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  1. Reality

    Trump's Cognitive Decline

    Another dumb dumb who didn't read the community notes. Bud, don't be a piece of shlt like gutter.
  2. Reality

    Nikki Haley in 2024!

    He ain't wrong.
  3. Meh, paid my loans off the old fashioned way, hard work. Like I said, you fellas just aren't funny. Who's job is it to swap out the shlt bag today, do you handle that yourself or do you hire out for that sort of thing?
  4. Liberals just aren't funny. I could get personal but, I'm gonna leave it be. You've been through enough.
  5. Reality

    Trump's Cognitive Decline

    Lol, hey moron, read the community notes.
  6. It's a good point, only liberals would have a degree so worthless that they couldn't make enough money to pay it off. It's about time one of you useless pieces of shlt started speaking the truth.
  7. Game. Set. Match. We didn't really need these responses from gutter to know what a massive piece of shlt he is. This just further confirms it.
  8. Man, you're a massive piece of shlt. The story you quoted was a lie and has been proven so. You're a garbage human being, gutter.
  9. Reality

    Timmy’s thread for serious discussion and debate

    Like 2 genders?
  10. Reality

    Timmy’s thread for serious discussion and debate

    Yup, the modern day liberal.
  11. Of course, the odds are definitely stacked against them.
  12. LoL, Charlie is 15. It's obviously understood that he'd stay an amateur, regardless. Probably just wanted to see where he stands, he's got some work to do. Who cares, good on the kid for taking a shot.
  13. Yeah, this is a real focking problem. Surely, we can all agree this is absolute bullshit, regardless of your political affiliation.