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  1. mccnavy76

    Flex Help

    Sorry...forgot one option...Achane. Likewise, if Jefferson suits up would you still consider him a better option than the rest...assumption is that his hamstring is good to go but the injury he suffered last week and the current state of Vikings offense is worrisome.
  2. mccnavy76

    Flex Help

    Yes...sorry...non PPR
  3. mccnavy76

    Flex Help

    Week 2 of Playoff Round 1...I have a decent lead but my opponent has a good team (including CMC). I'm injury plagued...QBs were Tua and Herbert...Herbert was gone last weekend and Tua is in a funk. Therefore, I'm rolling with Stafford. On the RB side I lost Jacobs and BRob...still have J. Williams, Achane, and Mixon. For WRs I have Lamb, Jefferson, Nucua, and Cooper. If Jefferson doesn't play, I'll be hurting for a decent Flex. Which of these Flex options have the best floor in your opinion: Cooper K. Mitchell D'Onte Foreman (currently available on waivers) Antonio Gibson (available on waivers tomorrow) Achane (if he plays)
  4. Hopefully I wouldn't need to start any of them but who has most upside for Fantasy playoffs...Gus Edwards, Keaton Mitchell, or D'onte Foreman?
  5. mccnavy76

    Mixon or Achane Week 13

    Lol...well I called that one:) Figures. It wouldn't have mattered though...I went up agains Dak, Deebo, and Tyreek this week. It doesn't matter what Mixon does now:)
  6. mccnavy76

    Mixon or Achane Week 13

    I'm gonna roll with Mixon. Yes, that probably means that Achane is about to go off:)
  7. mccnavy76

    Mixon or Achane Week 13

    Not the best choices...I know.
  8. mccnavy76

    Baltimore Running Back ROS

    Do you think Edwards is done and Mitchell is Ravens best back to own ROS?
  9. Which IDP do you see with the highest floor today? Terrel Bernard or Fred Warner?
  10. mccnavy76

    Howell or Lamar

    I'm starting Lamar. Because I've had bad luck with him, and am starting him, you should start Howell
  11. mccnavy76

    Which RB for ROS

    For a bench stash, who has the best chance for consistent production for ROS?
  12. mccnavy76

    Week 10 - Lockett vs. Cooper

    Lockett worked out pretty good!
  13. mccnavy76

    Week 10 - Lockett vs. Cooper

    Thanks...I'll try Lockett...fingers crossed:)
  14. mccnavy76

    Week 10 - Lockett vs. Cooper

    Who to start today...Tyler Lockett or Amari Cooper?
  15. mccnavy76

    PPR-Dell or J. Williams or Kincaid or T. Hill??

    Yep...especially with Collins out.