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  1. Fnord

    Declassification of Obamagate docs

    John Solomon and Lou Dobbs are not exactly Woodward and Bernstein. If there's something there, I'll listen to it, but it seems pretty unlikely.
  2. Fnord

    Bidens Ford moment

    I DGAF about any of these petty details anymore. This is a forest v. trees issue now. Look at the report. It's all there. Whatever. You won't look at it, you think what you think and so do I. Arguing over this is old and tired. He's already been impeached twice and neither had anything to do with Russian interference. Sadly, while an incident like this would have ruined any other president, it's just another footnote in his awful run now. A run that is within a few days of blessedly ending.
  3. Fnord

    Bidens Ford moment

    Him going away would be best case scenario. Won't happen. If he avoids prosecution somehow, his need to be in the limelight is just too great for him to deny. If he does get prosecuted, he'll still be in the headlines for years.
  4. Fnord

    Bidens Ford moment

    That would require him to chisel out some time between court dates and golfing. Possible, but won't believe it until I read (sure won't be watching) about how he's skyscreaming on OAN.
  5. Fnord

    Bidens Ford moment

    Even if he somehow avoids prosecution or prison, he's done. The family name, which is all he really has, is radioactive now.
  6. Fnord

    Evangelicals turning on Trump

    He may have gotten a thing or two right. Operation Warp Speed was close to right. But y'know, sometimes the guy in charge is not an accurate reflection of the organization as a whole. Exhibit A: Donald fuking Trump
  7. Fnord

    Evangelicals turning on Trump

    Holy shite. Someone liquified your balls? This guy... To quote the Hormone Monster, "You're a little fuking freak, I like hanging out with you."
  8. Fnord

    Evangelicals turning on Trump

    They are the World Health Organization. They may suck, they may be prone to outside influence and politics, but they are dedicated to promoting health across the world, which is in the grip of a devastating disease. For all their many faults, they are a valuable ally in the fight against Covid.
  9. Fnord

    Evangelicals turning on Trump

    And to think some misguided individuals are under the impression that Trumpers aren't intelligent enough to understand more advanced concepts or nuance. I mean, I don't agree with them, I'm just saying.
  10. Fnord

    Evangelicals turning on Trump

    @t.j is OWNING this thread right now. From my perspective, the mindset and anger that put Trump in office was one I was fully on board with. Being fed up with the career DC plutocrats and all the corporate special interests that they were fully beholden to over the best interests of their own constituencies should have all of us 99%ers pissed off. I was pissed then and still am. The problem was the vehicle they chose. Trump is the most ill-equipped person I can imagine to make any of the necessary changes. His inadequacies are infinite. This, IMO, is where the nastiness really started. Those of us that are not hard-right in our politics could not fathom what anyone saw in Trump. There was literally zero appeal. Then he took office and quickly proved that our fears were not only completely deserving, he was seemingly exponentially worse than what we feared he would be. So we attacked. Relentlessly. And Trump rallied his people and attacked back. There was never anything remotely resembling a unifying spirit anywhere in his administration. He never said a conciliatory word toward anyone. It was going to be his way and fuk anyone that disagreed. Covid is the worst crisis the world has faced since WW2. This was the worst-case disaster scenario that always unified Americans in the past. But not under Trump. Public health became a political issue, and his divisiveness only ratcheted up. The guy was presented the opportunity to be a heroic leader that likely would have won re-election in a landslide. He could have saved countless lives. He could have unified us in a fight against "the invisible enemy." But he chose the exact opposite course. He denied the science, refused to put together a coherent plan, prioritized profits over people, cut funding for pandemic relief and the CDC, took us out of the WHO, and blamed everyone else for the catastrophic failures that predictably followed. I know to someone that supports him, the attacks seemed like they were beyond all reason and came from little crybaby snowflake whiners. The attacks were awful. They were vicious, personal and malignant. I hope I never see anything like them again. But they were not coming from a vacuum. They were not done for the sake of political sport or tribalism. They came from a place of existential dread and fear. Trumpers may think that's ridiculous, how could we act like that just because stupid Hillary lost? That had nothing to do with it. You will forever underestimate the intense passion with which we reviled that man because you simply refuse to believe we felt that way.
  11. Fnord

    Bidens Ford moment

    Mueller is a lifelong Republican who received universal praise from Republicans when he was appointed to the job by Republicans. But it's all a Democratic agenda. OK. Read up, bud. You have been grossly misinformed.
  12. Alright, I give up. WTF does this mean?
  13. THIS GUY IS GONNA BE A STUD You're right about Zim, but to his credit, he basically leaves his OC to their own devices. The line has been crap basically since the year Peterson went for 2K. They've been trying and failing for years to improve. But they finally have some good young OL, Cleveland, Bradbury and O'Neill. I'm hopeful if they can get Hunter, Barr, Pierce and Kendricks back healthy on D. The defense really was an abject disaster personnel-wise.
  14. Awomen. (sorry I can't fukin help myself it's so stupid it makes me giggle) I'm a big fan of peaceful protest. Even rowdy protests. But violence and criminality always seem to ruin it. Maybe part of it is just the political climate today. I don't remember any of that shite during the widespread and peaceful Occupy Wall Street protests. Maybe my memory just sucks, but those never seemed to get violent. Or it could just be that a bunch of brokers DGAF about protestors. I haven't seen anyone condone the capitol violence here, either. I'm new to GC so I can't speak to the summer, but were there really people here defending that violence? Seems unlikely. I sure didn't.