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  1. Fnord

    Bill Maher: American Kids are Way Too Confident

    I know how you feel about the government and definitely prefer you not get started. There's a fukton of great music out there, you just have to find it. Spotify is your friend. Hell, you can even find good current music that sounds like it was made in the 80s.
  2. Fnord

    Supreme Court thinks 2020 election stolen

    What if you say it many times daily, in nearly every post? Only a real fukking pantywaist dipshit would do that, right?
  3. And again, you telling me what I think just shows how ridiculously wrong you are in most cases.
  4. Fnord

    Bill Maher: American Kids are Way Too Confident

    I'm also Gen X, but on the younger side. My parents were older boomers. I never felt unloved, but I was spending full days alone by age 6 (living in the country on a farm). I was mostly self sufficient by 8 and we lived in a small town by then. By the time I was 15 and could have a job other than a paper route, I could have lived on my own. My 12 year old son and his cohort don't have a clue what it's like to not be supervised by parents. Many are functionally helpless. It's focked up. I guess they stay out of trouble, but trouble is part of growing up and they're missing out. Covid only exacerbated their stunted development.
  5. Fnord

    Bill Maher: American Kids are Way Too Confident

    I agree with Maher's assessment of the kids. Strongly disagree with the bits about the music industry, but that's probably not relevant to the thread.
  6. I know you're in the habit of attempting to defend the indefensible, but HT? C'mon man! Also, not a Democrat. I hold both of the parties in extremely low esteem since neither serves anything other than its own ends and cares little for their constituents.
  7. Fnord

    Most Obnoxious Sports Fan Bases

    Basically every team in the state of PA and several from NY. What a shock. One of many reasons I choose to spend my time west of the Mississippi. I noticed there wasn't a single mention of any Minnesota teams. Just proves we're the best people. Even though our teams remain mostly miserable. Go Wolves!
  8. No? Tucker must not have gone there yet. Once he does, I'm sure you'll come around.
  9. The all caps is just an auto-fill on my phone. Sorry it got you so bent. Using the term MAGAMOOKS is an important delineation between your average conservatives and Republicans, who are normal decent people and want the best for our nation, and the fevered Trump supporters that will contort themselves into any ridiculous opinion or position to defend their deity. These are the ones that continue to give Trump money, think he's sent from god, believe all liberals are evil, etc. Basically it's the difference between you and jonmx. I don't want to slander you while I'm telling the truth about him. You're welcome.
  10. I'm not particularly concerned about what you mention, it's more about deceptive editing practices that would take quotes grossly out of context. MAGAMOOKS don't care, they would believe Joe Biden eats aborted fetuses for breakfast. Their opinions aren't changing. It's more about the tiny fraction of undecided voters who might be swayed by such propaganda. But whatever, I've already said it's an abuse of executive privilege and should be released.
  11. You forgot to include the braindead Twitter post. You feeling alright?
  12. GOP Gang of Puzzies. I'm sure the entire video would be online. I'm also sure nobody's going to watch it, other than those with a vested interest in chopping it up and using it negatively against Biden. Like our boy @EternalShinyAndChrome mistakenly infers about me, because he assumes his own flawed approach to information dissemination applies to others, people will believe the resulting edits automatically and without thought. This is why I mostly refuse to watch news on TV or online. It's much more difficult to identify inherent bias in a carefully procured and edited video segment than it is with the written word, IMO.
  13. Nope. I'm afraid of the dipshits like @Maximum Overkill that believe them and substitute them for honest thought and discourse. Which is the vast majority of MAGAMOOKS.
  14. Seems like abuse of executive privilege. They should be released. I will say though that I completely believe the stated rationale for NOT releasing them. The Gang of Puzzies will have a field day making memes and propaganda out of it, and it will absolutely be sliced and diced in misleading ways.
  15. They're his favorite because they challenge him the most. He can't comprehend the 4th grade version yet.