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  1. Engorgeous George

    Candace Owens :wub:

    Not exactly mellifluous. She should take voice lessons from Sally Kellerman. Alternatively she could try to perfect an italian accent, that always works for me.
  2. Engorgeous George

    Concepts with which Cyclone24 struggles

    Lets make a list.
  3. Engorgeous George

    Trolling Trump

    I imagine you struggle with lots of things. I wonder, could your cognitive struggles sustain its own thread?
  4. Engorgeous George

    I'm Out Of Shaving Cream!

    Never used shaving cream.
  5. Engorgeous George

    Trolling Trump

    Maybe throw in an occassional E. Jean Carroll for some variety. Donald would hear about it immediately and he would probably throw aneurysm.
  6. Engorgeous George

    Well, it happened. My wife of 25 years broke my heart today.

    Soooo, she likes eating holes. Spread some frosting and sprinkle some jimmies around your balloon knot and see what happens.
  7. Engorgeous George

    Trolling Trump

    Can we get google's AI to respond to requests for pictures or depictions of Trump's wives and mistresses with pictures of Amarosa, AOC and Rachel Maddow? That could be fun.
  8. Engorgeous George

    CPAC highlights

    I can still distinguish sarcasm from statements of intent. I wonder whether I will someday lose that ability as so many have.
  9. Jews to the left of me Catholics to the right Here I am Sucking beers with the klan. Apologies to Stealers Wheel.
  10. Engorgeous George

    Joe Biden - Diminished Faculties—👀

    I disagree, respectfully, with your assessment of Tuberville. He did not fall down the stairs. He mistook them for a slide. Honest mistake.
  11. Search term: Lawn jockey 1700's Slave Trader
  12. Engorgeous George

    Being a Bad Hombre covered under ADA?

    Worked for Castro during the Muriel boatlift. On the bright side it did give us the movie Scarface.
  13. Engorgeous George

    Liberals Sexualizing Children

    Well i learned a thing or two. If I am ever persuaded to participate in that action I definitely want a poncho and some googles. also, if working the hose i demand a step ladder. You don't want to be directly below the hole looking up and reaching up with the hose running. You want to be higher and to the side of the sluice, out of the main splash zone.
  14. Engorgeous George

    Liberals Sexualizing Children

    That is my first encounter with an elephant enema.