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  1. weepaws

    Gio or McKinnon RB WK7

  2. weepaws

    Colts D

    With those other WRs, Aiyuk as no value on your team.
  3. weepaws

    PPR ROS-Cook or Fant?

    I think Goedert is going to be very good also. I would keep him and Fant.
  4. weepaws

    Which one?

    Lol man this is a tough one. Lamb I think is the safest pick, but I’m not sure of his ceiling with Dalton at Qb, I have a feeling the Zeke gets feed a lot this weekend ,and Dalton might lock unto Cooper. This could be Gibson’s best game in ff to date, I’ll. Say Gibson. Hey good luck with this decision.
  5. weepaws

    Crowder Downgraded to Doubtful

    Thank you.
  6. weepaws

    Which one?

    It is a ppr, or non ppr? Thank you.
  7. weepaws

    Colts D

    You say you have plenty of depth, of what caliber, right now Mixon as been a disappointment, expect for one game, CEH is going to lose his strong hold as the true rb1 on KC , Gaskins value is getting ready to take a test , with the change at Qb for the Dolphins., The Skins seem reluctant to comment to Gibson, and Gio has zero value once Mixon is healthy again. I would keep Edmonds.
  8. weepaws

    Which 2 to Start?

    Playing football, isn’t playing ff. Don’t even see how the two would be related. I played football, it’s a game of skill, I play ff, it’s a game of luck, compare the two for me please? So their is no comparison.
  9. weepaws

    Flex question

    I really like Smith this weekend , like you said, he’s the only WRs left.
  10. weepaws

    Injuries taking over- Need RB advice?

    I think Gibson might have a really good game this weekend, they need to feed him.
  11. weepaws

    AB Visiting TB Saturday

    Lol no don’t be silly, he’ll go from one rec to two. 0 rec come on man.
  12. weepaws

    Crowder Downgraded to Doubtful

    What ever happen to Perriman, is he still injured?
  13. weepaws

    JaMycal Hasty - SF - RB

    How do you value him?
  14. weepaws

    Against FF Common Thinking

    When I first started playing ff back in the late 80es it seemed like a great ideal to me to handcuff, but so often i was left with a player that waisted a spot on my bench, like Canadianfan posted on this site, but that’s a whole different issue. And I would hold that player even missing out on taking a f/a that turn out to be more valuable l because I was waiting for that injury to happen to my rb1, and it never did, and it at times would cost me. So generally I don’t handcuff. Unless I can see a rb1b situation l so I could use him as a flex, like with Hunt.
  15. weepaws

    Axe Elf Breaks the Seal

    Now this is the second time you waisted your own time. What a waste.