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  1. HT calls someone simple for doing the exact same thing he just got done doing. Self awareness is a thing, and you are blissfully lacking it. You're the perfect little example of those that share most of your ridiculous, thoughtless views. Sometimes stereotypes are dead on. Simple indeed.
  2. HFS you are a brainwashed butt dild0. Where did I bring up politics? READ HARDER AND POST LESS. We don't care about every random thought that crosses through your tiny, addled void that may once have passed as a reasonable facsimile of a brain.
  3. Like most other threads here, seems like a bunch of old angry white dudes bitching about "how everything was better in my day." If you can't find good music today, that is 100% your own fault. There are many, many services online that will curate music that fits your tastes and inject it right into your ears. Hundreds of millions of songs are available on demand, often for free or minimal charge. I've found more great music in the last 5 years than at any other time of my life. Hint: I sure as fuk don't hear it on the radio.
  4. Fnord

    Favorite documentary

    Ken Burns is the man. The Civil War doc was great too.
  5. Fnord

    Favorite documentary

    Fahrenheit 9/11
  6. Fnord

    Name something that hasn’t been ruined yet

    Well no fukin wonder you think everything sucks.
  7. Fnord

    Name something that hasn’t been ruined yet

    Whiskey and weed. Weed is way better now than it used to be, and the varieties of good whiskey are overwhelming.
  8. Fnord

    Name something that hasn’t been ruined yet

    This is getting better. E-bikes are amazing, and they're becoming more and more popular.
  9. Fnord

    where are the board's woke?

    Holeeee $hit! This site is fuking sweet! Many, many thanks Volty! I will get lost in that mess and love every minute of it! What an excellent idea for an app.
  10. Fnord

    where are the board's woke?

    As for that particular video, the backlash was seemingly undeserved based strictly on what was shown. But without the context of what occurred prior to hitting 'record' you can't really make a judgement call. And we as a society love to judge others, so "off with his head!" I will say that to me, the guy did look like he was drunk. He had the same stupid, bewildered half-smile on his face the whole time, and looked like he was swaying a bit. I get it if he was tipping a few in a quiet bar, trying to relax, and a bunch of teenagers come in and get loud and act like teenagers act, and he took it upon himself to go tell them to settle down. I could see myself doing something similar. But we have no idea what happened next. And based on the audio of the parents talking to the guy, my guess would be things were considerably more heated before the camera came out, but no one knows except those that were there. My guess is that the guy was at least half in the bag, went out to tell the stupid teens to STFU cuz no one wanted to hear whatever trash they were talking, he saw a dude in a dress, made a stupid, ill-advised comment, and the whole thing turned into a shlt-show from there. I mean, in this day and age, have the self-awareness to not engage teens in this manner. They always have been and always will be selfish morons that think no one understands anything and that the whole world is against them, especially the ones that are gay/trans/disabled/whateverthefuk. You're asking for it by doing so, whether your motives are pure or evil. I do not support doxxing people. Ever. Kathy Griffin tweeting what she did should be punishable. Mob anger has always been dangerous, and social media has just amplified it by allowing you to be anonymously stupid and inflammatory without having to suffer consequences for it. Even if this guy did everything the kids said he did, I'm not sure he deserves to lose his job over it. I'm sure we've all done stuff that would have caused us to lose our jobs in this way if we had been videotaped while doing it. Acting like an a-hole isn't grounds for ruination. But you can't seriously hold this up as just a liberal/left problem. Remember the Dixie Chicks? Remember all the railing in the 80s and 90s about Satanism in rock and roll and even Proctor & Gamble being boycotted over their alleged (completely false) ties to the Church of Satan? Cancel culture run amok before the term even existed. We've always done this. Current technology, media, political climate, and our own twisted mindsets just allow it to proliferate. If we stop giving it oxygen, it'll asphyxiate. I do not think it is a harbinger of the downfall of our society, like many want to treat it.
  11. Fnord

    where are the board's woke?

    Damn man, you've given me a lot to chew on and I'm a really busy guy. I'm going to try to respond but you'll need to give me a bit. I watched the video. Well done with the timestamp, BTW. Right on the nuts. First thing I'll say is I FULLY 10000% agree with one of his last points, that THIS IS NOT A NATIONAL STORY. So ridiculous. I used to work at a small radio station and was in charge of a mid-day local news show. I went to the courthouse daily to check the police blotter. I did some stories, but then got in trouble one day because I failed to mention that so-and-so had hit a deer on such-and-such road the night before. My response was "that's not news, it's gossip." I only worked there a few more weeks after that. My boss wrote the story for me and demanded I mention it on air, which I dutifully did. That "news" was what the listeners wanted. And this was almost 25 years ago. I quickly found a better place to work. My point is, the fact this story became a story is absurd. This is not a "left-right" thing, this is an "Americans love to consume trash" thing. I have more thoughts I'll try to share later.
  12. Fnord

    where are the board's woke?

  13. Fnord

    where are the board's woke?

    OK. So no additional information then, just continued fearmongering? Cool. Then I agree, we're wasting our time. But it was a welcome respectful exchange, so thanks.
  14. Fnord

    where are the board's woke?

    That's not the place I'm in at all. I just haven't seen any compelling evidence from a person/entity that doesn't have a vested interest in making it sound like it's the end of the white man and "Libs are bad!" Like that ridiculous Prager video someone posted the other day. Pure hot garbage. Show me something real, I might even change my mind.
  15. Fnord

    where are the board's woke?

    And what exactly makes THIS such a righteous issue? The fact that it doesn't affect me personally has little or nothing to do with it. I'm not concerned with the screaming propaganda telling me that this whole thing is created to foster the idea that all white people are somehow racist.