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    Devonte Booker or Alex Collins ?

    I'm loaded at RB but just building depth for my bench, they're both available, I think Carson is done for the year. I'm not real confident in Saquan staying healthy the rest of the year. Who would you pick up in a 1/2 pt PPR LEAGUE ?
  2. fatguylittlecoat

    2nd half breakout

    You just listed a good chunk of my team , Pitts, Toney, Javonte Williams, Jeudy.... hoping for 2nd half domination !
  3. I've learned ESPN's forecast isn't always a good guide. Mattison is 17.5 pts and Williams is 9.5. I like the potential of Javonte today vs a lowly JETS team where they'll be running early and often and late into the game. MN could get down early and turn to their WR's. Any sound advice would be most appreciated, thank you !
  4. fatguylittlecoat

    Buy, Sell

    you are correct sir
  5. fatguylittlecoat

    Thin at WR, Need Bandaid FAST !

    Jeudy was my WR3 so I need someone to fill in while he is out. Please rank these four WR's for the remaining of the year season, not just for week 3 or the short term. I want to acquire and hold. 1. Mecole Hardman - Like the high octane Offense and it appears he's the # 2 WR 2. Michael Pittman Jr - Big target, seems to be the WR # 1 but not too enamored with Colts offense 3. Darnell Mooney - He seems to always be open, regardless of Dalton or Fields, this guy is really good 4. Rondale Moore - Certainly has the speed, could be feast or famine or he may be starting a big year with his unique talent ANY INPUT WOULD BE APPRECIATED , THANKS !
  6. fatguylittlecoat

    possible Ekeler injury?

    If anyone knows that silly SOB Matthew Berry, kick him square in the vagina for me. His Ride or Die statement on a guy who has historical hamstring issues ought to be pistol whipped live on air until he cries out, you're right, I'm a dumb a$$.
  7. fatguylittlecoat

    Don't forget AJ Green

    He's physically on his last leg. I would look elsewhere.
  8. fatguylittlecoat

    Build Depth, Wait On Key Positions

    Here are just a few of my philosophies for this year's draft. If you're not in a good spot to get the top 3 or 4 TE's, wait and I mean wait until your very last pick and go after a guy who has as much talent but there are too many question marks circling his season, ie, Chris Herndon. If you can't get the top 6 QB's, wait for a Matt Stafford, Trevor Lawrence and then back them up with a Trey Lance late. That way you will be able to build valuable depth at both RB and WR. LET'S HEAR YOUR PLAYERS YOU'RE GOING TO WAIT ON.
  9. fatguylittlecoat

    Player's at the 1st Turn

    We have a 12 Team, 1/2 pt PPR so I'm seeing players such as: 1. Austin Ekeler 2. Aaron Jones 3. Antonio Gibson 4. Najee Harris 5. Stefan Diggs 6. DK Metcalf 7. Deandre Hopkins 8. C.E.H Available at 12 and 13th pick, on a very rare occasion I'll see Nick Chubb and will scoop him up if he's available but if not, I'm leaning towards Austin Ekeler and Najee or C.E.H. . I don't want Mixon so I didn't even list him and I'm leery on Aaron Jones. I guess what keeps me pointed to RB's in the first round is the depth at the position at WR. Am I missing anyone who should be on this list or do you like any of them above ?
  10. fatguylittlecoat

    Player's at the 1st Turn

    At that point Henderson was the best available so it made sense to pick up Mahomes vs a lesser ranked RB.
  11. fatguylittlecoat

    Player's at the 1st Turn

    I ripped off the bandaid and tried the WR / WR , 12 team PPR mock, Davante Adams and Tyreek were still available so I scooped them up and then went Darrell Henderson and Mahomes and then went into scramble mode to pick up Mike Davis , Raheem Mostert and back up rookie to 49ers. I am certainly more than ok with getting Tyreek and Davante 1st, 2nd pick but that is a rarity. 12 hole is starting to feel not so bad.
  12. fatguylittlecoat

    Player's at the 1st Turn

    You concerned with the Steelers less than average O Line ? Najee will get his head beaten in.
  13. I'm mocked out... I've discovered I like going RB, RB then WR, WR. I tried going WR/RB or vice versa but the pickings on RB at the 3rd and 4th round leaves me with Darrel Henderson Jr or similar. I've scooped up RB's at 12th / 13th pick such as Ekeler, Najee, Aaron Jones and Chubb and come back with Keenan Allen, Robert Woods or occasionally C.D. Lamb. I like getting another RB in 5th or 6th round and my best scenario is when Justin Hebert is still around in the sixth so I can pick up a Myhles Gaskin, Jevonte Williams or Raheem Mostert or similar in the 5th. I picked up Lamar Jackson in the 5th in one mock but the cupboard was empty for RB's in the 6th. IF ANYONE HAS ANY GREAT IDEAS ON HANDLING THE 12 HOLE SPOT IN THE FIRST SIX ROUNDS, PLEASE SHARE.
  14. fatguylittlecoat

    Hey 12 Hole Compadres, Let's Solidify A Plan !

    I guess I see bigger gap between an Ekeler , Aaron Jones or Najee to Henderson Jr than I do D.K. / Diggs to Keenan Allen or CD Lamb who I have a man crush on. There's only one Mock I was not able to get Lamb in the 3rd / 4th. ENJOY THE STEELERS / COWBOYS GAME TONIGHT !
  15. fatguylittlecoat

    Hey 12 Hole Compadres, Let's Solidify A Plan !

    It's about a 23 pick wait until the next round so you could make an argument that Patrick Mahomes is one of the best playera and you don't see him going into at least the 3rd round.
  16. fatguylittlecoat

    Build Depth, Wait On Key Positions

    That's my same struggle, I see players like Dak or Hebert who will put up 300 yds more than not with multiple TD's, throw in some rushing yds for Dak and I see them both putting up 30 pts + week after week. Big weeks are more frequent with a good QB and the difference is much greater than a good RB or WR, our scoring system gives 6 pts to QB for rushing or passing.
  17. fatguylittlecoat

    Axe Elf Guides Your Draft

    Chargers offensive coordinator is Joe Lombardi, he's in a great spot to succeed. I hope Chargers deals one of their RB's to Rams..,. that would be wonderful for Ekeler.
  18. fatguylittlecoat

    Have WR's Replaced RB's as Must Haves?

    Top back like Henry or Cook at # 3 , Tyreek Hill at # 7 , you can get an RB1 on the way back
  19. fatguylittlecoat

    Week 16 MNF What Do You Need?

    can you imagine having Kamara and losing ? Wow and congrats !
  20. Jeff Wilson Jr. ... Just trying to release any crazy ideas of why I should sit Kamara... I'd hate to watch him lay an egg on Friday night and have that hurdle to overcome on Sunday. I have David Montgomery , Kamara and Wilson Jr . Here are my thoughts on Wilson: 1. He will be the Bell Cow - 20 carries I suspect should equate to 100 + yds 2. He can catch the ball, added yards 3. With that much volume, you can almost guarantee a TD, possibly two 4. Don't see Arizona running away with this game, hence more rushing volume for JWJR 5. With Michael Thomas out, D's will key more on Kamara / run. Minnesota is an avg D CRAZY ????
  21. fatguylittlecoat

    Weather in Green Bay! SNOW!

    if anything, Snow helps offense
  22. fatguylittlecoat

    Any Legitimate Reason I should Sit Kamara and Start...

    I didn't start to watch the game until early in the 4th Qtr. I started Kamara, it's my pre-game warm up to go thru any crazy ideas like benching Kamara and starting potentially high ceiling guys like Jeff Wilson Jr... just need heavy doses of rationale. MERRY CHRISTMAS !!!!!
  23. fatguylittlecoat

    Alvin Kamara ties Ernie Nevers

    Didn't watch it until early in the 4th Qtr. My son was going up agains Kamara in his league and he told me that Kamara had at least 4, maybe 5 TD's so far. I looked towards the heavens and said thank you baby Jesus ! Nothing like starting the week with 57.5 points which was roughly double his projection. Thank You Alvin Kamara and Merry Christmas !
  24. fatguylittlecoat

    Week 16 need 2 WR

    Brown and YAC Boy, Emanuel Sanders is on borrowed time
  25. fatguylittlecoat

    Any Legitimate Reason I should Sit Kamara and Start...

    I'm rolling with David Montgomery as my # 2 RB