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  1. crackattack

    NFL TV Ratings Reasoning

    It's gotta be somewhere in the 90% sjw bullcrap as the reasoning. I don't tune in to see names on helmets (of mostly criminals) and kneeling for the anthem. But that's just me.
  2. crackattack

    TNF TV Ratings

    I'm surprised it's only 16% down to be honest. I was expecting somewhere in the 20-30 range.
  3. crackattack

    When Trump loses?

    I'm just repeating Trumps words . I guess he's a hack also??
  4. crackattack

    When Trump loses?

    Awesome!!!! That dude has a legit pathway to victory! Thanks for posting tho
  5. crackattack

    Oppression by the minority

    We all know this. My question was different. But thanks for the reply
  6. Meh. I don't watch much NBA, but Nash will be great! Mark my words.
  7. crackattack

    Oppression by the minority

    If Republicans keep winning the white house, while losing the majority vote, how long do you see this as viable? 1. The majority never takes kindly to being ruled that way. 2. Yes I know it's mostly coastal states. 3. But there are large cities and towns in the "red areas" that matter. IE: Chicago, Houston, Atlanta, Detroit, etc etc. This seems to me the biggest problem of our republic going forward. Oppression by the minority. Thoughts?
  8. crackattack

    When Trump loses?

    Just ramblings of a sociopath
  9. crackattack

    When Trump loses?

    Even if he wins??
  10. crackattack

    When Trump loses?

  11. crackattack

    When Trump loses?

    Will it be legit? Will people accept it? Is it the end of America (like what's been said for the last few elections)? Well?
  12. crackattack

    Bronan is lighting up Antifaguys

    He got me too. 3 months in the hole
  13. crackattack

    Do you like Black licorice?

  14. crackattack

    Bronan is lighting up Antifaguys

    I'm serving a 3 month banning
  15. crackattack

    Favorite actor in your favorite movie of theirs

    Daniel Day Lewis. There will be blood In the name of the father The last of the mohicans My left foot The Boxer Gangs of new york Lincoln Damn near everything he does is gold.