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  1. Reality

    Any Cincinnati folks here?

    The smell alone was enough to run me off.
  2. Groomers are the enemy and thankfully, your kind make themselves well known.
  3. Reality

    I have Cancer :/

    It's a delicate balance, I'm sure they'd appreciate being in the know though. Sounds like you've got some great kids and I wouldn't expect anything less. I feel ya though, I've got a soon to be sophomore who is pre med biology major who runs track for USI, 400 and 4x400, he's already top 10 in school history in both. The school announced this year they are moving to D1. It's crazy, my daughter, who also finished her master's in May, is a supervisor in the health care payment posting department at the company she works for who's destined to have a 3 letter title that starts with C. I'm bragging a bit but, we're all very fortunate, they are the way they are because of the groundwork we (the collective we) laid from the day they were born. They are smart kids who care about their pops greatly, let them know what's going on. My point is, I'm feeling a bit vulnerable tonigh because of your situation but, hope things work out in the best possible way for you.
  4. Reality

    I have Cancer :/

    I haven't checked in on this thread for quite a while, apologize for that. Hopefully this latest thing isn't really a thing and you have 35 more years. Thinking about you on a brutally hot evening in southern Indiana. Hoping I get 35 more years as well.
  5. Reality

    [** Official President Joe Biden Thread **]

    You won't hear from them.
  6. Seriously, just think about what kind of piece of shlt you have to be to be a liberal these days. The moral stances you have to take. You have to riot because the supreme court returned the power to murder babies over to each individual state. That somehow causes you grief. These people are the enemy, it's time we start treating them as such.
  7. Reality

    Why Does The MLB Do Black Outs…

    I live in southern Indiana, Cardinals games are blacked out. They are 2 states away, dumb.
  8. Reality

    Proud boys protesting libraries

    Yes. Also yes. Get these people away from kids please.
  9. Reality

    Biden can’t even bike right

    I'm starting to believe this creep is an actual pedo...
  10. Reality

    Liberals are so empathetic

    These focking people.
  11. Reality

    Biden can’t even bike right

    Imagine spending energy defending something we can all easily see. Pathetic. Is this a paid position?
  12. Yup, just a little red meat for their decreasing base. Just take a look at our local community, it's very easy to tell who this was for. They know their base extremely well. Doh and pony show, nothing more.
  13. Reality

    Ghislaine Maxwell

    You can tell way too many big names are involved. Easy to see what's going on here. I'll go ahead and assume they are big time Democrats considering we already know that the folks behind all this have no issue leaking conservatives names. I'm shocked she's still alive but, I'm also guessing she agreed to keep her mouth shut and live out her remaining years in a club-med situation. Hopefully, in the very near future, all the names and details are known. I don't care what their political leanings are. If you're a pedo, enjoy prison.
  14. Reality

    Biden can’t even bike right

    What if they can't form simple words and sound like a focking idiot every time they speak. Should we pay attention to that or is it no big deal?