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  1. drdelaware

    The Alvin Kamara F U thread

    I hope his gold teeth rot and his nose ring causes an infection and nasty boogers. Also an F U to fantasy sites still over projecting his point totals each week. BUST of epic proportions.
  2. drdelaware

    Chiefs claim Terrell Suggs

    He can still set the edge for you guys. Just don't expect much on the pass rush end. Over recent seasons he has tired after about week 7.
  3. drdelaware

    Colts at Saints: In-Game Discussion

    Murray Has been on the field more than Kamara. The frustration continues so far.
  4. drdelaware

    Chiefs claim Terrell Suggs

    Not sure what anyone thinks Suggs brings to the table at this point. If you need an edge setter he still has that. As a pash rusher, he has faded big time.
  5. drdelaware

    Josh Gordon

    Suspended indefinitely. That has to be it for him.
  6. drdelaware

    Losing 101 to 87 but....

    There is another thread called “what do you need from tonight’s game? Which came after with a better title, but don’t be a d*** all your life.
  7. drdelaware

    Saints/Colts...what do you need?

    15 points total out of Marlon Mack and Alvin Kamara would give me a win.
  8. drdelaware

    Losing 101 to 87 but....

    The team I am playing is done for the week. I have 2 underperforming RB’s tomorrow. Alvin Kamara and Marlon Mack to grab 15 points for the win. At least I’m still alive for another day. Sat Adrian Peterson and Tyler Lockett which which would have been game over but I can’t regret those non moves.
  9. drdelaware

    Whot got them WR's Blues

    I cut Brandin Cooks and benched Tyler Lockett. Rolling with Darius Slayton, AJ Brown and Zach Pascal who are all recent patchwork pickups.
  10. drdelaware

    DeAndre Washington - FF Playoff Hero or Zero?

    Don't worry about Lamar Jackson. I live in Baltimore and am a Ravens fan. He says he's 100% and playing.
  11. drdelaware

    Mahomes in the 3rd round?

    I got Mahomes very late in the 2nd round and Lamar Jackson near the end of the draft. Guess who wound up being my starter after week 5?
  12. drdelaware

    Kamara - Bust

    BUST BUST BUST BUST BUST BUST BUST BUST BUST BUST BUST BUST BUST BUST BUST No 100 yad rushing games all year and only 1 TD. That is NOT underperforming, that is sucking.
  13. drdelaware

    Who's benching Lockett?

    Lockett and Kamara killed my season.
  14. drdelaware

    Can the Chiefs Do the Impossible?

    Ravens kicked their ass. Not impossible.
  15. drdelaware

    Kamara - Bust

    Gold tooth idiot was my #1 pick. BUST