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  1. Which of these three do you see with best chance to produce this week. I obviously have Hopkins in, and McCoy is supposed to be back, but Arizona is terrible and I can't have a dud like he put up last weekend. If Watson doesn't play, than Lazard might have some up-side...also with Green Bay fighting for a playoff spot. The last few weeks it's looked like Brady has tried to hit Evans but just hasn't connected on much.
  2. mccnavy76

    Hopkins/Lazard/Evans - Which one for Week 17

    LOL...I actually did. When I saw that Watson was going to be a true game-time decision, I put Evans in instead of Lazard. Not over yet...but I'm looking good in championship game....fingers crossed:)
  3. mccnavy76

    BRob or Fournette

    Flex choice...should I go with Brian Robinson with Gibson out, or Fournette. Both teams fighting for playoff spots at home and against defenses that aren't the strongest against the run? Wentz will be going for Wash so I'm not sure if that will lead to more run-heavy offense, and Fournette is dangerous both running and catching. It is unclear what the workload vs. White will be.
  4. mccnavy76

    Hopkins/Lazard/Evans - Which one for Week 17

    Well Hopkins now downgraded to Out. I have Lazard in but will see how tomorrow morning looks...including weather:)
  5. mccnavy76

    Evans or Fournette (FLEX)

    Not the best choices...but all I got right now. Who would you go with tonight? Right now I have Fournette in.
  6. mccnavy76

    IDP Help

    I've been playing Derwin James for the past few weeks with decent success but he's doubtful today. I'm trying to decide between Nick Bolton and Devin White. I used White early in the season but he became somewhat inconsistent. However: White plays against the 49ers who will run and use the TE a lot and possible allow him to get a good tackle opportunity Bolton is good and plays against the Broncos. However, I fear KC will have the ball so much that he may not be on the field much. Both ranked well in online Week 14 rankings. Thoughts?
  7. mccnavy76

    J. K. Dobbins Speculative Add?

    Is it assumed that J. K. Dobbins will take over lead back in Baltimore over Edwards when he comes back...presumably next week? While no Baltimore back is great...will he be the one to own over Edwards?
  8. mccnavy76

    WR to Drop - Lazard or Moore

    I have to clear IR spot now that M. Brown is back. Who would you drop for rest of season...Lazard or Moore?
  9. mccnavy76

    Flex help

    :) Olave and Godwin still.
  10. mccnavy76

    Flex help

    I would go with Olave and Godwin. Not sure who Periphery is.
  11. mccnavy76

    Wr help standard

    I would go Waddle
  12. mccnavy76

    Who to drop for Fournette?

    Someone in one of my leagues has given up on Fournette and dropped him. While it is likely I won't get him on waivers (I'm last for waiver priority right now), I figured I might try. Between E. Mitchell, B. Robinson, or G. Edwards, who would you at least try to drop for him? I'm leaning towards Mitchell, only because it looks like he'll see limited action with CMC, and minimal, if any, goal line opportunities. B. Rob and Gibson seem to be sharing everything...carries and TD opportunity, and G. Edwards, when healthy, at least appears to be a lead back. Thoughts?
  13. mccnavy76

    Who to drop for Fournette?

    Unfortunately, I had been stashing Edwards in IR spot...and couldn't simply swap an injured Fournette for him. I was able to get Fournette for Mitchell, and then swapped the IR spot folks (not sure why it let me process the waiver with Edwards in Q status). Depending on how this week goes, I may try to grab Mitchell back for Edwards. Both are injury prone.
  14. mccnavy76

    Pickens or ?

    Not the best choices...I'd stick with Pickens.
  15. mccnavy76

    Can't believe I'm even asking this....

    Yep...Jones and Etienne
  16. mccnavy76

    Which (2) to Drop?

    I have to clear my two IR spots to change defenses. Which of these two are best to drop based on Rest of Season? non-PPR E. Mitchell B. Robinson G. Edwards D. Johnson (WR)
  17. mccnavy76

    Drop Dillon for White?

    Concur with above.
  18. Concur...assuming news is true and Zeke is ready to come back. Conner hasn't looked good even when has played...Benjamin looks better. Concur with Gibson though I'm not a huge fan of either Commanders' running back right now.
  19. mccnavy76

    Foreman or Patterson Tonight?

    Who do you think will score more tonight? Leave link to yours.
  20. mccnavy76

    HELP...Herbert or Cousins this week ?

    Tough call. I would still go Herbert. He has a little bit of rushing ability too. Weather in Buffalo may be a factor as well.
  21. mccnavy76

    Keenan Allen - Is it time to drop him?

    I've had my eyes on Pickens too...I have Johnson, and the loss of Claypool should help both of them...especially if Steelers have to keep playing from behind and without a run game.
  22. mccnavy76

    Which rb

    Concur...I don't see Murray doing much in Denver either.
  23. mccnavy76

    Foreman or Patterson Tonight?

    Lol...it's Murphy's Law....whoever I started would've dropped an egg. Now, I have to speculate on a Europe game...and Evans' health:)
  24. mccnavy76

    Foreman or Patterson Tonight?

    I'm cursed in Thursday games...my players rarely do well and my opponents always have the 1 or 2 players that explode. Erring on the side of caution I have Evans or Lockett for Sunday...I'll roll with one of them....and probably watch Patterson do awesome tonight...haha.