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  1. remote controller

    Stand-Up Quotes

    "My sister is so fat, when she jumps she gets stuck."
  2. remote controller

    Rick Carlisle

    He stepped Down from the Mavs. I just saw that he had 2 years left on his contract so I likely jumped the gun. He played for the Celts I I thought he might be a good match.
  3. remote controller

    Rick Carlisle

    Anyone else get the feeling he will be the next Coach of the Celtics?
  4. remote controller

    Stand-Up Quotes

    That sounds like Ron White
  5. remote controller

    Stand-Up Quotes

    George Carlin - "If God didn't want man to masturbate he would have made his arms shorter."
  6. remote controller

    Stand-Up Quotes

    "There's the fiz, the faz, the fiz faz, the ripshit, tear ass, and one that goes whoosh!" Carlin on farts
  7. remote controller

    Pick your team apart

    Cousins was the backup I coveted. The wideout group is stellar.
  8. remote controller

    Pick your team apart

    I loved the 8/9 turn having one of those two as my #3 Wr then still having Ruggs. Dillon was could play a huge role if the Pack takes some leads
  9. remote controller

    Pick your team apart

    I liked the 16th round snag of Tyrell, and felt CEH was a 4th round gift. TE position is a strength with Kittle.
  10. remote controller

    *2021 June Mock No-Hassle Analysis*

    Thanks Fumble. I was real fortunate with a few players that fell in my lap. I wish I would have landed Hopkins and Gibson but that wasn't in the cards. I looked at Russell as the safest of the 3 QB's I was looking at. He is cagey and I like his chances of playing all 16 games without injury. Dak is coming off of a bad injury and Lamar seems like an injury waiting to happen. Murray was the guy I had my sights on. Worm got me on Gibson, Murray and the Bucs Def.
  11. remote controller

    **Round Sixteen Selections**

    16.10 - K Robbie Gould, SF
  12. remote controller

    Pick your team apart

    1.03- RB Derrick Henry, Ten. 2.10- WR Justin Jefferson, Min. 3.03- RB Austin Ekeler, LAC 4.10- WR Robert Woods, LAR 5.03- QB Russell Wilson, Sea. 6.10- RB Mike Davis, Atl. 7.03- WR Ja'Marr Chase, Cin. 8.10- TE Logan Thomas, Was. 9.03- WR Marquise Brown, Bal. 10.10- TE Irv Smith, Jr., Min. 11.03- RB Kenyan Drake, LV 12.10- QB Derek Carr, LV 13.03- WR Rondale Moore, Ari. 14.10- RB Justin Jackson, LAC Qb's - Wilson (9), Carr (8) Rb's - Henry (13), Ekeler (7), Davis (6), Drake (8), Jackson (7) Wr's - Jefferson (7), Woods (11), Chase (10), M. Brown (8), R. Moore (12) Te's - Thomas (9), Smith (7) - How do you feel about your draft position? I liked the 3 hole. I think it is a good slot for this draft. - What is your teams strength? Positional balance. This is going to be an easy squad to manage. - What is your team biggest weakness? WR #3 Both rookies have game, but will one step up? Can Marquise take the next step? - Who did you miss out on? Hopkins and Gibson in back to back rounds early - Who fell to you or was your favorite pick? I was really happy to get Henry with the 3rd pick in this format, and landing Davis in the 6th really solidified the position. - What was your toughest pick and why? I struggled at 9.03. I was really wanting to snag Sermon there but went with the underwhelming Marquise Brown pick. Sermon was the pick I should have made.
  13. remote controller

    **Round Eleven-Sixteen Commentary**

    I agree Hines
  14. remote controller

    **Round Fifteen Selections**

    15.03 - D/ST Washington Football Team
  15. remote controller

    **Round Eleven-Sixteen Commentary**

    Nothing like the feeling of getting your Def sniped in the 15th round.