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  1. remote controller

    Saudi Golf Tour

    LIV Golf: What Brooke Koepka, Dustin Johnson, Pat Perez said then, now (usatoday.com)
  2. remote controller

    Saudi Golf Tour

    Faldo announced his retirement. Any takers on where he's going?? He sounded very nervous on The Dan Patrick Show this morning when questioned on it.
  3. remote controller

    Saudi Golf Tour

    I have to admit......my not wanting a CHANGE is my biggest hang up. It is my favorite thing to watch and the change is what is bothering me. I'm starting to better understand how it got to here. What sport is next??
  4. remote controller

    **2022 US Open Thread (Golf)**

  5. remote controller

    **2022 US Open Thread (Golf)**

    Though Lefty has been a crowd favorite forever, it has been rumored that he was not nearly as popular among the other pros. The talk was always "if they knew who Phil really was he wouldn't be nearly as beloved.' I pick it up on talk radio and even on Golf channel broadcasts.
  6. remote controller

    **2022 US Open Thread (Golf)**

    He will join the LIV soon.
  7. remote controller

    **2022 US Open Thread (Golf)**

    You gotta wonder how he feels that Phile got 50 million more. Now 40 of that went to gambling debt. lol!
  8. remote controller

    **2022 US Open Thread (Golf)**

    He and DJ were my favorites. DJ just screwed the pooch. It's always fun to watch Garcia play poorly. DeChambeau is fun to watch crash and burn. You know Koepka had to have considered it this past year because he has played poorly. Lefty's true colors have been exposed for the world to see.
  9. remote controller

    **2022 US Open Thread (Golf)**

    Na blew up. Lefty is suckin. The LIV bunch is looking rough outside of DJ's -1. I LOVE IT
  10. remote controller

    *2022 June Mock No-Hassle Analysis*

    I have normally seen a few standout out teams and a team or two that looked not so good. I think this is about as vanilla of a draft as I've seen us have. Thanks to Fumble and Mike for keeping the band together. I think this is as good a group of drafters as you can find, and we know each others tendencies like in those good ole leagues that have lasted for a few decades.
  11. remote controller

    **Round Eleven-Sixteen Commentary**

    good luck today!
  12. remote controller

    **Round Sixteen Selections**

    16.04 - D/ST Pittsburgh Steelers
  13. remote controller

    **Round Eleven-Sixteen Commentary**

    done and done and you're done
  14. remote controller

    **Round Sixteen Selections**

    per Matt's wishes 16.01 - D/ST LA Chargers, LAC
  15. remote controller

    **Round Fifteen Selections**

    per Matt's wishes 15.12 - K Brandon McManus, Den