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    H.R. 1

    Problem is that the 'unwashed masses' get their information from CNN and FOX.
  2. Flipper

    Once Upon A Time .. in Hollywood 2019

    Any chance he's suggesting that the whole 'helter skelter' thing was intended for someone other than those that got it?
  3. Flipper

    Who’s drinkin tonight?

    Cheers all! Time to turn on the closed caption thingy.
  4. Flipper

    Snow day in Michigan

    Michigan ... I shoveled AND threw mechanically ...
  5. Flipper

    Snow day in Michigan

    Still in Montana?
  6. Flipper

    What You Eating Or Making For SB ?

    That is the recipe I'd like to have ... along with the recipe that let's me escape to the annual card game ...
  7. Flipper

    Coronavirus - Doomsday

    So if you rule out underlying health issues what's left? Blood type?
  8. Flipper

    BLM's turn at the Capitol

    Forgot North Korea ...
  9. Flipper

    BLM's turn at the Capitol

    Are they capable of understanding that you might have voted 'Republican' or 'Conservative' and not necessarily for Trump?
  10. Flipper

    New You Tube Guitarist I'm in love with

    Not Yngwie but hope for the future!!
  11. And so will be the rest of the country
  12. Flipper

    protesters tear down barricades and storm US Capitol

    About the time when Kapernick lost his marble?
  13. Flipper

    Favorite baseball player

    Fidrych as a kid ... Jim Palmer a close second ...
  14. Flipper

    New Corey Taylor song

  15. Flipper

    Trump may preemptively pardon the cabal

    Unless he pardon's their 'cabal' ...
  16. Flipper

    Stock Talk Bone Broth

    We make 'broth' using the Thanksgiving turkey carcass but do not clean it to the bone beforehand. Why the need to boil and clean multiple times? Is it a concern only with the pork source?
  17. Flipper

    The Mandalorian....

    Looks like Jeremy Renner ...
  18. Interesting - and explains why he isn't here to revel in the riots. Link?
  19. One could take this in such a way to presume you are leaving out details ...
  20. Flipper

    DNA Results!!! I have been lied to

    Didn't someone mention that China is buying these sites? Welcome to the new World ...
  21. Flipper

    Did my first GoRuck yesterday

    This seems pretty cool. Have to mention it to the son. Considering the social climate you could have opted for carrying a log instead ....
  22. How does G Max fit into this equation?
  23. Flipper

    Nevada Hell Yeah!

    This sums it up for me.
  24. Flipper

    How low we’ve gone.

    I suspect that the riots might have continued or were worse than anyone realizes - and the media just simply laid-off reporting news in lieu of propaganda ...