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  1. Fnord

    Democrats winning elections

    Pay attention, knob. NYT Let's purge civil servants-err- rogue bureaucrats! Let's destroy the lives of civil servants so no one will be left to tell me no!
  2. Fnord

    Kansas City Chiefs Fan vs The Woke Mob

    Maiden has a song by the same name. It's epic. Up the irons!
  3. Fnord

    Kansas City Chiefs Fan vs The Woke Mob

    Wait- I thought he was a Chiefs fan. Why would a Falcons fan be wearing a headdress?
  4. Fnord

    Democrats winning elections

    Because I don't think the President should be an autocrat? BAAA-BAAAA baby!
  5. Fnord

    Democrats winning elections

    I've linked the stories here several times. I'm not doing it again. The headlines could read "Trump to declare himself Supreme Emperor and begin executing rivals immediately if he wins re-election" and include direct quotes from him and you wouldn't GAF.
  6. Fnord

    Democrats winning elections

    Maybe. What Biden WON'T do is reclassify tens of thousands of federal jobs in order to install sycophants into those positions. Trump and his team are going to do exactly that.
  7. Fnord

    Democrats winning elections

    He wants to be Putin. Or Napoleon. Thankfully he's much closer to being Napoleon Dynamite.
  8. Fnord

    Democrats winning elections

    Maybe you should listen to Trump more closely, then, like those of us that realize he's the single biggest threat to this nation based entirely on his own behavior.
  9. Fnord

    Has the weather/climate changed where you live?

    Southern Minnesota. Winters have been a bit warmer with less snow. 20-30 years ago a Thanksgiving without snow was unheard of. I haven't seen snow on the ground on Thanksgiving for at least a decade. Typically stays warmer further into November/December than it used to. Bad summer droughts the last two years, and spring seems like it's gone and never coming back. It used to start warming up in April or even March. For a few years now it has stayed cold all through April and then we get a couple weeks of moderate temps where the snow melts, then summer comes immediately. Temps go from highs in the 50s to highs in the 70s basically overnight. I'll admit I like the weather way more this way.
  10. Fnord

    What concerts do you have coming up?

    Day-um! Nice.
  12. Fnord

    January 6th

  13. Fnord

    What concerts do you have coming up?

    It's fun as hell traveling for shows. I usually prefer to drive if it's reasonable, but I like long road trips more than most. I sure hope it's a great weekend of shows. I'm probably choosing this over a Hagar/ Anthony/ Satriani Van Halen tribute tour stop at Red Rocks in October. Don't think I can do both.
  14. Fnord


    I don't care one way or another. You're entitled to your beliefs, as am I. I appreciate all the positive things religion brings to the table, while also acknowledging the negative. IMO, your faith is very arrogant. But it's no skin off my balls, and nothing I say will change your mind.
  15. Fnord

    Democrats winning elections

    Damn. You are a petty little man. Pro tip: don't let message boards get personal. You've gone way beyond letting it get personal. If you said this to Tim's face, nobody here, if they're half the ALPHA they all want to portray themselves as, would blame Tim a bit for knocking you the fuk out. What kind of POS uses personal posts from someone in crisis like that in a stupid internet slap fight? YOU. I remember when there was speculation that you might be David Dodds IRL. I really hope that's not true, because I have a lot of respect for Dodds. You deserve zero respect, and are just another rotten, selfish, self loathing human being that today's conservative movement seems to cater to.