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  1. Riddlen

    Des Bryant arrested.

    i thought it was funny
  2. Riddlen

    CurlyNight is currently posting at FBG's

    curlynight is still a thing?
  3. sooooo, no word yet on how?
  4. Riddlen

    So ends my coush job in the office

    i hate overtime
  5. Riddlen

    Lisa Lampanelli Looks Weird

    i assume she lost a ton of weight? some people are supposed to be fat.
  6. Riddlen

    Model Question

    wait... you were just randomally watchign models
  7. Riddlen

    Congrats to Time's Man of the Year! Obama!

    Time is still a thing eh? I am not a repubtard or dumbocrat, but it humors me and seems like an odd choice. As a politically independant and mostly apatetic voter the best word I can use to describe the last 4 years of his efforts is benign. atleast the last clown was exciting in a car crash kinda way.
  8. Riddlen

    The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

    in. gonna go see it
  9. Riddlen

    How do you guys feel about these Australian DJ's

    she got whacked. with that said, the "prank" was unfunny. if she did kill her self, it is not the radio DJs faults. The only thing they are guilty of is eing unfunny asstards.
  10. Riddlen

    Just threw out 3 full garbage bags

    wow, thats a lot of flavoring
  11. Riddlen

    Doctor decapitated baby during birth

    sigh. why did i read this.
  12. Riddlen

    Red Dawn

    did this come out yet? was it any good?
  13. Riddlen

    Urinal pissing question

    upper middle porcelin
  14. Riddlen

    Disney buying LucasFilms

    i think its a good thing. Lucas effed up the last three and while Disney makes a ton of crap movies, they also made Avengers and a bunch of not great but well made action flicks the Tron, and the pirates movies, and the first national treasure, narnia. I mean, a lot of those arent GOOD, but they are better than that fing nightmare episode II
  15. Riddlen

    Americans -