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    Natural Remedies and Stuff

    You can say it came from a naturopath, that's fine. I'm telling you this because I did these on myself. Take the information or not. Works for me and I'm cool with it.
  2. TylerRoseFan

    Natural Remedies and Stuff

    Nope, just skeeter bites...
  3. TylerRoseFan

    Minority/Majority- Do you drink alone?

    This is the correct answer.
  4. TylerRoseFan

    Best States to Live In

    You, sir, are correct.
  5. TylerRoseFan

    Your top 5 fictional sports characters

  6. TylerRoseFan

    What geeks have you actually met?

    Vouch for the awesomness that is Bert!
  7. TylerRoseFan

    What geeks have you actually met?

    Here to vouch for the coolness of 30bt. Good guy. Likes beer.
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  9. TylerRoseFan

    Civil War II

    Another vote for the south here. It's not a racial issue...it's a "we've got guns, we hunt, we no how to live off the land" issue.
  10. http://letmegooglethat.com/?q=When+did+Baseball+start+rating+Pitche%27s+Nastiness%3F
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    This is a very interesting topic. I didn't bother reading MedStudent's response, however I trust his opinion and assume it's a quality posting because of the shear length of it. I will probably never follow up with this.
  12. TylerRoseFan

    You're Drunk And The Rock Gods Give You One

    Yellow Ledbetter.
  13. TylerRoseFan

    What was your worst physical pain ever?

    I've had broken bones, neck braces, stitches, bruises, etc. Easily the worst pain was when I had an impacted tooth. Completely dibilitating pain. I couldn't even function. Swolen face. I went to the dentist and he said that he'd have to prescribe an antibiotic to get the swelling down and then pull it in a week or so. I told him that either he was going to pull it or I was going to pull it, but it was effing coming out today. He relented and pulled it. Immediate reliefe. Bad thing is, I didn't even know I had a tooth that was that effed up. Couldn't tell by looking at it.
  14. TylerRoseFan

    What kind of phone do you carry?

    Nokia Lumia 1020
  15. TylerRoseFan

    Hey Ya'll.

    It's been a while. How's it going?
  16. TylerRoseFan

    Hey Ya'll.

    Your not invited... (i know how to spell you're...and i kid, i kid.)
  17. TylerRoseFan

    Hey Ya'll.

    Sup dude. I saw your post on another board that brought me here...so yes, you get credit for this ######.
  18. TylerRoseFan

    Hey Ya'll.

    Very good to see an old friend. I still remember the Zeigenbach slice of heaven that you and Bert brought over after Rita kicked my ass. Good times, my friend, good times.
  19. TylerRoseFan

    Hey Ya'll.

    Oh, and it's crazy all the names I actually recognize. Good to see em.
  20. TylerRoseFan

    Hey Ya'll.

    Been out of pocket for a few years, I guess. Man, it's probably been at least 5 years since I actively participated here. Lots of changes. Still marriedf (23 years), two boys 21 (Sargent TRF, to you guys), and 19 (Chem Engineer Soph), one grandson...Livin in Louisiana still. Eating kickass cajun food and lots of beer. LIfe ain't too bad.
  21. TylerRoseFan

    Hey Ya'll.

    Anything interesting going on lately?
  22. TylerRoseFan

    Guitar Body made with 3D Printer

    Pry one of the greatest songs in the history of forever!!!
  23. TylerRoseFan

    NFL Redzone - Issues?

    Getting some of that. Not enough to get me to change channels, though.