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  1. Portis26

    Mock NFL Draft?

    1.3 Marquise Goodwin WR Raiders stick to there guns & take fastest 40 at combine.. (4.27)
  2. Portis26

    Pierre Garcon

    RG3 will make up the difference in % of health that Garçon won't have
  3. Portis26

    Tavon Austin - Draft Profile

    Big hype Small production on field IMO - -
  4. Portis26

    Niners sign Nnamdi Asomugha

    X2 lol
  5. Portis26

    SuperBowl 2013/14 Odds

    Seattle 12-1 Houston 14-1 Giants 20-1 Wash 28-1 My 4 picks .
  6. Portis26


    #3 fantasy WR #2 real football WR Will be #1 option in Jax
  7. Portis26

    Your 2 Favorite NFL Players

    Steve Largent John Riggens Two different personalities ... 2 great players
  8. Portis26

    My Breakout TE this Year...

    Fred Davis
  9. Portis26

    name that player

    Duh... It's Tony Homo
  10. Portis26

    Is it time?

    yuck! R u that guy who leaves game with 5 min left in 4th or the 7th inning to beat traffic? I'm trying to compare not playing week 17 to something we can all relate too. The last minutes can stink - most of time it does- but when it doesn't stink, suck, not fun to stay and watch - it usually is something we all talk about for a while. Memories happen .., so stick it out for week 17 and when something good happens.. It's more memorable then stuff that normally happens. Like Lee Suggs gaining 100+ yards on last game of season vs Miami (in miami no less) which helped me win a championship. I still have a #44 Browns Lee Suggs jersey and wear it with Pride lol So I'm just saying - good things happen in week 17 - u just gotta go find them!
  11. Portis26

    Honey Badger

    STEAL of the 2013 NFL draft Washington Redskins @ pick 51
  12. Portis26

    Tavon Austin Reminds me of Barry Sanders

    can't believe someone actually said this out loud, lol that's like saying I remind you of Peyton Manning because I can throw the ball through a tire hoop. lol
  13. Portis26

    Is it time?

    If you don't include week 17 then your league is weak. Play the whole season or don't play. So u don't have all your studs week 17... That's life. You gotta adjust on fly, play for week 17. Pansy league not including week 17 Basically leagues that end at week 16 is for amateurs , people who just do it to stay close with friends, reason to grab some brews - not for hardcore players
  14. Hope Skin bring Hall back Wasn't happy losing Lo Alexander (LB) Restructures of Carriker/Moss/Merriweather is ehh. Merriiweather hopefully plays this year Giving up first rounder for RG3 - yup Hoping we land honeybadger is 2nd