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  1. weepaws

    Defense help

    Bills have a lot of players on def injured, I’ll take the Rams, unless there is other options.
  2. weepaws

    QB pick up

  3. weepaws

    Justin Herbert: Fractured Rib Cartilage

    I would expect the spread to change even if Herbert was to start, don’t know how much pain he’s going to be able to tolerate until everyone sees him play with his injury.
  4. weepaws

    SF RB

    Wilson—— Mason/Mack.
  5. weepaws

    GB WR

  6. weepaws

    DK Metcalf or DJ Moore-Standard League

    I like Metcalf. Tough decision good luck.
  7. weepaws

    Cousins or Tua

    Hyde now out for the season, ouch. Tua for me , based on so many injuries of def with Buffalo, and his two WRs are on fire right now. Tough decision good luck.
  8. weepaws

    Cole Beasley

    If Beasley plays he already becomes more reliable than Jones/Gage.
  9. weepaws

    Who will be the biggest bust in 2022?

    5 of the top 12 QBs right now based on avg are double digit round qbs, so I think biggest question like it is with all positions who are the top qbs. Luck as so much to do with ff.
  10. weepaws

    Wr help standard

  11. weepaws

    Defense help

    No other options? I would have said Bills, but will be missing some def players.
  12. weepaws

    RB Help

  13. weepaws

    PPR Flex?

    Patterson, that’s the Patterson with two T in his name. Good luck op.