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  1. remote controller

    Dynasty WR opinions

    Crowder as long as his QB quits seeing ghosts.
  2. remote controller

    Emmanuel Sanders traded to SF

    I'm an owner and I guess it's a wait and see. Kittle sucks the air out of that room pretty much.
  3. remote controller

    Is hardman droppable with Moore at qb

    I like Stills especially with Fuller out for an extended time.
  4. remote controller

    Sanu to Pats for a 2nd round pick

    I can see it now. Brady to Edlemen to Sanu to a streaking Brady in the endzone.
  5. remote controller

    Darnold ROS

    who hacked me???
  6. remote controller

    Darnold ROS

    Yes. I was on two FFToday Championship teams years ago also.
  7. remote controller

    Last minute MNF WR Help?

    Stick with Anderson.
  8. remote controller

    ROS WRs

    Golladay holds the most value but I would trade the other two first. As mentioned above......you won't get much for them. Brown would be the one I could part with the easiest. The jags have more offensive plays and Dede receives more targets inside and outside the redzone
  9. remote controller

    A Jones (GB) or M Ingram (Bal) ROS?

    I'd keep Jones as Lamar has once again become the running game.
  10. remote controller

    Last chance to grab Aaron jones.

    They played together in all but weeks 4 and 5 and I realize the 4 td game knock things out of whack. I agree he's not the 5 th best back in fantasy land but I do feel he warrants putting on the field weekly because the Pack is running the ball a lot. Week 2 with Jamal was another very good game. He is option 1A for certain and I see Jamal as option 1b
  11. remote controller

    Darnold ROS

    The Two Crows from Tacos.........circa 1956. Look it up I am too old to figure out how to post it. They were the drunk cartoon crows. If I lose I would like it with bourbon........and I like bourbon so even if I lose I win. It was a trap game for Dallas, and it wasn't something Belicheck didn't see, but I think The jets have a shot with an agressive adams sacking Brady. Brady has not played well, or Brady like this year.
  12. remote controller

    Last chance to grab Aaron jones.

    surprised to see he leads all backs in rushing td's with 8, and we saw the one he dropped. He has 163 yards receiving and 350 rushing with 8 td's. That's better than a low end #1 fantasy back. Stats say so far he's been the #5 RB in ppr leagues with an off night and underusage the first games.
  13. remote controller

    Patrick Mahomes - Dislocated Kneecap

    #1 in first down carries through 7 weeks.
  14. remote controller

    Patrick Mahomes - Dislocated Kneecap

    I believe you are gonna definitly see a different game plan. There is no one saying that everything is rosey or will be. They need to keep ahold of the ball longer to keep an attacking defense.