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  1. Struggling here. Missed the playoffs in 3 leagues. #7 seed in 2, 10 team and #9 in 1, 12 team. Don't get me started on the recent duds from top ranked players. But there is the issue. I went from 1st place to 3rd place over the past two weeks with the performances from Herbert and AJ Brown. 

    So, do I start my Tannehill and AJ Brown stack or start Herbert again with AJ. AJ makes me nervous. 

    6pt TD scoring, full PPR. 

    While we are at it. Here is my starting roster. 

    QB: Tannehill | RB: Cook, Carson | WR: AJ Brown, Woods | Flex: McLaurin, Beasley | TE: Logan T | DEF: Tampa

    Bench: Herbert, Jacobs (doubtful), Edmonds, Akers, Mixon (IR), Higgins, Antonio Brown | DEF: Buffalo


  2. Full PPR. 2RB, 2WR, 2FLX (6-3 record)

    My Jacobs for Diggs

    My RB. Cooks, Carson, Edmonds, M. Davis, Moss

    My WR. AJ brown, Woods, McLaurin, Tee Higgins, Beasley, Dez

    Trying to get Boyd without giving up Jacobs. But, I'm shopping for a WR. Maybe Jacobs for Robinson, Diggs. Thoughts? Not a huge Jacobs fan right meow. 

  3. 32 minutes ago, weepaws said:

    So your not in a ppr league then, right? But like I said I would hold, but shop him if you feel like it’s the best ideal for you.  

    Now based on return, his value should be high still, but it all depends on the other owner. 


    We are PPR. With -2 for fumbles lost and -1 for a fumble. 

  4. 27 minutes ago, weepaws said:

    In a ppr league he had one bad game, and that was last weekend , he did have 16 points the game before. 

    He had 10 and 7 in my league the past two weeks. Before that, he maybe averaged 19-20. I just don't know man. It is tough. I might shop

  5. 1 hour ago, weepaws said:

    I would hold, but to guess is value in your league, don’t know. 

    Yes, I understand it is hard without knowing the value. I am more curious on peoples thoughts for maybe a straight up trade for Chubb, Jonathon Taylor, Conner. Those type of top 10 players. Would those be fair? 

  6. Hold on to Zeke or trade him? What is the market for Zeke. I already tried Diontae and Zeke for Justin Jefferson and Kittle. Ha. 

    Here is my roster. 2rb, 2WR, 2Flex 

    RB. Henderson, Mixon, Ekeler, Jamaal, Lindsay 

    WR. Lockett, Diggs, AJ, Woods, Diontae, Tim Patrick 

  7. 14 minutes ago, weepaws said:

    I think you should try, aim high, see what type of return you get offered. 

    I think Bell is going to take a big bite out of CEH already disappointing ff season to date, he hasn’t lived up to his adp.  

     4 offers I have come up with. In the right ballpark?

    CEH for Drake, CeeDee

    CEH for Ronald Jones, Cupp

    CEH, Edelman for Davonte Free, Golladay 

    Long shot:

    CEH for Metcalf 

  8. Ya. I offered Jefferson and Gordon for Shenault and Lamb. He is intrigued by that. I need help at WR. I have the RB depth, he is hurting at RB. I think if it gets me Lamb. I can afford it. 

    My roster again:

    My WR: Crowder, Marq. Brown, Higgins, Gallup, T. Patrick

    My RB: Mixon, Robinson, Gibson, Justin Jack., Ekeler

    19 minutes ago, AxeElf said:

    He won't, unless he is an idiot.


  9. Not sure what you mean. Hurst is an error? My dropping Hurst is an error? I shouldn't have dropped Hurst? Anyways, what is done is done. I will probably drop Ebron, pick up K. Cole or put a waiver in for Diontae Johnson. Someone just dropped him.