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  1. Reality

    Some are calling Le'Veon Bell a genius.

    Just beating a dead horse at this point, it's too bad he didn't have better representation at the time.
  2. Reality

    Capitol Police stop 2nd Insurrection!

    When was the first one?
  3. Reality

    What is a Woman? -Matt Walsh film

    Boom, this is how you handle it. It's too bad Democrats don't actually support women. Constantly trying to replace them, sad. Nice to see a strong Republican stand up for other women.
  4. Reality

    What is a Woman? -Matt Walsh film

    Trust the science.
  5. When Democrats don't like something that clearly happened in our history, they simply rewrite it. It's a pretty cool trick but, they know how focking stupid their supporters are... So, no big deal.
  6. Reality

    Coronavirus - Doomsday

    Unreal, only ever about power. Doesn't matter, you'll still have people defending this.
  7. Reality

    What is a Woman? -Matt Walsh film

    Facts don't care about your feelings.
  8. Reality

    What do you carry on your person?

    Phone wallet keys. Keep many mandatory items in my truck. You don't see a lot of rioting or theft in my area. There's a reason for that, even the soccer mom's are packing in Southern Indiana. Fock around and find out.
  9. Reality

    Biden doing what he does best: falling

    So, no apology from Tim? Typical.
  10. Reality

    Biden doing what he does best: falling

    They rounded up 81 million votes for that, people really are that stupid.
  11. Reality

    [** Official President Joe Biden Thread **]

    He should make a deal with gravity.
  12. Proper response. I hear grandparents enjoy it.
  13. Duh, he can barely make it through the extremely limited amount of press conferences he is allowed to have. No need to expose him further. His handlers are scared to death every time he's near an open mic. He's an absolute embarrassment to the country any time he speaks in public.
  14. Reality

    Cancel Target

    Nailed it, dude is an absolute clown.
  15. Reality

    Durham investigation ends with a big fat nothing

    It's all good, no big deal, mistakes were made...
  16. Reality

    The border invasion is fully underway

    He does them a favor by exploiting them with horrible wages for his shltty personal business. A real stand-up dude.
  17. Quite the story, Mel's mom was Irish, Dad was American born to Irish parents and Mel grew up in Australia. Not sure how anybody categorizes that one...