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  1. mccnavy76

    Safe to dump Julio Jones?

    Done.!....now watch him light up the Steelers tomorrow
  2. mccnavy76

    Safe to dump Julio Jones?

    I gave him a shot last week with AJ Brown out, and returning from injury, and he did almost nothing. For playoff bench depth (although COVID and injuries have already cost me any shot at championship) would grabbing D. Parker (I already have Waddle...down for COVID too) be recommended? I have no confidence in Jones, and have only held him this long because of his career and that he's still a big physical receiver.
  3. mccnavy76

    Hubbard vs. Edmonds ROS

    Who has most upside for rest of season (fantasy playoffs bench depth). Chuba Hubbard or Chase Edmonds. Arizona is obviously the better team but Edmonds will split carries with Conner, who has done well, and will get help with Murray back. Hubbard is now lead back with McCaffrey out but the Panthers are a mess right now.
  4. mccnavy76

    RB Bench Depth Question - WHIR

    Ok...another wrinkle in the choice. Same...looking to drop Jones...now RB options are Edmonds or M. Carter. Both expected to be out for a few weeks but curious who you see with most upside for rest of season.
  5. mccnavy76

    RB Bench Depth Question - WHIR

    RBs: Mixon, Montgomery, Gaskin, Gordon, Edwards-Helaire (and Henry in IR spot) WR: Godwin, K. Allen, AB, Julio Jones, Waddle Knowing that both Gaskin and M. Gordon may lose value towards the end of the season, and Julio hasn't done anything all season, even before landing on IR, would you drop him for Chase Edmonds? I don't know when Edmonds will return to Arizona lineup but could be soon. Leave link to yours.
  6. mccnavy76

    ROS WR Question

    Waiver was able to processed...12-team league with semi-deep benches. I'm weakest at WR but Waddle gives me a little better option I hope than I had before. Looks like I'll have to use him already with Brown out tomorrow.
  7. mccnavy76

    ROS WR Question

    For the same reasons that's what I was thinking. Waddle dropped and on waivers and caught my attention. I'll see if I can grab him.
  8. mccnavy76

    ROS WR Question

    For rest of season, Waddle or Shepherd
  9. 12-team league...my RBs and WRs are Henry, Mixon, Edwards Helaire, Gordon, Gaskin, Sermon and Godwin, Jones, Shepard, Brown. Both Pollard and Rondale Moore are available. Would you drop Sermon for either of them?
  10. mccnavy76

    Championship Lineup Question

    Week 2 of Championship...I have 15-point lead going into matchup. Non-PPR but 1 bonus point for every 10 rushes or 5 catches. Opponent's lineup: Brady, Cook, Fournette, M. Gordon, AJ Brown, Aiyuk, Kelce, Blake Martinez (IDP), Saints D, Koo My current lineup: Hurts, Henry, Montgomery, Ekeler, Adams, Ridley, M. Andrews, Leonard (IDP), Cleveland D, Lutz My bench: Tannehill (did well for me last weekend obviously and I was starting him), J. Taylor, David Johnson, C. Godwin, B. Cooks, A. Cooper Would you swap any of these out? I'm torn between sticking with Tannehill or going with Hurts, and Ekeler didn't get any goal line carries. Would you put in Tannehill and Taylor instead? Or someone else? Leave Link to Yours!
  11. With Baltimore stumbling the last few weeks (although their schedule looks good the rest of the season), do you think they are going to get smoked by Pittsburg and worth drop for Green Bay (current highest ranked team) this week, and then just stream defenses the rest of the way...I'm currently #1 and this is last week of regular fantasy season. Current matchup has me relatively even with my opponent. Right now I don't have anyone else worth dropping.
  12. mccnavy76

    RB Waiver Wire Advice - Pick up David Johnson?

    Right now QB = Taysom Hill and Ryan Tannehill (I lost Dak) TE = Mark Andrews Also...league is non-PPR
  13. My RBs are: Henry, Montgomery, Taylor, Fournette, Harris, Edmonds, and Ekeler (in IR spot) WRs: Adams, Ridley, Godwin, Chark David Johnson is available on waivers...I believe he should be available next week from IR. Is he worth add and drop either Edmonds or Fournette? I'll end up having to drop one of them anyways when Ekeler is activated.
  14. mccnavy76

    Injury Help - RB and QB

    Much appreciated...and QB situation may have taken an interesting turn...thanks to the QB-affected league being ESPN. I ended up keeping Tannehill in (he'll have better days ahead and Baltimore isn't invincible) but since ESPN had Hill listed as both TE and QB I grabbed him and put him in the TE spot (over Andrews)...I was good at WR (Ridley, Adams, Godwin, Chark) so I dropped Fulgham and grabbed Hill to see how this plays out...hopefully the Saints aren't just playing a trick on everybody....although years back a lot of people took advantage when Colston was listed as WR and TE (also Saints trickery). I did grab Ballage in the other league....I suspect he'll do alright until Ekeler comes back.
  15. mccnavy76

    Injury Help - RB and QB

    Whoops...good question. League is non-PPR.