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  1. Secret Asian Man

    Other Things Coal Miners Can Do

    Someone would come out with a picture of them leaving the coal mine and claim they were wearing black face.
  2. Secret Asian Man

    Other Things Coal Miners Can Do

    NFL Referee.
  3. Secret Asian Man

    Congrats Joe Biden on becoming a Grandfather

    Wart Disney decrare Bankluptcy 7 times.
  4. OK. I get on dat light away.
  5. Secret Asian Man

    Actors I'm sick of seeing anymore.

    Ruined Joker for me.
  6. Secret Asian Man

    Dont fock with cats documentary on netflix

    Questions like, did he drive from Canada to film the work place of the chick that was in the internet group that were researching him?
  7. Secret Asian Man

    All alias’s check in here

    Flake news!
  8. Secret Asian Man

    Actors I'm sick of seeing anymore.

    He row and row buggeh and neveh frick it. Maybe he eat it?
  9. Secret Asian Man

    What if we get refugees here?

    I makey wahl. It be greatestestest eveh.
  10. Secret Asian Man

    Whose getting a pair of these??

    Which of you guys neuter Sux?
  11. Secret Asian Man

    Best grilled cheese sammich

    You add onion then it a mert. Not a glirr cheese.
  12. Secret Asian Man

    Christmas munchies

    You mom!
  13. Secret Asian Man

    Masked Singer...

    Guy wiff massive asshoe call someone erse gay?
  14. That should make it arr the mole obvious who it is.
  15. That sound more rike Pakistani name than Asian.
  16. You shourd be ashame!
  17. Secret Asian Man

    I Wore A Butt Plug For 5 Days

    If tlee faw in woods and no one there, does butt prug pop out?
  18. Secret Asian Man

    It’s okay to be white

    Dis tlue. I just make masterpiece in toiret.
  19. Secret Asian Man

    Straight Pride Parade is tomorrow! August 31

    Super Bowl Victory Parade
  20. Secret Asian Man

    This place is dead today.

    You blackristed flom Hopsings. You name names.
  21. Secret Asian Man

    Andrew Luck Retiring?

    Swearengen! He/him cocsucker! Or is it him/he? Rike engrish not clazy ‘nuf, now fockers add this he/him pile of panda $hit.