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  1. TylerRoseFan

    Hey Guys, What's been going on?

    I've been out of pocket for quite some time. Any big news here I should know about? Any recommended threads for me to pass the day?
  2. TylerRoseFan

    Hey Guys, What's been going on?

    Just someone who used to frequent this place. It's been a while.
  3. TylerRoseFan

    @ a poster you miss

    Awe man. Miss you too! Hugs and . BRILLIANT!!!!
  4. TylerRoseFan

    A message for peenie and those who think like her.

    Man, you gotta HIT that sh!t!
  5. TylerRoseFan

    My cable company cancelled my Redzone

    I didn't bother getting it this year. Just checked, apparently it is free for week 1.
  6. TylerRoseFan

    Well this blows

    Damn, Man. Just now seeing this. Truly sorry to hear. Keep doing what makes you happy. Do the sh!t out of that stuff.
  7. TylerRoseFan

    Racial violence - list all incidents here

    That is absolutely infuriating.
  8. TylerRoseFan

    Texans @ Chiefs: Predictions

    How many focking jump passes is Watson going to throw?
  9. TylerRoseFan

    Back from my suspension

    For what it's worth
  10. TylerRoseFan

    This made me lol...nsfw

    "My son does fat sh*t." Now that's something I can use and apply to many aspects of my life. I like it!
  11. TylerRoseFan

    Hey Ya'll

    It's been a while. I recognize a lot of the names from the past. How's it going around here? What do I need to know?
  12. TylerRoseFan

    Hey Ya'll

    Damn, I forgot to add that as well. Thank god I have a Top Golf 10 minutes from the house. We should get together at some point...
  13. TylerRoseFan

    Hey Ya'll

    Not in Houston. My sons got HAMMMERED in Lake Charles and DeRidder. They are both in the LA National Guard and have been activated since the week of the storm. Still no electricity for either, however they are safe.
  14. TylerRoseFan

    Snow here in Colorado

    Sounds like it.
  15. TylerRoseFan

    Hey Ya'll

    Fuckin Sux!
  16. TylerRoseFan

    Hey Ya'll

    Sumbitch!!!! You're right. My bad. 36c. 36d. Natural.
  17. TylerRoseFan

    Kaepernick is back!

    Honestly I don't keep up. Why would Adam Silver get fired?
  18. TylerRoseFan

    Hey Ya'll

    Welp, I started playing FF in the mid 90's. Originally joined FFtoday around 97ish. If I remember correctly the site crashed around 2000 and all forums lost. Reopened in 2000 and I rejoined then. Have met 10-15 geeks over the years. Live in Houston now. Lived in Louisiana from 1990-2016. Divorced first wife and hapily married to 2nd wife. 2 boys. 3 grandkids. I drink beer and bbq a lot. I'm a fan of The Tyler Rose, Earl Campbell. I'm a huge Star Wars geek. I'm a fan of LSU and UT. I'm a fan of Astros, Texans, Rockets, and Saints. I was in the Army, used to teach and coach football/basketball, and have been in insurance for 24ish years. Anything else?
  19. TylerRoseFan

    Hey Ya'll

    What do you want to know?
  20. TylerRoseFan

    Hey Ya'll

    I need to catch up with that old bastard. I guess the last time I saw him was around 2015 when I had a conference in Tyler, TX. He and I met for a few beers. Good to be back.
  21. TylerRoseFan

    Hey Ya'll

    Not gonna lie, the staying power of so many of the silverback names is impressive!
  22. TylerRoseFan

    Hey Ya'll

    Holy crap. Just looked at my profile. Apparently I have been a member of this forum for 20 years as of last month!
  23. TylerRoseFan

    Hey Ya'll

    Ha, not anymore. Gave it up recently. 28 and 26 years old now.
  24. TylerRoseFan

    Hey Ya'll

    DIdn't even know we had the ability to like stuff. Go figure.
  25. TylerRoseFan

    Hey Ya'll

    Apparently reports of my demise were a bit off. Alive and well in Houston.