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  1. CajunBadger

    Pick one QB

    Think it's all been said... Slight lean to Goff but both have their potential negatives. Howell hasn't done real well under pressure and ATL has been able to apply pressure. Goff is better at home and LaPorta, Amon-Ra, and others? have been hurting (lol, I can't include Gibbs in this concern at the moment since he's been pretty inconsequential so far)...but it looks like at least these two are a go.
  2. CajunBadger

    WR RB DEF opinion needed.

    Thanks for mine! Same reasoning on Mixon vs Moss..Mixon for volume based points (and I'm thinking it's getting time for him to score another TD, maybe not two, but at least one). JT should also see an increase on touches, though should still be more on Moss.. I like the Saints over the Vikings with them having a gritty D! I wanted to attach this team DEF stat chart but looks like have to do a link: https://cdn.rotoballer.com/2023/10/Team-Defense-Stats-Ranks-1.png As for Meyers vs Godwin, hard one..but a slight lean to Meyers but I'd see if you get other opinions!
  3. CajunBadger

    Mixon or J. Cook in PPR?

    I think we have a consensus! Overnight I gave it some thought before checking on replies and my lean was to start Mixon. Been hearing others thoughts of an early lead and running the ball more, weather possibly being a factor, Giants being banged up and easy to run on, ... But when all is said and done, my take is the Bills offense possibly not relying on Cook as heavily and my taking less "risk"... Thanks for all the replies and best of luck with your games today!!
  4. CajunBadger

    Mixon or J. Cook in PPR?

    Most sites have Mixon ranked slightly higher than James Cook..but Cook's matchup does look pretty inviting! I'm seeing it as Mixon higher floor, Cook higher ceiling with risk. I think my matchup could be close, but not totally sure... Thoughts/recommendations on one over the other?
  5. CajunBadger

    N.Collins or C.Olave

    Olave as well...
  6. CajunBadger

    About time for Watson to go to waivers?

    Thanks! I have given him 4 weeks to show he's worth holding onto.. With the injury, upcoming bye week, and so so performance I'm dumping him. I'm still torn between Stroud, Nico, or Palmer - but if my WR choices are likely to still be on waivers in the future, I'll just take Stroud. Any final thoughts before I pull the trigger in a few hours? Thanks!!
  7. CajunBadger

    About time for Watson to go to waivers?

    1 QB def makes sense with our smaller bench. I am thinking Stroud could rank enough above the other available QBs to warrant picking up. You recommend picking up one of the WRs but name Stroud.. Which one would you go for? And do you consider one or both WRs to be more than bench warming emergency starters? Thanks!!
  8. CajunBadger

    About time for Watson to go to waivers?

    Yes sorry, Anthony Richardson. He had a nickname of AR-15, and then shortened it to AR... My fault for not typing his name out
  9. QB scoring: 6pt/td, 1pt/20 yds passing, -3pts/INT, -2pt/fumble, -1pt/sack AR is back starting this week. Watson is injured with a "sore shoulder" to some degree and only showing slight signs of fantasy relevance, lol. I am a little concerned about risk of another concussion with AR, but thinking of dropping Watson for either Stroud or some WR depth (either Palmer or Nico). I'm leaning towards Stroud mostly because decent QB's are scarce and I feel more secure having reasonable backup if AR goes out again. Thoughts - just be happy with Watson, go for Stroud, or pick up Nico or Palmer? Thanks!!
  10. CajunBadger

    Bills D or not to Bills D!

    One other item I just picked up on from one of my discord fantasy chats. The Saints schedule is "GAS" as one person put it..so might want to check on them if you get the opportunity as well!
  11. CajunBadger

    Bills D or not to Bills D!

    Haha, it's horrible isn't it?! I'm slowly learning to stick with a decision and telling myself I"ll accept the results, lol! D'oh and here I go..maybe I should drop my Bills D instead and keep London?? Lol!! Best of luck to you too!!!
  12. CajunBadger

    Bills D or not to Bills D!

    At this point, I think I've decided it's wisest to pick up the Saints D in place of London (and give my Bills D a rest). The Bills were impressive fp-wise last week but that WAS against WAS and not MIA! But I always appreciate other thoughts and I could change my mind yet again, lol.
  13. CajunBadger

    Bills D or not to Bills D!

    Cleveland could be another option.. Honestly all three have their potential pitfalls and can be unpredictable. With these, my thoughts are: the Buccaneers have been stingier on turnovers and fp's, Titan's offense and Henry have been bad, but what if they pick it up some - plus imho Saints at times have had troubles stopping the run, and lastly was hearing some say the Browns haven't been really tested yet. So my fear is that I'm getting cute picking up another D when maybe I only get an extra point or three?? I just can't have negative or a few points (ours normally score around 8-12 unless they go off like Bills did last week for 37pts!!).
  14. CajunBadger

    Bills D or not to Bills D!

    And I realized just now that I didn't word my post too well!! 1st question is can I expect reasonable fantasy output by starting the Bills D? - If not, then would pick up the Saints or Bengals D (in that order) - any thoughts on Saints vs Bengals? - If yes, I'll try to get Dell, Musgrave, or I guess maybe Thielen/QJohnston/? And thanks weepaws, my lean is to drop London...