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  1. makindollaz

    Early keeper advice

    I’d keep Pittman & Dotson, and coin flip the other 2. I don’t trust Thomas much at all.
  2. makindollaz

    DeAndre Hopkins Released

    Of those, the Eagles & Chargers would appear to have the least need for a guy capable of being a legit #1, at worst #2 WR. KC he would be the top guy (at least at WR) and in Buffalo the #2.
  3. makindollaz

    So assuming Cook isn’t a Viking next season…

    Remember that MN can’t spend a lot on a RB if they move on from Cook. The primary reason they’re considering it is cost savings/cap related. They re-signed Mattison to a 2 year deal that’s an increase for him, but still relatively reasonable for a starter.
  4. makindollaz

    So assuming Cook isn’t a Viking next season…

    Seems odd to me that Zeke, Fournette & Hunt haven’t been signed yet. Have a feeling after the Cook domino drops, it’ll impact the others. Cook is the best available left that could or will be on a new team next year.
  5. makindollaz

    So assuming Cook isn’t a Viking next season…

    Good question. From what I’ve read online, I get the impression it’s somewhere around 75/25 that Cook does NOT return to Minnesota. As for Mattison, I’d expect his ADP in 12 team PPR redraft to be… 1. If Cook leaves, and no vet signing happens, early 3rd round 2. If Cook leaves, and a vet (Zeke, Hunt, Fournette) is signed, it pushes AM to the 5th round range 3. If Cook stays, AM around the 8th round
  6. How high does Mattison’s ADP jump? Right now he’s in the 80’s-90’s range in PPR. Think he becomes a top 30 guy as a starter if Cook is traded or cut? I took a gamble and traded Javonte Williams and the #12 pick in our rookie draft for Mattison and the #3 pick. Perine owner wouldn’t budge on a trade for him at a reasonable cost, and didn’t want to take a chance on Williams being JK Dobbins 2022.
  7. makindollaz

    Off-season News

    I’ve got like 8 guys on my keeper roster right now who either have dreads or braids.
  8. makindollaz

    D'Andre Swift Headed to the Eagles

    Would be my RB4 so figured it was low risk high reward on the chance he did actually play 12-13 games.
  9. makindollaz

    D'Andre Swift Headed to the Eagles

    Had been holding onto Penny in a keeper league, but probably not now. Too many mouths to feed and a QB who runs a lot in the RZ. Fortunately have that QB in the same league. Maybe I can get a bench WR from the Swift owner.
  10. makindollaz

    David Montgomery Headed to Detroit

    Maybe that’s what the Bears are thinking at 9.
  11. makindollaz

    NFLPA First ever Team Report Cards

    Before I even scrolled down, I said to myself “no way the Commanders are anywhere but 32nd”. This sale can’t happen fast enough…about 23 years past due.
  12. makindollaz

    UPDATE: Derek Carr headed to the Saints

    It’s not everyone’s cup of tea. It’s one of my favorite cities in the country.
  13. makindollaz

    Dynasty 1.2 - Where to go

    But the question cavern asked is a valid one. It’s hard to gauge who should be slotted where until after the NFL draft. A better QB might be going to a horrible situation…bad OL, very few weapons. Or a situation where the team wants him to sit for a year to learn behind a vet. If the 2nd or 3rd best QB is going to a much better situation, that could bump their fantasy draft stock up.
  14. makindollaz

    What do we do with Fantasy Final now?

    Definitely don’t like the idea of playing the championships over in week 18. 15/16 games completed this week.
  15. The $ leagues I’m playing in are in “wait and see” mode until something final. A couple of suggestions being bounced around… 1. Take the average PPR for the season so far from the Bills/Bengals players and add that to this week’s total 2. Let folks use the highest scoring player(s) on their bench at that position, to sub in for Bills/Bengals players