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  1. mccnavy76

    Kittle has no role

    I'm a Kittle owner and one league...unfortunately there's too many weapons on SF and he isn't getting his looks. It will likely take 1) injury to Deebo or Aiyuk and 2) defenses to commit to trying to slow down CMC before Kittle will get looked at again. He doesn't seem like the vocal type either to complain about not getting the ball. Hopefully Purdy will at least start looking for him in the end zone on 3rd downs if CMC doesn't get in:)
  2. Per poll...advice on who has most potential for rest of season.
  3. mccnavy76

    Trade offer

    Actually...that's true...BRob has only had 1 good game.. It's possible that Gibbs becomes the #1...especially with Montgomery hurt (although I think that is short-term), but there's no guarantee in anything. The Cowboys look like they will go with the flow of the game, feeding off the defense. That could turn into boom or bust for Lamb...maybe not. If there's confidence that Gibbs will live up to some pre-season hype than it's worth it.
  4. mccnavy76

    Walker lll for Mike Evans

    I would keep KWIII...hoping he doesn't get hurt.
  5. mccnavy76

    Trade offer

    You have depth at both RB and WR. However, I would likely keep JJ.
  6. mccnavy76

    RB Advice (different leagues)

    Shuffling my bench(es) in a few leagues...due to recent RB shakeup in the league. League 1: I have Gainwell, Swift, Ford, and Charbonnet. Would you drop any of these for K. Herbert or R. Johnson? League 2: Would you drop Pacheco for Swift or Ford? League 3: Would you drop Charbonnet for Warren or R. Johnson Lastly, do you see Hunt making a big impact on Ford production...I didn't see the game to see what kind of runner he is. Does he have a shot at being the feature back or will Cleveland split carries evenly?
  7. mccnavy76

    Tua or Lawrence?

    I would go for Lawrence.
  8. mccnavy76

    Now that Kelley's starting, who TF do I sit??

    Of those...keep it unanimous...Allen
  9. mccnavy76

    PPR Flex Help

    My vote would be Pierce...then Sanders.
  10. mccnavy76

    Bench Stash - Pickens or G. Davis

    Thanks...I grabbed Pickens.
  11. mccnavy76

    Bench Stash - Pickens or G. Davis

    I don't intend to use in Week 2...stash was for rest of season...not sure if that changes recommendations.
  12. mccnavy76

    Trade Advice

    Williams and Kelley were taken...I was able to grab Edwards. Only other possible viable stashes are Achane, Warren, and Bigsby.
  13. mccnavy76

    Zack Moss or D. Swift

    Any of Philly's (4) RBs could've had a monster game last night...O-line did great.
  14. Out of curiosity, which of these two would you rather keep as a bench stash...George Pickens or Gabe Davis. Most rankings have Pickens slightly higher. I suspect they have about the same potential going further....Someone actually dropped OBJ too.
  15. mccnavy76

    Trade Advice

    Lol...you may have officially jinxed it:) Dobbins didn't even make it through the first game! Just my luck!