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  1. Not good for those in keeper leagues who own Edmonds.
  2. weepaws

    Bears sign Andy Dalton to $10M deal

    I agree about that, Dalton wants to start, and he found a team that wants him to be their starter. When comes to ff, not going to be worthy of much.
  3. weepaws

    Bears sign Andy Dalton to $10M deal

    He’s going to be the Qb of a team that lacks playmakers at this moment.
  4. weepaws

    Atlanta moving down?

  5. weepaws

    Atlanta moving down?

    When you mention SB, your just talking about victory’s?m
  6. weepaws

    Bears sign Andy Dalton to $10M deal

    Doesn’t mean it couldn’t get better, he’s going to be on a much better team, and one never knows what’s going to happen. Very good move for him. Amen.
  7. weepaws

    FF killer

    Sorry if you own Edmonds in keeper league. Conner is now in town.
  8. weepaws

    Atlanta moving down?

    It will be a good day.
  9. weepaws

    Eagles/Football/Fantasy players, fans?

    Refer to invoice# 26586. Amen.
  10. weepaws

    Bears sign Andy Dalton to $10M deal

    Do you recall some Qb named N Foles, one never knows, back up Qb , to super bowl hero. Lets not forget. Amen.
  11. weepaws

    Bears sign Andy Dalton to $10M deal

    You can prove that it’s not a good career move? you don’t know how it’s going to play out. N
  12. weepaws

    Eagles/Football/Fantasy players, fans?

    Refer to invoice #26586
  13. weepaws

    Eagles/Football/Fantasy players, fans?

    No, I wouldn’t draft less than three, we have a flex slot also.
  14. weepaws

    Eagles/Football/Fantasy players, fans?

    I draft my Qb late extremely late, and I only draft one Qb, only start one so only need one. I would have no problem drafting Hurts very late , I usually only keep my drafted Qb for a game or two anyway, and than I stream. Now with Hurts or any Qb still available when I draft my Qb, it all depends on matchups. Last season I drafted mr Goff with my third to last pick, I kept him for three games, game one he was awful, next two games on the road he was great, than I picked up Hebert, kept both for one week, and I kept both cause Hebert had a week 6 bye , Goff had a good game vs the Niners, than I let him go and kept Hebert the rest of the way, those are the type of moves that only a ff legend would make. And your talking to him. Amen.
  15. weepaws

    Leonard Fournette re-signs with Bucaneers

    If you look at invoice #26583 that’s what I was referring to.