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  1. Reality

    Durham investigation ends with a big fat nothing

    It's all good, no big deal, mistakes were made...
  2. Reality

    The border invasion is fully underway

    He does them a favor by exploiting them with horrible wages for his shltty personal business. A real stand-up dude.
  3. Quite the story, Mel's mom was Irish, Dad was American born to Irish parents and Mel grew up in Australia. Not sure how anybody categorizes that one...
  4. Reality

    Durham investigation ends with a big fat nothing

    Straight up clownshow. We know these people aren't gonna put themselves in prison but, there needs to be some kind of punishment for what happened.
  5. Reality

    Cancel Target

  6. He's a little late to the party if that's his concern about Twitter.
  7. Reality

    Cancel Target

    I don't think this means what you think it means...
  8. Reality

    Boom! Disney getting canceled 🤣😅

    What a dumb comment considering I was directly answering somebody's question. Look, you aren't good at this. You spend your days telling everybody that posts here how smart you are and how dumb they are. No matter how many times you tell us, nobody is buying what you're selling. You bring absolutely nothing to the table, ever. Your schtick is tired and boring. Do us all, and more importantly yourself, a favor and fock off.
  9. Reality

    Boom! Disney getting canceled 🤣😅

    These freaks just can't help themselves.
  10. MDC is an easy target though, take it easy on my guy.
  11. I do my best work on the shltter with my phone. I'd be embarrassed to use this site with anything company related that could be tracked.
  12. Reality

    CBDC rollout in july

    You're a focking idiot. Of course I'll pay cash at a place that will charge me more to use my debt card. I can't believe retards like you exist, you have no reason to defend this but, your liberal overlords tell you what to think.