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  1. weepaws

    Jamaal Williams?

    Now the new head coach is talking about playing the hot hand. I hate coach talk. But this looks like a true RBBC with the coach saying that if the hot hand is Williams they will find other ways to use Swift. I’m not interested in any Texans and Jets and Most Lions , I’ll take a late draft pick on J Williams based on his current ADP, which now could start to rise. More help for you mr wolves. Thanks.
  2. weepaws

    Carson Wentz foot injury

    I don’t know who A L F is, but what ever floats your boat.
  3. weepaws

    Carson Wentz foot injury

    Wentz missing time isn’t good news for any players on the Colts. Every Colts player I already have ranked below their current ADP, so I’m not all that excited about them anyway, but I thought Wentz would be a boost over Rivers, who simply wasn’t interested playing last season. So if you own Taylor as a rb1 first round pick shame on you, you’ve been warned this whole spring and summer not to.
  4. weepaws

    League scoring change advice

    I would agree, stop with the free league ideal, when someone pays they get more involved right away. I would just add a flex slot. And make it 6 deep on the bench.
  5. weepaws

    Updated: Deshaun Watson Drama

    Not this season.
  6. weepaws

    easiet fantasy year ever....

    If you drafted that team in a 14 team league or less, you would just be a clown in a ape suit, 16 team or larger, that would be one of axeelf 8 team bestball teams. Hey all seriousness aside, mask up and move on. Thanks.
  7. weepaws

    FFWC Draft Board

    5th spot for me, after my top five Rbs our taken, if im next up I’m taking T Hill.
  8. weepaws

    FFWC Draft Board

    That’s just unbelievable
  9. weepaws

    Michael Thomas expected to miss multiple weeks

    To many issues on the Saints right now, I think Murray is the only player I like based on current ADP. I think Kamara ADP is to high and is due for a rb2 season based on current events on the team. You know it’s tough times when you sign C Hogan
  10. weepaws

    Michael Thomas expected to miss multiple weeks

    Not so sure Hill is going to be better. The run game might be their best bet, I like Murray as a rb 5-6. That’s a tough one, hard to say if Hill would be better , he’s att 134 passes in three seasons.
  11. weepaws

    Michael Thomas expected to miss multiple weeks

    Not so sure about that, with Brees they had Winston to back him up and that enabled the Saints to use Hill as they did. But without Brees Hill is now the back up, how much work in the run will they trust giving Hill , I’m not sure they can use him all that much Incase Winston stinks or suffers an injury, Right?
  12. weepaws

    Updated: Deshaun Watson Drama

    No Texans or Jets.
  13. weepaws

    Team defenses

    Week one Niners at the Lions. Week one Redskins Vs Chargers. Week one Rams Vs Bears. And if those are gone , cause my def is one of last four picks along with a Qb a kicker and a te. Gmen at home Vs Broncos b Colts at home Vs Hawks. Ranking a def for a draft is extremely difficult, there is simply so much variables every new season. Stream.
  14. I do agree that Jones is the one replacing Williams, but I don’t agree that Dillon gets more rush att, he’ll play and get some short yardage work and goal line att but he won’t have more rush att as long as Jones stays healthy, now health is a concern when it comes to Jones. But Jones will lead the team in rush att rush tds and a bonus even for non ppr , he’ll gain all that work that Williams left behind, after my top four Jones should be next.
  15. weepaws

    1st rounds of draft help!

    8 team ppr league, Hill and Adams