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  1. Reality

    ***Happy Football Day Week 3***

    I'd guess Vegas is getting killed tonight, I doubt anybody agreed with this.
  2. Reality

    Who is Club Pro Guy? Ex PGA pro.

    So funny, shlt kills me.
  3. Reality

    Joe Biden said what?

    My God..
  4. Reality

    I have Cancer :/

    Git'er done. Positive thoughts from the Midwest.
  5. Busy today, they get him yet?
  6. Yes, he'll probably be arrested this morning. Tune in, they got him now. Also, not really.
  7. Reality

    Hows Wentz looking ?

    No, it's literally not. Words have meanings, you're using them wrong. I don't think Wentz is terrible but, he is playing really bad right now. Bad line had nothing to do with him throwing to the wrong team when he isn't under pressure. They were lucky to tie yesterday.
  8. Reality

    Packers at Saints: SNF Discussion

    GB finally figured out Brees can't throw it farther than 11 yards.
  9. Reality

    Packers at Saints: SNF Discussion

    It's unreal. How's that your job?
  10. Reality

    Packers at Saints: SNF Discussion

    Terrible spot, not even close.
  11. Reality

    Packers at Saints: SNF Discussion

    Guy is incredible.
  12. Reality

    Le'Veon Bell

    You don't want this guy rostered, you might accidentally put him in the starting lineup. Not worth the risk.
  13. Reality

    Packers at Saints: SNF Discussion

    Pass interference on a uncatchable ball = absurd