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  1. Damn Titans, tough stuff to come home to. Best wishes man.
  2. This went exactly the way I thought it would when I saw the story a few days ago.
  3. Reality

    Whatever happened to freedom of speech?

    Not a good move by the cop, I don't want anybody to lose their job but, he should face discipline. Gotta be better than that.
  4. We are discussing 2 entirely different things, I simply don't care enough to explain it if you don't get it. It's painfully obvious what CNN was attempting to do with that title.
  5. Just stop, surely you understand what CNN was trying to accomplish with the title...
  6. This is the title. A rise in premature births among Latina women may be linked to Trump's election, study says
  7. Reality


  8. Reality


    No, you invented a narrative that you wanted to exist about me. You are an actual piece of sh!t and you can go fvck yourself.
  9. Reality


    You do realize that those words have different meanings, correct? Don't put words in my mouth and I won't have to correct you. Is that ok with you pumpkin? It's just further proof that you guys toss around the word racism way too much.
  10. Reality


    Yes, of course.
  11. Reality


    I said you have to interject the racism, I never mentioned bigotry. You guys really struggle with this stuff don't you?
  12. Reality

    Maybe instead of vilifying Tyreek

    This is so spot on, the NFL needs to get out of the off the field discipline business all-together. The NFL has been horribly inconsistent at every step.
  13. Reality

    Turkey Burgers

    Nice, I enjoy grinding up the chicken myself. Toss in some spices and whatnot.