Then China is considered a “developing country” and exempt from all the carbon emissions requirements and penalties. That’s one of many reasons the climate change movement is a sham.
  14. How many of you are wearing a rainbow pin at work if you are asked to do it? I’m not.