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  1. remote controller

    Favorite Wine

    I like No Oak (stainless steal) Chardonnay's. Also like a good Shiraz or Malbec. I have had a few great Dry German Reislings too. I like them all.
  2. remote controller

    **Round Sixteen Selections**

    16.11 - DST New Orleans Saints
  3. remote controller

    Controlled Destruction

    Sneaky solid Qb combo for ths format. Fournette and Fuller can turn this into a gem, and hopefully Henry is healthy enough to also impact.
  4. remote controller

    Controlled Destruction

    only slight weak spot is TE. I thought you got great value from Golladay and Davis
  5. remote controller

    Controlled Destruction

    Solid across the board. #4 receiver is nails. Thought Edelman was a steal.
  6. remote controller

    Controlled Destruction

    Blue collar squad with higher floors and lower ceilings. Sanders and Samuel late was nice. McKinnon could be a bonus.
  7. remote controller

    Controlled Destruction

    Might have pulled off a real young squad. You need your Wr's after evans to step up. I expect a rebound from Johnson and like where you nabbed Jacobs You need Dede or Deebo to DO DO. Real explosive squad!! BOOM goes the dynamite! I like it! Kamara, Drake, Brown, Hilton, Williams, Hill, DeSean....boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom. Then there's Wilson and Murray.
  8. remote controller

    Controlled Destruction

    Solid.......I don't see any cracks.
  9. remote controller

    Controlled Destruction

    I put in my bye weeks.
  10. remote controller

    Controlled Destruction

    Qb's - Ryan ATL (8), Winston TBB (7) RB's - Zeke DAL (8), Carson SEA (11), McCoy BUF (6), Richard (6), Burkhead NEP (10) WR's - Thielen MIN (12), Watkins KCC (12), Anderson NYJ (4), Metcalf SEA (11), Campbell IND (6) TE's - Ertz PHI (10), Rudolph MIN (12) K - Lutz NOS (9) If you want to, list your team like this so we can better check them out and discuss.
  11. remote controller

    **Draft Commentary- Second Half of Draft**

    I'm on the Space Station, but can see everything you guys are doing.
  12. remote controller

    **Round Fifteen Selections**

    15.02 - K Will Lutz, NOS
  13. remote controller

    **Round Fourteen Selections**

    14.11 - WR Parris Campbell, IND
  14. remote controller

    **Draft Commentary- Second Half of Draft**

    Belichek doesn't mess around.....never has. He has kept this guy he highly coveted through two seasons even though injury kept him from the field quite often. When available he did well. He gives the Pats something different than Michel (run play) and White (pass). He's a power runner with great hands........and.......rumor is.......... Sony might start the season on pup. Bill rarely keeps players he doesn't really need.
  15. remote controller

    **Round Thirteen Selections**

    13.02 - RB Rex Burkhead, NEP