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  1. makindollaz

    Isiah Pacheco Out for Week 14

    I picked up McKinnon. Pacheco is a decent receiver out of the backfield. I’ve went with CEH as a primary RB before, and it hasn’t been very productive.
  2. makindollaz

    FU Week 14

    Guy I’m playing in one of my $ leagues picked up H. Henry off the waiver wire about 2 hours before kickoff to cover McBride’s bye. Didn’t do any damage in the 2nd half, but of course HH has his best game of the season before halftime.
  3. makindollaz

    1st Rd Next Year?

    Curious how Achane will finish the season. He’s such a big play threat he could get some 1st round attention if he closes strong.
  4. makindollaz

    Wtf Dobbs

    As bad as his stat line looked, a couple of those INT’s either bounced off of the receiver, or were at least catchable. Then on the long throw to Addison that went out of bounds, it wasn’t a great throw, but Addison has to do a better job of knowing where he/his feet are. I wouldn’t write him off yet, but last night was a little concerning for the home stretch.
  5. makindollaz

    What do u need Monday night?

    Probably. I just hate the unpredictability of D/ST deciding games. A shootout and you can end up losing points.
  6. makindollaz

    What do u need Monday night?

    2/4 of my $ leagues are already decided. In the other 2, need Fields & Kmet (combined) to outscore Mattison by more than 6. In the other league, need Mattison & Vikings D/ST to outscore Bears D/ST.
  7. makindollaz

    Hardman (to IR), McKinnon, Toney out week 12

    Think I’m going to roll the dice with Rice in one of my flex spots this week.
  8. makindollaz

    De'Von Achane & Khalil Herbert Activated

    Feel like Foreman is only worth a gamble if you think he might get a touch or two inside the 5. But Fields is back too. Herbert is probably worth playing. Achane is a no brainer.
  9. makindollaz

    Kincaid when Knox returns

    I feel confident Kincaid’s role has now been established and won’t change much. He looks the part. Going into 2024 I expect him to be right there with Hockenson, Andrews & LaPorta as the “next best” after Kelce.
  10. makindollaz

    Kyler Murray Expectations?

    I’m in a similar situation with Tua on bye, but Heineke is the best WW option, so I’m going with Murray and hope for some production. At least my opponent has a much rougher bye week than I do.
  11. makindollaz

    Bears get Sweat

    Also got a notification that Chase Young is going to the 49’ers for a 3rd. Washington really cleaning house.
  12. makindollaz

    For those teams in first

    It’s kinda funny actually. Her husband is in the league and hardcore. Spends hours each week on his teams, is the first person to put in a waiver claim for the backup when a key starter gets hurt, at draft time can tell you just about everyone’s ADP without looking. Only reason she played is because we needed a 14th for an even number…she barely watches…so now everyone gives him crap about needing to check with her first before he makes a move since she’s 7-0 and leading the league in scoring by 200 points.
  13. makindollaz

    For those teams in first

    Obviously skill is needed to be consistently good in FFB, but in one of my free leagues (a casual friend league) a girl we know drafted Tyreek in the first, then Tua, Mostert & Achane in the middle/late rounds because she likes the Dolphin colors. It’s not always skill
  14. makindollaz

    For those teams in first

    Find a Time Machine, go back in time about 8 weeks, and draft Tyreek Hill. I’m in 5 leagues…3 pay, 2 free. The #1 team in all 5 has Tyreek Hill on their roster. 3 of the 5 are undefeated.
  15. makindollaz

    TNF Discussion: Buccaneers at Bills - Wk8

    Yeah, figured he’d only be available by trade in most leagues, but after last night probably not available cheap.