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  1. Full PPR. 3WR, 2RB, 0flx Trade my Gordon, Just. Jeff for Jonnu, AJ Green, Kupp My RB: Mixon, Ekeler, Justin Jack., Gibson My WR: AJ, Chark, Crowder, Tee Higgy, Fulgham, Shepard, Beasley
  2. Dgoldfe_13

    Zeke Trade Market?

    We are PPR. With -2 for fumbles lost and -1 for a fumble.
  3. Dgoldfe_13

    Zeke Trade Market?

    He had 10 and 7 in my league the past two weeks. Before that, he maybe averaged 19-20. I just don't know man. It is tough. I might shop
  4. Dgoldfe_13

    Zeke Trade Market?

    It's though. He is too good to shop but has not been recently. I just want no part of this offense now. I might shop.
  5. Dgoldfe_13

    Zeke Trade Market?

    Yes, I understand it is hard without knowing the value. I am more curious on peoples thoughts for maybe a straight up trade for Chubb, Jonathon Taylor, Conner. Those type of top 10 players. Would those be fair?
  6. Dgoldfe_13

    Zeke Trade Market?

    Hold on to Zeke or trade him? What is the market for Zeke. I already tried Diontae and Zeke for Justin Jefferson and Kittle. Ha. Here is my roster. 2rb, 2WR, 2Flex RB. Henderson, Mixon, Ekeler, Jamaal, Lindsay WR. Lockett, Diggs, AJ, Woods, Diontae, Tim Patrick
  7. Dgoldfe_13

    Full PPR. My Jacobs for M. Thomas

    That was exactly what I said. My RB have been dropping like flies. I will have none if I do that.
  8. Full PPR. 2RB, 2WR, 2Flex My Jacobs for M. Thomas My RB. Robinson, Ekeler, Kelley, Hines, Jamaal, Perine, B. Hill My WR: McLaurin, Chark, Marq. Brown, B. Cooks, Gallup, Perriman My TE: Jonnu, Gesicki
  9. Dgoldfe_13

    Trade Targets for CEH? Or, don't trade?

    4 offers I have come up with. In the right ballpark? CEH for Drake, CeeDee CEH for Ronald Jones, Cupp CEH, Edelman for Davonte Free, Golladay Long shot: CEH for Metcalf
  10. I co-manage my fathers team. He has CEH. Should we trade him? Who could we target? Roster: 1-4 record WR: Hill, Marq. Brown, Edelman, Landry, Deebo, Beasley, Alshon, RB: Hunt, David J, James White, Lindsay, Jamaal Williams QB: Lamar
  11. Dgoldfe_13

    Trade for CeeDee, Jeudy ?

    My thought is to off load Melvin. Lindsay is backish and the DUI. Hoping he chases.
  12. Dgoldfe_13

    Trade for CeeDee, Jeudy ?

    Ya. I offered Jefferson and Gordon for Shenault and Lamb. He is intrigued by that. I need help at WR. I have the RB depth, he is hurting at RB. I think if it gets me Lamb. I can afford it. My roster again: My WR: Crowder, Marq. Brown, Higgins, Gallup, T. Patrick My RB: Mixon, Robinson, Gibson, Justin Jack., Ekeler
  13. Dgoldfe_13

    Trade for CeeDee, Jeudy ?

    Dude loves Jefferson. Big Vikings fan. Hoping he takes it.
  14. Dgoldfe_13

    Trade for CeeDee, Jeudy ?

    I have Jefferson. My Jefferson for his lamb is good? I'm confused. Ha
  15. Dgoldfe_13

    Trade for CeeDee, Jeudy ?

    Well, he said no. But would Jefferson for Jeudy or CeeDee straight up be beneficial for me? Struggling at 1-4. Gallup was a downer, Brown is decent, Crowder is a target monster.