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  1. CajunBadger

    For 3rd place and a little $

    I go with scottsind in going with weepaws' answer! Only concern I see is, if Samuel & Conner both play will it be an even split or ? Good luck!!
  2. CajunBadger

    Starters and the back ups. Who do I go with?

    C.J,. Gordon, Williams - Gurley is ruled out, so C.J. Anderson should get the load... Good luck!
  3. 14 Team Non-PPR league, start QB, 2WR, 2RB, TE, Flex (RB/WR/TE), K, DEF, 1pt/20 passing yds, 1pt/10 yds rushing/receiving, 6pts ALL td's, 1pt/25yds Special teams QB: Mahomes, Watson RB: Kamara, Washington, C.J. Anderson, Wilson, Edwards, Dixon, Howard WR: JuJu, M.V.S, Reynolds TE: Everett DEF: CLE K: Butker Starting: Mahomes, C.J. Anderson, Wilson, Edwards, JuJu, M.V.S, Everett, Butker, CLE Mostly wondering if swap Edwards (volume, but is td-dependent) out for Washington. update: Kamara's inactive just not sure if Washington will get the volume playing with Bridgewater, the backup line, etc & produces enough better than Edwards? I see Howard (he and Cohen may only play 1st half), Dixon, Kamara staying on my bench...what you all think (also good matchup for Reynolds, but Goff lately & being their WR3 has me benching him)? Thanks and good luck to all
  4. What weepaws said. Brady's the safest and I think he'll come through today. While I like Foles in my heart, my thought is both he and Watson are a bit unpredictable. Most importantly, I keep telling myself the best advice someone gave a long time ago: "Don't get cute" - I'm playing those that got me to where I am, not going with sleepers, etc (of course, I AM swapping in replacements for those being rested today!) Good luck!!
  5. Want to say thank you to all that helped through the fantasy year...I realize probably missing the majority of folks, but still wanted to post this for those still reading here! Have a wonderful and safe New Years' Eve, and hoping the New Year is the best it can be for all
  6. CajunBadger

    Backup plan & figuring Bell sits, Ridley or Toussaint?

    Thanks - yes, no word on Perine but he too sounds like a go (per Rotoworld on Thurs, he had been practicing in full). And true, I shake my head but it does add even more "skill" to the Championship! My opponent was affected too, but thinking it's to a lesser extent (but at least on paper his team appears weaker to start, so never know)! Good luck to you too, and have a wonderous and safe New Year! ....And go Bucky (on tonight)!!
  7. Non-PPR. Lol, hoping for best educated opinion (guess), Weepaws! ...and any others still out there!! - Appears still no official word but I need a RB or two...I picked up Ridley since he's had majority of touches over Toussaint. Good educated guess (or any word out there who may be the lead back)? - Realized, if Bell were to play, who would I start at flex with a limited roster now (currently going with Freeman & Brown as my RB1/RB2)? Options are: Bibbs, Gates, Clay, or stay with Ridley (or pick up Toussaint if he's the lead back)? - Lastly, thinking of dropping WAS for Oliver in case M. Gordon doesn't go (I'm starting NE). If he doesn't play, put Oliver in place of Brown or Ridley? Ekeler sounds like he'll be playing this week... I think I need an aspirin or three for this Championship, lol!
  8. CajunBadger

    Championship lineup RB/WR help w/sits, injuries, etc :(

    Thanks for reading all I wrote...I know it can cause eye strain, lol My mistake in dropping J. Gordon, but thought I had 2 solid WR's and needed as much RB depth as could get to cover bases! So if I get J. Gordon, start him and rest is as good as I can get? If I can't get him, have a 2nd choice? Just plain craziness hehe... And if M. Gordon can't go for the Chargers, I'd think Oliver would be a good pickup/start but in place of Ridley or Brown? Ack, too many "unknowns"... Make sure to have a wonderous and safe New Years!! Thanks again for all your assistance
  9. 14 Team Non-PPR league, start QB, 2WR, 2RB, TE, Flex (RB/WR/TE), K, DEF, 1pt/20 passing yds, 1pt/10 yds rushing/receiving, 6pts ALL td's, 1pt/25yds Special teams QB: Brady RB: D. Freeman, Ridley, M. Brown, Gurley, Bibbs WR: M. Jones, Westbrook, Hogan TE: Ebron, Gates, Clay DEF: WAS, NE K: Butker Not sure why I play this league every year, lol! This year been hit hard & dumped several unusable starters already... Currently thinking of starting: Brady, Freeman, Brown, M.Jones, Westbrook, Ebron, Ridley (flex), Butker, NE - I could pick up Gordon, Ty Williams, Benjamin, Hurns, Richardson, Trent Taylor, D. Thompson if they'd be a better start over Dede Westbrook? Had Gordon but his fp's steadily had gone down. - Also, can't tell (yet?) how much Toussaint will share carries with Ridley...is Gates a better start at flex? Or in place of Brown and move Ridley to RB2? Looks to be a sad Championship having tried to my best to pick up new top starters to replace my normal starters... Any suggestions are much appreciated (and I know before all announcements have been made, but trying to get a jump)!
  10. CajunBadger

    Tough semi-finals, should I even consider...

    Thanks...volume potential with Clay & diversification too, but NE had Clay's number the last time they met. That does worry me some!
  11. CajunBadger

    Dion Lewis or Jerrick McKinnon

    IMHO, lean towards McKinnon. Thanks for mine and good luck!
  12. CajunBadger

    Tough semi-finals, should I even consider...

    Thanks boiler and weepaws. As someone said (ack, think it was Fabs on NFL.com but he at least got this one right!), I can live with myself starting Brady and if I lost but if he was on my bench...I'd be kicking myself all off season. Do like Clay over Ebron for the fact that I already have M. Jones starting...Ebron does seem like he's getting more targets (and catching them). If Benjamin's out or less than 100%, Clay should see more opportunities, but do you think NE may shut him down like their last meeting (not by injury, just make him a non-contributor)? Merry Christmas!!
  13. 14 Team Non-PPR league, start QB, 2WR, 2RB, TE, Flex (RB/WR/TE), K, DEF, 1pt/20 passing yds, 1pt/10 yds rushing/receiving, 6pts ALL td's, 1pt/25yds Special teams QB: Brady RB: D. Freeman, Gurley, Bibbs WR: Jeffery, Hogan, Gordon, Marvin Jones, Kupp TE: Clay, Ebron DEF: CAR, NE, WAS K: Butker Gut says stay with Brady. Thinking he'll get back towards playoff form with solid fp's but been reading enough "naysers". Foles is out there & I could drop Bibbs for him... My starting lineup is: Brady, Gurley, Freeman, Jeffery, M. Jones, Ebron, Gordon (flex), Butker, CAR Also feel Ebron & CAR are the best options, but can weigh in any changes... *Sigh* - my opponent's going to be tough with: Roethlisberger, Gordon, Fournette, Crabtree, T. Hill, Doyle, Riddick (flex), Prater, LAR
  14. 14 Team Non-PPR league, start QB, 2WR, 2RB, TE, Flex (RB/WR/TE), K, DEF, 1pt/20 passing yds, 1pt/10 yds rushing/receiving, 6pts ALL td's, 1pt/25yds Special teams QB: Brady RB: D. Freeman, Gurley, D. Martin WR: Jeffery, Hogan, Gordon, Marvin Jones, Kupp TE: V. Davis, Ebron DEF: CAR, NE, WAS K: Butker Will dump Martin and possibly V. Davis if I do pick up someone from waivers. Brady worries me a little, but sticking with him (besides Foles likely gone before my pick, leaving only Manning to pickup). Brady, Gurley, Freeman, Jeffery, Gordon, Ebron, M. Jones (flex), Butker, CAR On waivers for this or next week: Foles (likely gone before I pick, but...), Manning, Buck Allen, Tion Jones, McKissic, K. Cole, Clay, Gates, G. Celek In case of an injury or better start, which to aim for in order? Thinking Foles, T. Jones, Gates, K. Cole, Allen, McKissic, ... after Foles, all tough to rank though do like K. Cole, but could he start or too risky? Last, if made it this far reading - was considering WAS vs DEN instead with Winston playing pretty well but CAR has been solid! Thanks!!
  15. CajunBadger

    Semi Finals Pick 2

    Thanks for mine... Perine and Westbrook Good luck!