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    Match play

    When is the PGA gonna figure out this is the direction they need to go?? Let's turn this is too a UFC vibe. Let's explore grudges.
  2. remote controller

    Match play

  3. remote controller

    Week 1 Random Thoughts and Observations

    Was the healthy late scratch of Sermon ever explained?? oh.....just saw above. nevermind
  4. remote controller

    No Solheim Cup thread?

    Why is one golfer running between shots in the tour championship?
  5. remote controller

    Team defenses

    File away Punt & Kickoff Return Depth Chart and Players to Target | 4for4
  6. remote controller

    Nobody Had to Tell Me It Is Dove Season.

    A very humbling 7 dove out of 20 shots. I was 1 for 8 starting out and heated up some going 6 for 12.
  7. remote controller

    Nobody Had to Tell Me It Is Dove Season.

    I'll be hunting Dove today!
  8. remote controller

    Dynasty help

    I would avoid Saquon completely
  9. remote controller

    Falcons backfield

    This is Davis's gig, and the stellar passing game, with the great targets, make Davis a steal at his current ADP. He's my #21 RB.
  10. yes, very crazy at pick #5
  11. remote controller

    New Steelers OC - Matt Canada effect

    I don't know. They didn't have a running game last year and the line didn't improve. Ben's arm doesn't really scare anyone. They will try to ride Harris but I see a whole lot of 3.5 ypc or less.
  12. remote controller

    Give me your top second half of the draft targets

    2020 NFL Team Total Offense Stats | ESPN
  13. remote controller

    Give me your top second half of the draft targets

    I like Fitzpatrick as a solid backup QB late. I like Ertz as a late pick. Will he stay or will he go? Belichick was caught talking to him this past weekend by a nearby reporter, and the Bills thing. Emmanuel Sanders will do well in Buffalo opposite Diggs. I like Jamaal Williams and Darrel Williams late. Jared Cook late is great. Derek Carr and the Raiders had the #8 passing offense last season. Derek threw for 30 TD's and 9 int's last season. 274 ypg bettered Both Stafford and Cousins.
  14. remote controller

    Pre-Season Overreactions/Observations

    I was a little slow.
  15. remote controller

    Pre-Season Overreactions/Observations

    This is about over reacting.......right? Oh......I get it.
  16. remote controller

    Pre-Season Overreactions/Observations

    Shoulder mri came back good.
  17. remote controller

    Pre-Season Overreactions/Observations

    PJ Walker is pretty good.
  18. remote controller

    Pre-Season Overreactions/Observations

    QB controversy in Green Bay! Love has a 110 passer rating!
  19. remote controller

    Pre-Season Overreactions/Observations

    Sam Ehlinger ROY!!
  20. remote controller

    Round Eleven-Sixteen Commentary - July Mock 2021

    Akers tore his achilles Tuesday.
  21. My first Fantasy football season I drafted Eric Metcalf with my early 1st round pick. It was an established 4 to 5 year league, and there were chuckles.
  22. remote controller

    Round Eleven-Sixteen Commentary - July Mock 2021

    Thanks Mike!
  23. remote controller

    ** Round 16 Selections - July Mock 2021 **

    16.07 - D/ST Kansas City Chiefs
  24. remote controller

    ***EdEx - The Open Championship @ Royal St George's***

    blob (479×600) (bing.com) Jack Nicklaus and the Open. Check this out. This is just sick.
  25. remote controller

    ** Round 15 Selections - July Mock 2021 **

    15.06 - RB Malcolm Brown, MIA