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  1. remote controller

    Best stand Alone Album

    Nice addition
  2. remote controller

    Best stand Alone Album

    "Abbey Road" Warren Zevon "Excitable boy" "Rumours" "Flat as a Pancake" "Aja" or "Pretzel Logic" or "Royal Scam" or "Can't Buy a Thrill" "Retrospective" "Something Anything"
  3. remote controller

    June Mock 2023 - Check In

    I'm in!
  4. remote controller

    ***EdEx THE MASTERS 2023***

    Fred -2 thru 17.
  5. remote controller

    ***EdEx THE MASTERS 2023***

    Tiger's putting stroke looks weird today. Like he's just stabbing at the ball.
  6. remote controller

    Greatest Duel Of All Time

    Opie Taylor fights the new kid.
  7. remote controller

    Greatest vocalist of all time

  8. remote controller

    Favorite live album

    Santana "Super Natural" Fleetwood Mac " The Dance" Head East "Live" REO "You Get What You Play For" The Eagles "Hell Freezes Over" McCartney "Wings Over America"
  9. remote controller

    What do you give your toilet bowl winner

    In our keeper league the toilet bowl winner receives an added pick of 2.13 in the rookie draft.
  10. remote controller

    Gifts you can receive and be happy every time

    A good Sirah or Malbec.
  11. remote controller

    nzoner update (good news)

    This is awesome. God Bless he and his family, and prayers for the Peace that passes all understanding.
  12. remote controller

    Country Music Mount Rushmore

    What??? No mention of Conway Twitty?
  13. remote controller

    The Lions

    The Lions have scored 11 more points than the Chiefs. They have scored 140 points but given up 141. Who'd a thunk it?
  14. remote controller

    I have Cancer :/

    This is great news!
  15. remote controller

    The Queen is dead

    You know Charles had to walk out of that room, down the hallway into another room then into a closet, pump his fist and scream YES!!!!