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  1. It looks like in this case a dictator is giving gun rights. There are many such cases of dictatorships allowing guns though. Central America is a perfect example, ie Honduras. Gun ownership does not designate the type of government. A dictatorship is a ruler with absolute power in their county, ie Putin.
  2. I have had 3 close Russian coworkers, all female and all in the 35-45 range. One of them was from a group of people that the Russian government oppressed. She obviously hated the government. Another I did talk to her about it and her husband is a UK national and she wanted citizenship in either the US or UK. I did talk politics with her occasionally over the years and it was clear she preferred western government. The last coworker, and the only one I still work with, I have never brought politics up. While I have meetings with her 3-4 times a month we have never really talked about our personal lives with each other.
  3. They are not moving towards a free society. It was just within the last couple years that they essentially made Putin dictator for life. They are moving away from free society at a rapid pace.
  4. Why do you love Russia's government so much. Not even my Russian coworkers, who honestly love Russia, actually like their government.
  5. There is not going to be a civil war. Period. Russia is a dictatorship. Period. Russia's government is not good and sadly will probably not be good in our lifetime.
  6. You realize that Putin removed term limits and kills his opposition. Do you understand what a dictatorship is?
  7. A government like north korea would be 0, Belarus/Venezuela 1, china/Russia 2, western Europe and united states 3-5 range.
  8. The news since March has not been so great.
  9. Damn straight I ignore what politicians say, they all lie. I would rather wait and see what they do.
  10. It aged fine, at the time it was just a one month blip is not unusual. The administration failed to react though and let it turn into an issue.
  11. Hopefully the government can get it under control quickly. I am not holding my breath though.
  12. MTSkiBum

    Coronavirus - Doomsday

    Bay city, Texas. It was easier to get an appointment in a small town versus Houston area. At the time almost all of my coworkers and friends drove quite a distance to be vaccinated.