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  1. A disquieting thought.
  2. I find Candice Owens rather attractive.
  3. It was always presumptuous to call the Senate the world's greatest deliberative body. That said, 100 men and women held a great deal of collective power and that power was carefully triangulated. Now, with the new tribalism one need not have the ability to triangulate, to appreciate complex issues, to balance and trade on a variety of issues. Nope, now all that is required is name recognition, unwavering partisanship, and the ability to be absolutely shameless. Whether this is a change from the past, or a past now laid bare and continuing, I leave to others.
  4. I do not find supporting someone seeking an abortion after the fact with a get well card, or even paying for one necessarily hypocritical for someone who opposes abortion. I believe one can oppose abortion while suporting a friend going through the process. I do find it hypocritical for someone opposed to abortion to request someone else to get one. I support not voting for hypocites. I support that equally as to all. By that standard, of course, we would not be able to staff our government, but I support that.
  5. Engorgeous George

    Lesser Known Movies That Are Great

    In Bruges Full Moon in Blue Water
  6. Engorgeous George

    Paige Spiranac has a new calendar out

    I prefer my sweet corn grilled and my women with a face which does not resemble a pug. That makes your assertion a hard pass for me.
  7. Engorgeous George

    Shame on you homophobes for not going to see Bros

    I think anything trying to follow up on and improve upon Tweek and Craig would be anticlimatic and disappointing, much like the experience women have when they make it with me.
  8. Engorgeous George

    "Tranny" might be trolling

    It's time to separate the wheat from the chaff, the men from the boys, the awkwardly feminine from the possibly Canadian.
  9. Engorgeous George

    The slippery slope is real …

    You say potato ....
  10. Engorgeous George

    The slippery slope is real …

    I had hoped this thread was about asian models covered in vegetable oil.
  11. I, for one, do not care whether the owner is a minority or not. Also, I believe the currently accepted nomenclature is Person of color.
  12. Engorgeous George

    If Bill Belichick was a professional fisherman

    I said tarpon, not red snapper.
  13. Engorgeous George

    If Bill Belichick was a professional fisherman

    I know nothing, or next to nothing about salt water fishing. Tarpon fishing has always appealed to me, I just have never indulged that bug. Some day.
  14. Engorgeous George

    If Bill Belichick was a professional fisherman

    We called them closed bail spinning reels
  15. Engorgeous George

    If Bill Belichick was a professional fisherman

    Might, perhaps, be one more weekend to the kokanee spawn here in Colorado. One last time with my kayak before the snows come in earnest. I am afraid the cool weather this week may turn them off.