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  1. Flipper

    Always lie about Covid. And Herpes

    I agree with this. No clear direction ... just misdirection.
  2. Flipper

    [** Official President Joe Biden Thread **]

    In other words 'control of our money'. Since they fail at every step to tax the uber-wealthy they have set their sights on the middle-class.
  3. Flipper

    Just got my Booster jab!

    Are you subject to the mandate?
  4. Flipper

    Just got my Booster jab!

    How are you skirting the mandate?
  5. Flipper

    Why don't people dress appropriately anymore?

    They's f@gz ....
  6. Flipper

    *OFFICIAL* I'm Retired $#@!

    Congrats, skids. Some of us were chatting about retirement (early and otherwise) on a telecon and it seems some go crazy and end up going back to work just to pass the time. Considering the detailed post on gambling I think this will not be you.
  7. Flipper

    Drone geeks: looking for advice

    If you're in a remote wooded setting will a hawk take offense to the invasion of its airspace and bring the drone to a forest grave?
  8. Don't forget to add that our government is very concerned about a resurgence and is now opening its borders to the rest of the world where the pandemic is surging again. Guess it's not about having it everywhere we turn - it's just about getting the juice.
  9. Flipper

    I need your help to achieve a personal goal, Geeks

    Or pay the receptionist to get it on with the therapist and leak the vid!
  10. Flipper

    Skynet now self aware and is "woke"

    I don't want to goggle this an have it attached to my i p. what is this sna agnles?
  11. Flipper

    New York Nets - no shot, no play Kyrie

    I really do not believe he chose to not be around his teammates. He simply chose not to get the vaccine. Nice spin by the GM ...
  12. Flipper

    I guess somebody's got to say it..

    Prawn enchiladas? Doesn't sound right ...
  13. Flipper

    I guess somebody's got to say it..

    That Florida 'meth' body with a face that doesn't match ...
  14. Flipper

    Another border crisis

    Specifics aside - I tend to wonder the same. If the rest of the world (choose the country or region from which an immigrant hails from) is doing 'it' the right way then why in the f0ck are you here?
  15. I think the vaxxed are a bit more cavalier since the vaccine was made available. I think it's an even split. While the vax might keep someone out of the hospital the issue is that no one talks about how the vaxxed might be as guilty of keeping the pandemic going.