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  1. I've always understood why Trump is appealing. The problem is the man. Take Trump’s rhetoric and pretend a guy that came from hardscrabble, humble beginnings says the same stuff. I'd consider voting for them. DJT makes it phony.
  2. You're funny. How about you set up a poll and ask the GC which of us, between you and me, comes off as smarter and more well-read? You can even include your aliases if you think it will give you and edge, Tony.
  3. Fnord


    The bolded is a minor example of taking it too far, IMO. A major example would be current day Palestinian and Israeli relations. War based on religion. Subjugation and marginalization of people because their lives don't fit into someone else's the belief system, like how many religious folks feel about everyone audacious enough to not identify as cisgender. I find it to be supremely arrogant that Christians like yourself can flippantly relegate anyone that isn't lockstep with your beliefs to hell. What about all the Jews, Buddhists, Muslims, Hindus, Zoroastrians, pagans, Taoist, etc. that are perfectly fine people? All damned according to you. I reject that. Religion is fine, but it's deeply personal, best kept to oneself. I rejected your religion a long time ago, and nothing I've seen since has made me think I made the wrong decision. Quite the contrary, actually.
  4. Fnord

    Guns Guns Guns

    Did I miss it when Geraldo Rivera announced he had transitioned to being a liberal?
  5. Fnord


    If you're referring to me being smart, thanks. I disagree about the foolish part, at least as it pertains to this topic. I have a lot of personal history with those that took their faith too far, and I also find that those claiming to be Christians can have more hate in their hearts than the average person. Your faith is important to you, and I respect that. But I don't have to believe in it.
  6. Fnord

    Cancel Target

    What a hero you are! To protest the farmers receiving giant government subsidies and voting for Republicans I'm going to stop eating turnips and brussel sprouts.
  7. Fnord


    If you were ever confused about rationale for the decline of Christianity in America, don't be. The bolded is why.
  8. Oh shiiiiiiiiiittt. I'm going to have to call my primary care provider and shrink. I must be teetering on the edge of madness. I actually AGREE with what you posted here. But I would add that the righties don't do anything to make wealth inequality better either. And neither party will until we can remove business interests from politics. Which will also never happen, unfortunately.
  9. That's your biased interpretation. I said nothing of the sort. If anything, I contend that they rejected the left based on what the right was telling them about the left, much of which was false. If you hear the same things day after day for years, repeated ad nauseum, you will start believing them, no matter how false the claims may be. No one is immune from this. It's why you should get information from numerous sources.
  10. There were about a thousand different factors, but ultimately it came down to the mathematical equivalent of lightning in a bottle. A few thousand voters swung important swing states to Trump. And Hillary was widely reviled, even amongst democrats. It won't happen again.
  11. While I don't disagree that the Democratic party has increasingly moved toward affluent and educated voters, I would argue that move was not a concerted effort to abandon poor white Christians. Those demographics abandoned the Democrats. For the last 30 years at least, rural America has been bombarded by right wing news talk radio. Rush Limbaugh and his lowlife, lie- and propaganda- spewing brethren have been crusading to demonize everything and everyone that can be even tangentially related to liberalism. When I was young in the 80s, this was not the case, and many, if not most, of those dwelling in rural areas voted Democrat. I know because I lived there, amongst family farmers and good Lutheran and Methodist folks in places like Iowa, Wisconsin, and Minnesota. They talked about politics, and the Republicans and their policies were loathed. Especially Reagan. The garbage broadcasting that turned them against the Democrats is the same garbage broadcasting (and now websites and other devoted right wing media) that has convinced you that Dems ignore those individuals. If you actually look at legislation, the American left has and will continue to DO more to help these people than the ones they vote for because of what they've been TOLD by media outlets that have essentially pounded them into submission. Also, the bolded above is pure hate speak, perfectly emblematic of what MAGAmooks have been told to believe. It's not true, and harsh words and "mean tweets" directed at conservatives that you all love talking about as being an example of how hateful the left is are just the bill coming due for the decades of your talking heads doing the same, except on public airwaves at a national level. I can confidently speak for the vast majority of liberals when I say we have no hate for those that vote differently, but instead for the policies and horrific individuals you vote into office. Trump being a pitch-perfect symbol of the miasma that you, your party, and your media have created. He is the absolute antithesis of what you claim to support, and it's frustrating that you have been so hornswoggled for so long you have become incapable of seeing it.
  12. Fnord

    Death Pool Update: Tina Turner at 83...

    THIS. Not often an artist can reinvent themselves, restart a dormant career, or record a cover of a stone cold classic and turn it into the definitive version of the song. That voice! and those legs...
  13. And yet, there will be absolutely no reflection or self awareness on your part. Always the liberal's fault, never your own. You aren't even self aware enough to realize how ridiculous and infantile this post makes you look.
  14. Yes you have. Just because they aren't discussing Mein Kampf at the local watering hole doesn't mean they aren't there; lots of people hold onto the christian nationalist ethos but would never consider themselves to be one. They may not be a terrorist threat, but the beliefs are in place.