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  1. makindollaz


    It’s not superflex.
  2. makindollaz


    Actually have 2 picks now in the 1st…my #7 and the #9 I picked up. I gave up my 2nd round pick.
  3. makindollaz


    And we re-draft after this season (guess that makes it not a “true” dynasty), and I figured another year with Kelce was good at TE. Basically came down to will Smith score as much as LaPorta out of a flex spot, and I think there’s a good chance. And doing so moved me up a round in the rookie draft. If not for the re-draft I definitely would have kept LaPorta.
  4. makindollaz


    Did a deal yesterday in one of my leagues that I think I did ok on. Traded LaPorta and the #18 overall pick for Devonte Smith and the #9 overall pick. Also have Kelce, and we re-draft in this league August 2025. WR’s are now Smith, Aiyuk, Hopkins, London & McLaurin.
  5. makindollaz


    I’m in a couple of leagues, that are sort of hybrid dynasty. Not exactly sure how they’d be categorized. One we keep 11, the other we keep 5, and redraft every 3 years.
  6. makindollaz

    Trade: Bills moving WR Stefon Diggs to Texans

    And don’t forget they added Mixon, so defenses can’t just focus on Stroud.
  7. makindollaz

    Trade: Bills moving WR Stefon Diggs to Texans

    With 3 other such strong keepers, I’d go with Stroud. That offense is stacked with weapons now.
  8. makindollaz

    To Early Top Ten

    For WR’s, I think it’s going to come down to personal preference on Hill, Lamb, Chase & Jefferson…also depending on what Minnesota does at QB.
  9. makindollaz

    Justin Fields Traded To... Pittsburgh

    This could actually be genius by Pittsburgh. They get Wilson cheap because of how much he’s getting paid by the Broncos. Fields is groomed for the future, but doesn’t get a massive contract after his rookie deal expires because he’s not starting and blowing up. And gave up practically nothing to get both.
  10. makindollaz

    2024 Free Agency Tracker

    I’d take Shakir as the #2 in Buffalo. As a long suffering Washington fan, Samuels will get you similar overall production as Davis, but around 30 yards a week. Davis will get you 150 in one week, then not show up the next four.
  11. makindollaz

    Time to Hire Some Coaches

    Afraid it’s going to be Quinn. Good DC, but won’t excite the fan base, and as a HC not sure he’s a huge upgrade over Rivera.
  12. makindollaz

    Time to Hire Some Coaches

    Disappointing, but Johnson staying in Detroit. Read he had a pretty high asking price, and made him a gamble with no HC experience.
  13. makindollaz

    Time to Hire Some Coaches

    As a long suffering Washington fan, I think/hope things are in a holding pattern for Johnson. If not him, I’d want MacDonald from Baltimore, but obviously their season isn’t over either.
  14. makindollaz

    Gabe Davis Fantasy Outlook

    I know him having his best game all year in Week 16 was the reason I got knocked out of the semifinals of one of my $ leagues. Of course he returned to form the next week and did nothing, as I outscored both finalists by like 50.
  15. makindollaz

    Top 5 Fantasy Football RBs for 2024

    The RB I’m most interested to see ADP is Achane. He’s electric and can get you 40+ in PPR leagues with yardage bonuses, but does have games where he isn’t as much a factor when he doesn’t hit a homerun or two.