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  1. Engorgeous George

    Memphis Police Killing

    How come eubonics is not considered for proficiency in a foriegn language? Lots of kids could use the credits towards graduation and would get high marks and so boost their GPA's.
  2. So brave! So transformative! So pioneering and brave! What a beautiful moment! I know I, for one, grew in my understanding and appeciation of these folks.
  3. Engorgeous George

    The ***OFFICIAL*** Eagles - Niners NFCCG thread!

    Not impressed by either team thus far. S.F. has the obvious built in excuse. Still one half to go.
  4. Engorgeous George

    Another mass shooting in CA

    I do know a little bit about the second amendment. In my past I have been asked to draft legislation to restrict sale of firearms at pawn shops and to restrict pawn shops from buying weapons for sale through interstate commerce. I did my best. I was then asked to draft a white paper tearing that self-same regulation apart. I did. In law school I drafted a paper on the state of arms covered by the second amendment and I, unlike the common debate, noted that at the time the constitution authorized marques of reprisal, meaning our founders understood that ship of war could be privately owned, not just flintlocks or even community cannon, but ships of war. Also when I read the first clause I note that if it were to be controlling the second clause would have read "the right of the people to keep arms for the benefit of the state shall not be infringed." That is, of course, not what it says. It gives the right to the people to keep them and to bear them. It supposes if the people are in support of the free state they would gladly do so, but it allows them to withhold that support. I appreciate that a new court may change its view of the second. I believe Heller got it right, but a new court can easily believe the constitution is a living and breathing document. I view that as dangerous outside of the amendment process. If you want it to live, to breath, to grow use the amendment process. I would personally likely support a redrafting or overwriting of the second. I do not support trying to legislate around it. Oh, I appreciate the discussion. I also presume the discussion will never be resolved. Even were a new amendment to be passed there would be those who would work for an amendment to replace the new amendment and to reinstitute the original. A nation concieved in armed conflict, which grew, survived, and prospered under arms is unlikely to grow beyond a love of arms easily. Perhaps in another dozen generations or so.
  5. Engorgeous George

    Hey Ref, you're missing a great game.

    NBA needs to be done with that guy.
  6. Engorgeous George

    Another mass shooting in CA

  7. Engorgeous George

    Another mass shooting in CA

    I think you mean privately held firearms. I imagine you have seen hundreds of privates.
  8. Engorgeous George

    Another mass shooting in CA

    Tim believes we can do nothing about illegals because the number is overwhelming, being around 10 to 20 million. He wants, however, for us to do something about gunowners and firearms, legal, constitutuionally protected gun owners when there are around 80 million of them holding around 400 million firearms. The lesser number is impossible to attack but the higher number isn't in his world. He, like many, wants to mess with a legislative override of the constitution, or a legislative work around of the constitution arguing points he does not fully understand on products he does not understand, involving processes he does not understand. He will argue that he knows the hearts and minds of all americans, something he has ascertained from one study or another. He will say something like 70% of all americans and growing agree with him. Well with numbers like that a constitutional amendment should be easy, yet he will say that is impossible. In the end who cares what he purports to think since he does not think, he feels.
  9. Engorgeous George

    Hey Ref, you're missing a great game.

    I would have T-ed up the Lebron for the ecxcessive whinning.
  10. Engorgeous George

    Memphis Police Killing

    You and I are in very substantial agreement.
  11. Engorgeous George

    Memphis Police Killing

    I did not assert it was the sole cause, but I do believe it contributes to a mindset. I also do believe uniform color and accoutrements does as well. If they picture themselves warriors they act one way, if they picture themselves helpers they will act another. As for the rest of your assertions I think those are good. I doubly encourage extra training for felony warrant serving units and specialty interdiction units. Axon, the body cam folks who are the inheritors of the Tazer body cam systems have new, upgraded systems that can automatically turn them on whenever lights and sirens are activated, whenever dispatch dispatches officers, or whenever they leave their bvehicle. I think Departments would be well-served to let citizens know and understand all encounters are being filmed for their safety. They do not have to fear their interaction is occuring in secrecy which would allow abuse. They can relax knowing the interaction is being recorded. They do not have to flee thinking 99.999% of the time incorrectly, that they have to fear the outcome of an interaction, action which is almost always counterproductive to their own safety interests. I am all for reasoned advancements in policing. I stand firmly opposed to idiots seeking insane procedures in policing, let demanding they learn to shoot to cripple rather than kill. That makes good t.v. and movies but it is bad policy.,
  12. Engorgeous George

    Memphis Police Killing

    Is it an awesome burden and responsibility to be the voice of millions?
  13. Engorgeous George

    Memphis Police Killing

    I would like for these directed enforcement units to not have "tough" or "machismo" validating names like scorpion unit or crash unit. I think that contributes to an attitude among the menbers of being some as$-kicking warrior cult. Call them community expectation compliance monitors and they would approach their jobs with a different attitude. Don't dress them in black. They do so to be intimidating and that rubs off on their psyches. Dress them in the old Tamps Bay Bucs orangesicle colors or Detroit Lion Honolulu blue. History proved you cannot be tough while wearing those colors.
  14. Engorgeous George

    Memphis Police Killing

    I would love to have some toxicology reports on the officers from immediately after the incident. I believe all departments should have to run toxicology reports on officers after applications of force resulting in death or even visible injury. These cops seemed inappropriately agitated in light of the circumstances as we know them. They were confused in light of their training and in application of tactics. They communicated and coordinated poorly among and between themselves and with the suspect. Finally, they became winded rather fast, though adreniline can do that to you too when coming down. I just think those authorized to use force, incliuding deadly force, ought to be accountable. We are entitled to review everything about them surrounding applications of force.
  15. Engorgeous George

    Pelosi attack video to be released

    25 minutes. That's enpough time for me to do it three times and to make a grilled cheese sandwich after and to wash it all down with a nice glass of Nestle's Quik. (Its a chocolate mustach, not a dirty sanchez, you savages.)