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  1. Serenity Now

    Week 17 All-Out Blitz ...

    Patterson of the football team worth flex start over Aiyuk, or the jags back?
  2. Serenity Now

    2021 Team Management Review

    I don’t recall every player I drafted but the significant moves that got me to the championship were, grabbing Patterson right after the draft, trading Ridley after week 1 while his value was still high, sending Hunt and Patterson to an RB needy team for Hill, having D Williams and Hubbard on my bench when the starters went down, traded Williams and Hock for Pitts.
  3. Serenity Now

    Week 17 All-Out Blitz ...

    Dolphins dst saved my season, stick with them or 49ers against Houston?
  4. Serenity Now

    Anybody rolling with Trey Lance if he starts?

    Green Bay is supposed to be incredibly cold. A bit of wind or snow could turn that game into a rather low scoring affair.
  5. Serenity Now

    What do you need Wk 16 MNF?

    Needed 21 points from Dolphins dst, got 25. Championship here I come. I scored 143 in standard and barely won. The other semifinal winner scored 75.
  6. Serenity Now

    Best WR in the NFL?

    A lot of ways to look at this, but if there’s 3 seconds left in the Super Bowl and I need a wr to make a 10 yard TD catch, Adams or Hopkins. If I need someone to make a 40+ yard run after the catch, It’s probably someone else.
  7. Serenity Now

    Week 16 All-Out Blitz ...

    Is Mahomes still a high end option if Kelce and Hill can’t go? Are there any streamers you would start over him?
  8. Miami is looking good to me. Solid for the past month and the jets saints and Titans for a fantasy playoffs is a decent slate.
  9. Serenity Now

    Are you playoff bound? Why or why not?

    Yes, My rbs have stayed healthy and I dumped under performing picks while they still had high value.
  10. Serenity Now

    Strategy question leading to lineup question

    Other than the fact Pittman has been better than each of those guys, no, I see no strategy in starting him.
  11. Serenity Now

    Why have USC QB's not done well in the NFL?

    My teams qbs have been trash in the nfl, but I couldn’t care less. Only matters what they do at the school.
  12. Serenity Now

    Ravens at Dolphins: TNF Discussion

    Did anyone manage to stay awake through that half?
  13. Serenity Now

    Why have USC QB's not done well in the NFL?

    To me, Darnold sucking has nothing to with Barkley or any of the others sucking. Different kids, different coaches, different system etc. It’s a combination of the qb position being incredibly hard to evaluate from college to pros, and only a handful of college schools routinely getting the blue chip 5 star high schoolers. The only reasons I can see a school struggling to produce a qb year after year year is either the system of one coach who has always been there, or the fact many of the qbs at the pinnacle programs are so used to playing with superior talent around them in college and high school, that they don’t adjust well when the talent on the defense is on par with the talent on offense. As an Ohio state fan, I knew Fields would struggle this year. In college he was hesitant to throw any ball where the receiver didn’t have 5 yards of separation, so he wasnt going to suddenly start throwing in tight windows or before a receiver was open. That type of adjustment takes time and often never happens.
  14. Serenity Now

    Anyone else pickup Adrian Peterson ?

    How I see it in my standard league… Upside - middle rb 2 downside - depth piece that at least gets some work most likely- weekly flex consideration.
  15. Serenity Now

    Anyone else pickup Adrian Peterson ?

    Yep. In my standard league playoff bound team I dropped a lot of faab on him. I’ve been ahead of the game rostering Hubbard and Williams (kc) before the starters went down with injury now with those starters coming back soon hopefully he can be a viable depth piece or flex.