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  1. Reality

    The left just doesn't get it

    Dude is out there, he's clearly bought every MSM talking point.. Pretty focked up that a kook like that has a vote that is worth the same amount as ours.
  2. Reality

    The left just doesn't get it

    You guys are so far gone it's not even worth attempting a conversation.. Trump isn't far right, only a political retard would think otherwise.
  3. Reality

    The left just doesn't get it

    Based on his policy?
  4. Reality

    Geeks with young sons ...

    My son is 16 but, no.. Don't do that, it's focking weird.
  5. Reality

    The left just doesn't get it

    Now Trump is far right.. I love this place.
  6. Son.... That's the content I'm here for.. Wow.
  7. Reality

    Thanks Eli

    He absolutely does, he's 7th in yards and 8th in TD's. I'm glad this thread exists, people are getting educated on Eli's career. That's a good thing, since he'll be enshrined in the HoF in a few years.
  8. Reality

    Thanks Eli

    It's all the resume.. It all matters.. Top 8 numbers, 2 rings, durability.. Yes, absolutely, it all adds up to him being a no doubt HoF'er.. I don't make the rules.. This one is easy though.
  9. Reality

    Thanks Eli

    Those are excuses?
  10. Reality

    Thanks Eli

    Well, besides the rings and durability.. Like I said, absurd.
  11. Reality

    Wednesday non-political thread - IMDB synopsis

    Yup, easy but, one of my favs.
  12. Reality

    Gig Law passed in California...thoughts

    This is what I figured this thread was about.. I'm a focking nerd..
  13. Reality

    Wednesday non-political thread - IMDB synopsis

    In Mexico City, a former CIA operative swears vengeance on those who committed an unspeakable act against the family he was hired to protect.