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  1. Reality

    10 top video game weapons of all time

    Witcher 3 is the RPG standard, came out in 2015. Any list that doesn't include it is worthless.
  2. Reality

    Packers @ 49ers: Part 2 NFCC

  3. Reality

    Obummer solves Iran

    He gets butt hurt pretty easily. The whole impeachment thing has been a major embarrassment for him. I'm sure he is re-grouping and will be back eventually. Trump dominating is good for America but, not for folks like worms.
  4. Reality

    Obummer solves Iran

    What worms thread ever does?
  5. This story keeps getting more and more crazy.. Suspend them all.
  6. Reality

    Arrest Warrant issued for OBJ

    Good Lord..
  7. Reality

    The big 4-0 today!

    This checks out.
  8. Reality

    Kuechly Retires

    This. Good for him getting out early, may not have been early enough though.
  9. Reality

    I feel so ashamed

  10. Reality

    Post Malone

    I'm a fan, sneaky range. Dude has talent.
  11. I'd bet money this was the actual conversation.
  12. Reality

    Will Wedding Crashers be erased from history?

    What kind of humorless fock doesn't like Wedding Crashers.. Jesus, I figured this would be the one thing we could all agree on and enjoy for what it is...
  13. As apposed to the left, who have terrible policies and also act like toddlers.
  14. I just don't care about what he tweets, I care about results. You do care about tweets, that's emotion. Not sure what else you want me to say bub? It would take a very strong individual to ignore the straight up bullsh!t the left has put the dude through. He can't, he's immature that way, I simply don't care.
  15. The liberal way. Emotions over substance, always been that way.