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    DeSantis’ Florida continues to persecute academic freedom

    Now do the Chinese and Asian immigrants. The Chinese Exclusionary Act. The racism they faced at all levels. Yet the Asians overcame all of the hatred, racism (still today), Laws specifically targeting Asians/Chinese, and are thriving as American citizens. Thriving so much we need to racially discriminate against them again, say like college admissions. Yay!!! diversity. This country is moving backwards under the guise of progression. Segregation is the new integration. It's gross.
  2. crackattack

    NCAA Hoops '22-'23

    That was ugly.
  3. crackattack

    NCAA Hoops '22-'23

    Big game today for IU. Hope they can keep it going. Purdue needs to handle business at home. Good luck
  4. crackattack

    NCAA Hoops '22-'23

    Kansas is on a roll! Eta. 23 at home?
  5. Every time I see McKenzie Roth on local news. She just had a kid like 8 months or so ago too. https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=https://www.instagram.com/mckinzieroth/%3Fhl%3Den&ved=2ahUKEwi0jbrnmNf8AhXYkYkEHSo9CVYQFnoECAwQAQ&usg=AOvVaw3XSsSG898X0Cx7cMPQvTsN
  6. Geek club members don't worry about a mere 175$. That's pocket change.
  7. crackattack

    NCAA Hoops '22-'23

    Last 2 games have been pretty impressive. I really like that Hood-Schafino kid. Is he a 1 and done?
  8. crackattack

    MLB 2023

    Can't wait to see how the Guardians youngsters do this year. If they hit a sophomore slump or continue to improve. Would love one more proven bat, say a Reynolds trade, but the asking price is ridiculous.
  9. crackattack

    Do you believe politicians launder money

    I absolutely think they do insider trading. I think they get ridiculously large amounts for "speaking fees". Actual money laundering? I don't know. You'd think that'd be harder to get away with. Nothing would surprise me tho. Eta. I guess you have to be out of politics for lecture fees.
  10. crackattack

    NCAA Hoops '22-'23

    Big sigh of relief by every Boiler fan!
  11. crackattack

    NCAA Hoops '22-'23

    Not a good day for ranked teams. 5, 9, 11, 14, 15, 16, 18, 19, 20 and 24 all lost today. With 7 and 10 currently losing.
  12. Malcolm X was right about white liberals. Just leave it at that.
  13. crackattack

    No topic on George Santos?

    It is
  14. crackattack

    No topic on George Santos?

    My point was about deferments. Blumenthal is trash for lying about serving in Vietnam. In all honesty he should have Stolen Valor slapped on him. My only point was most well to do politicians don't serve in the military during wartime or see combat. They're special that way.
  15. crackattack

    No topic on George Santos?

    Now do Clinton, Bush, Trump and ever other well to do politicians old enough to serve in Vietnam. Most got deferments.
  16. crackattack

    No topic on George Santos?

    He needs to go. The party of law and order is ok with a complete fraud. Zero accountability as long as S!DeS!!
  17. crackattack

    Amazon Prime - $150 a year - Why should I keep it?

    Less then 15$ bucks a month for streaming prime, sports and next day shipping. Yeah I'm still in.
  18. crackattack

    are you like your dad?

    No. I'm like my mom's dad. My older brother is almost identical to my late father.
  19. crackattack

    Gov. Chris Sununu

    He's not bombastic enough. I'm telling you he wouldn't win over the Trump crowd. Solid conservative values and the ability to reach across the isle, you know compromise, is considered weak nowadays. Gotta insult and own the libs in order to win the GOP presidential primary.
  20. crackattack

    Gov. Chris Sununu

    I like him. He's probably couldn't win over the Trump wing of the Conservative party. He'd be considered a RINO probably.
  21. crackattack

    Trump's residence raided by the FBI

    Gotta agree here. That was intentional. No way a life long politician doesn't know this is wrong. No way.
  22. Exploitation in the guise of free market capitalism.
  23. crackattack

    NCAA Hoops '22-'23

    I was. Great road win for Purdue coming off a terrible loss at home.
  24. Tim has said we should take anyone that comes here legal or illegal. He's made the comments that America isn't close to full and we have plenty of room/resources for them or something like that. That was directed at Tim, not the entire Democratic base.