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  1. Zackattack

    Miami Dolphins hire new head coach

    I am glad we hired him over the other options out there. Jeff Fisher was overrated I believe. The guy was not in the playoffs all that often. He was what 150-120? He was good but far from great.
  2. Zackattack

    Dolphins in 2012-2013

    The present QB situation is temporary I would hope. It sucks that Barkley and Okla QB didn't turn pro. It will be hard for the Fins to get lucky and land RG3. From what I understand they may stand pat with Moore otherwise. Not exciting but the team did end the season strong.
  3. Zackattack


    Thanks FFToday I agree. I was all over this board and took Stafford in 3 out of 4 leagues.
  4. I need him. I am playing him over Maclin.
  5. Zackattack

    Hakeem Nicks

    I think it was a 9 yard play. just be prepared for a stat change.
  6. Zackattack

    Hakeem Nicks

    I was watching the game looking at CBS scoring and it never changed Nicks 7 catches. The TV screen showed catches for 160+ yards. I saw it and was playing agianst Nicks. I was happy but I would expect a stat correction.
  7. Zackattack

    "Novak Relieved"

    I work in a restaurant and there were kids who saw that and mentioned it during the game. Bright one NFL.
  8. Zackattack

    RB in the Flex a luxury these days

    I have pulled the mid round steal for 2 straight years with Rice (2009)and Foster (2010) I thought this years would be Felix Jones. A great preseason has me sold. I took him in 3 leagues in the 4rth or 5th round. Painful need I say more. I still have done well add/dropping off the wire all year. Trading or doing anything I can to make runs at titles. No preseason has screwed up football this year.
  9. Zackattack

    Kregg Lumpkin

    I agree I picked him up and plugged him in. I am in a bind with Foster on a bye. I am missing 3 starters. I started K.Hunter as a RB and him as a flex. I bet he catches 6-10 passes and gets 60-90 yards total. He will be in there all the time as they fall behind quickly.
  10. Zackattack

    Top 5 RB for 2012

    DMAC has proven he cannot hold up. He is not a top 5 guy based on that. I can agree with Foster, Shady, Rice, AP and Forte. There will always be a new one every year.
  11. Zackattack

    Roy Helu on the fantasy trade market...

    After reading this post I turned down Mendenhall for helu. I haven't seen Mendy do much all year. Would you guys keep helu are trade him for mendy? maybe the Steelers figure out how to run come playoff time.
  12. Zackattack

    How many of you

    I have been playing 20 years now. I don't remember when the byes started.
  13. Zackattack

    D. Murray

    AS a Felix Jones owner I figure he would be focked. I guess we will see. I can see a 60/40 split with murray being the main guy. Felix can still be productive like that. Not like anyone who drafted him expected or anything. I think they will both be flex options at best.
  14. Zackattack

    Chris Johnson going forward?

    I am banking on it. Traded Mcgahee and Torian for him last week when he was on a bye.
  15. Zackattack

    Crazy to bench Vincent Jackson this week?

    Never bench your studs guys c'mon??? Revis got burned by Marshall. He will get burned again. That TD return was BS. He gets too many calls. jackson can bully him and will. he played against Gates from what I remember too some of the time.