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  1. goatlocker1972

    #2 Running Back in Standard 14 Team League

    Might now be OBE if it looks like Elliott is good to go. That is sure the way it sounds. GL
  2. I'm in a very competitive 14 team league. It is a Banzai draft and I ended up in slot 2. So, I pick 2 in round one and 13 in rounds three, four and five. I see the current news on Elliott, and that might help sway my though process, but initial thought was one of three assuming Barkley goes First. Elliott, Kamara, or McCaffrey. Or anybody else you think might fit.
  3. goatlocker1972

    James Conner at 5th pick

    I personally see him more in the 10-15 range and would really need to think about it to take him that high. Basically same thoughts as above.
  4. I have the second pick in a 14 team standard league. Will not pick again until #27. I'll bet money Barkley goes first. I see three runners I like in this slot for the second pick. Just curious what others think. Kamara, Elliott(not sure when back), McCafferey Or anybody else you think might fit.
  5. goatlocker1972

    Helpl on Keeper Function

    Got it. Clearing the tab and resetting is working. Just will take some time. 14 team 6 keepers per team. At least I learned it on this team and not my 24 team 9 keepers per team. Thanks for the help. Also, the note only says to change the keeper reset option to no. Thanks again.
  6. goatlocker1972

    Helpl on Keeper Function

    Also, when I look down in compile worksheets, under prepare keepers tab it shows done, saved. My gut instinct is I'm not doing the next step I need to do to get the cheatsheets to update.
  7. goatlocker1972

    Helpl on Keeper Function

    First time using this software. I went in and entered all the keepers and draft pick they lose for the keeper. Changed to no, then recompiled. If I look at keepers, they are all still there. But, when I look at rankings they still show up also. What am I missing?