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  1. Reality

    Bucket List for Awful People

    attend a biden rally
  2. JT was a good dude, wasn't aware of his passing. Bummer.
  3. Nothing, never met him. Couple of worthless stepdad's along the way. Oldest of three boys, learned what I know on my own. Glad YouTube came along 15 years ago.
  4. Reality

    No DeSean Jackson thread ??

    I do have to laugh that this is what got the reporters all upset... Don't be going after the Jews man...
  5. Reality

    Marcellus Wiley - oh my

    Brought facts, that really pisses people of these days.
  6. Math, that shifty little fella.. Can't trust him.
  7. Reality

    Mahomes a chief through 2032

    Every other team in the league would have done the same if they had Mahomes.
  8. Reality

    Harvard going 100% online for all of this year

    Same boat, he can take online classes at a local school if they end up being online next year, we aren't dishing out full tuition at some prestigious school for him to take classes from his bedroom.
  9. Reality

    Mahomes a chief through 2032

    This is spot on.
  10. Reality

    Spare the Rod, Spoil the child.

    This, not sure how we got to beating children. Obviously not ok.
  11. Reality

    Harvard going 100% online for all of this year

    100%, no way I'm paying that tuition for online only classes.
  12. Reality

    RIP Charlie Daniels at 83