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  1. Focking 88 here. Should be mid upper 70s. It's going to be 90 tomorrow, 91, 91, 90 next few days.
  2. God yes. And some of the conservative viewpoints on this would make Reagan roll over in his grave. I remember a few years back, if you supported Rand Paul you was damn near considered un-American. A isolationist. Unpatriotic. Now it's all the rage.
  3. I'm not treating them like murderers and rapists. That's liberal logic equating illegal immigrants to murderers and rapists. I call them what they are. Illegal immigrants or asylum seeking immigrants. If they murder or rape someone then they're called those terms. You guys are trying to twist language again to suit your interests.
  4. Can a human being cross over our boarder illegally, and be considered an illegal immigrant? Is that not factual by it's very definition? How is truth considered rude and offensive? They are literally here illegally.
  5. crackattack

    Where And What Is The Coolst Places You’ve Ever Been

    All over Italy and Greece. Mexico too.
  6. crackattack

    I find it hard to not see trans as mental illness...

    Why aren't these people arrested for indecent exposure?
  7. crackattack

    I find it hard to not see trans as mental illness...

    Great post . Women, real women, need to lead the charge on this nonsense. The complete destruction of language to suit these lunatics is extremely dangerous to women imo. The gains women have made are being destroyed by men wanting to invade your space. Liberal men wanting the removal of women spaces to appease other men is disgusting and weak. Fathers, husbands, uncles, brother etc, shouldn't want grown men nude or undressing in front of their daughters, wife, sister, niece etc. It's a sickness that shouldn't be tolerated.
  8. crackattack

    Is Miller Lite Woke Now?

    I liked it. True homage to real women, and kind of funny. Well done Miller Lite . That's the way to do woke. If that's considered woke????
  9. No. Desantis Sununu RFK Jr.
  10. crackattack

    Sonia Sotomayor - Typical corrupt Lib

    This better? Also hits Judge Gorsuch. https://www.cnn.com/2023/05/04/politics/sonia-sotomayor-neil-gorsuch-book-recusal-supreme-court-cases/index.html
  11. crackattack

    Good job soldier!!!

    He did say he was ready to die . FAFO I guess.
  12. You should know better........cause sides.
  13. crackattack

    Nobody needs to own an AR-15

    This. Great post.