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  1. When was the last time California mailed ballots to every registered voter?
  2. Reality

    Joe Biden said what?

    Twitter fact checking that one?
  3. These idiots hand Trump so much firepower and they never realize it. It's hilarious to watch.
  4. Easy win for Trump, good luck on this battle Twitter, you're gonna need it.
  5. Reality

    Joe Biden said what?

    It's cruel to put the dude on live TV. It's that simple.
  6. Reality

    Truck conundrum

    Used truck market is tough, pricey. I bought new when I had no intention a few years ago. Just couldn't justify the used car price and high mileage compared to new, 0% financing etc.
  7. Reality

    Kayleigh McEnany Appreciation Thread

    Typical liberal piece of shlt, he was dealt with accordingly. This chick is a badass.
  8. Reality

    Hey Michigan

    These focking people..
  9. Reality


    That'll leave a mark.
  10. Reality

    Is it time to get out of the market?

    This thread cracks me up.
  11. I know everybody is tracking everything but, damn, that sh1t is blatant.
  12. My experience as well. Not sure about liberal or conservative but, if you golf with a mask on, I'm going to laugh at you. Wearing a mask on a gold course would be completely unnecessary. Just like they are many other situations.
  13. The virus killed people, not the President. I know some of you are actual pieces of sh!t but, blaming Trump for deaths from a new virus that was downplayed by the country it originated in is truly disgusting and a new low for your kind. How the fock do you idiots go about your day with that kind of thinking process. You called him a xenophobe when he shut down travel and with the same breath complained he didn't do enough. It never mattered what he did, you people were going to play MMQB with your matching orders from the MSM. I knew I didn't like some of you but, you truly are the worst kind of people, disgusting human beings.
  14. Reality

    Coronavirus - Doomsday

    Phenomenal job by Trump, honestly, can't be overstated. True national hero.
  15. Reality

    What are you drinking tonight?

    Nice and easy again, Michelob Ultras all day on the course, playing again tomorrow. Focking dialed in all the sudden, so tomorrow, I'll completely sh!t the bed.
  16. Reality

    Tiger/Peyton vs Mickelson/Brady

    Peyton got game. A lot of game, approaches are on point.
  17. Reality

    Tiger/Peyton vs Mickelson/Brady

    Hole out or not, if Brady is an 8, I'm a 3... Little secret, I'm not a 3....
  18. Reality

    Joe Biden said what?

    Not really interested in what a sycophant thinks, my statement was for rational folks on the left. I fully understand that they are few and far between. It's incredibly cruel putting anything Biden has to say on video right now. Something needs to be done, were all pointing and laughing but, this is a very serious issue, one party actually wants to put this guy in charge. It simply can't be allowed to happen.
  19. Reality

    R.I.P. Jerry Sloan

    Played college ball in my hometown, good dude who never suffered fools.
  20. Reality

    Joe Biden said what?

    How much longer can this charade go on? All jokes aside, I'm worried about the dude. Running the country can't possibly be an option for this guy and steps need to be taken immediately to make sure that's not going to happen. People need to step in and step up, it's incredibly cruel rolling this guy or on public.
  21. Reality

    Trump.... Cancel that order

    Full blown TDS before the dude even took office. Clowns, everyone one of ya. Of course, most of them fled to their safe space and no longer post here.
  22. Reality

    Coronavirus - Doomsday

    From the guy claiming Florida is hiding dead people, you're a trip man. Truly.
  23. Reality

    The mask effect

    I thought y'all were full of shlt until I went to Target today.... There is something to this whole mask thing.
  24. Reality

    What are you drinking tonight?

    Michelob Ultra, been drinking them all day. Perfect day playing 18, back at it Sunday for a Memorial Day tourney. Things are getting back to normal around my area, love it.