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  1. Engorgeous George

    ***Official Debate Thread: Biden v Trump Round 1***

    I thought they were to be seated.
  2. Engorgeous George


    https://www.bing.com/ck/a?!&&p=0d8cfc8dfeabab77JmltdHM9MTcxOTEwMDgwMCZpZ3VpZD0xZTgzYWM4Yy1mZTBmLTY2NGUtMTc3Mi1iZWVhZmYzNTY3MDYmaW5zaWQ9NTUxMQ&ptn=3&ver=2&hsh=3&fclid=1e83ac8c-fe0f-664e-1772-beeaff356706&u=a1aHR0cHM6Ly93d3cuYmluZy5jb20vdmlkZW9zL3NlYXJjaD9xPWkgYW0gdGhlIGxpZ2h0IG9mIHRoaXMgd29ybGQgam9ybWEgdmlkZW9zJkZPUk09VklSRTAmbWlkPTg1NjZEQjAxOTU1NTBGRDg3NkFEODU2NkRCMDE5NTU1MEZEODc2QUQmdmlldz1kZXRhaWwmcnU9JTJGc2VhcmNoJTNGcSUzRGkgYW0gdGhlIGxpZ2h0IG9mIHRoaXMgd29ybGQgam9ybWE&ntb=1 It aint John 8:12, its Jorma!
  3. Engorgeous George


    Ones which do not slide down into her armpits when she lays on her back.
  4. Engorgeous George

    Trump's Cognitive Decline

    Looks like she is squeeking out a drawn out fart and he is laughing like a school girl at hearing it.
  5. Engorgeous George

    Moab, Utah… ever been?

    Was just on the Colorado yesterday. I ran it from Pumphouse to Stateline up out of Kremmling colorado. It was flowing 3300 cfs so a nice ride. Got off it right before torrential rain and hail came down. You could see the river rise maybe two feet in a bout five minutes from the deluge. Fortunately the hail was small so my truck made it through without looking like a golf ball.
  6. Engorgeous George

    Once again

    I wonder if the Sky Daddy's book would have been preserved had it not been for the Catholic church. Would Weepaws be able to depend on it to excoriate the Catholic church had that very church not preserved the work through some very dark ages.
  7. Engorgeous George

    Taylor Swift hot?

    Its nice he found a niche.
  8. Engorgeous George

    The Devil Is Waiting For Me On The Back Porch

    You can borrow from the Devil You can borrow from a friend But the Devil will give you Twenty When your friends got only ten.
  9. Engorgeous George


    Unfortunately as I have aged i have lost nearly all my avenues of acquiring such. I do understand that some of the entertainers at Shotgun Willies can set a fella up.
  10. Tim will tell you they are a net economic benefit. Of course his analysis of the net does not include a cost analysis of rape and murder. It does not include a cost analysis of the reintroduction of deseases we have not seen in decades. It does not include a cost analysis of uninsured motorists or of all our kids whose learning is slowed by our teachers having to spend inordinate amounts of time with kids who have not had a formal education and who don't speak the language. Me, I don't think cheap drywallers and migrant farm workers are worth the cost, but Tim assures me they are a net benefit. Why we could not get whatever benefit there is through legal immigration and seasonal worker visas he never says.
  11. Engorgeous George

    tranny thread. We really need to talk about this.

    I hate automatics. For the first time in my life I now own one as manuals are increasingly hard to find.
  12. Engorgeous George


    You sir are a gentlman and a scholar. As for the shelf life, I've never been able to keep it around much past, right now. I do think there may be time to plant my own tree and in 14 years have it be mature enough to start producing. My wife may get suspicious since I would have to have it indoors and in 14 years it would more or less take over the livingroom.
  13. Engorgeous George

    Taylor Swift hot?

    Still hasn't, depending on how one defines "men".
  14. Engorgeous George


    Is it too early to lay in a supply of coke and to arrange for strippers from the 1st of July on in 2038. The high quality strippers then are just entering grade school now so that's a bit sick, but one does not want to get caught short before that final event.
  15. I do not. I do think it is crossing a line hethertofore sacrosanct.