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  1. MTSkiBum

    Fishing With (Bikini Girl) Luiza

    I have managed to catch half a wahoo a few years ago nightime jigging for tuna. The problem around here is the barracuda and sharks. Once you get a fish on you have to get it to the boat before it gets eaten.
  2. MTSkiBum

    i ~stick

    I thought vudu said he would take the team?
  3. MTSkiBum

    What is Killing American White Men?

    Heart disease and cancer would be my guess. I did not watch the video though.
  4. MTSkiBum

    TTU bet to win $300k

    That only works if you have 95,000 dollars cash laying around?
  5. MTSkiBum

    'Woke' People are the Real Racists

    I think the media is in a race to find the people with the furthest views from center. People do not like to read stories from rational normal people. NYT realizes that if they publish stories such as this one, that it has a chance of going viral and getting shared throughout the internet. There are very few people that feel like the author, but they still have business reasons to push this story. Do not consider people like this author to be the majority of even the far left. This is just the media trying to influence people and make money.
  6. MTSkiBum

    I bought grounds instead of K cups

    You are, globally your income is in the top 1%.
  7. I love my wife, and had a good time dating in my 20's. I only ever dated one crazy chick the majority are quite sane even if we did not match up on goals and beliefs.
  8. MTSkiBum

    Steep Declines For MLB Opening Day on ESPN

    When does the MLB season start this year? In 1-2 weeks?
  9. MTSkiBum

    New Yeti Product

    Also https://gearjunkie.com/yeti-scooter-stationary-e-bike-more-our-favorite-april-fools-jokes
  10. MTSkiBum

    New Yeti Product

    https://stories.yeti.com/story/falcon For a cool 4,120.19
  11. MTSkiBum

    I bought grounds instead of K cups

    Placebo effect. https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/blog/minding-the-body/201112/how-cup-decaf-can-give-you-caffeine-buzz
  12. MTSkiBum


    All this hate for ch, but Moz owes me 200 and other geeks hundreds as well. Where is the hate for him? I do not hate Moz, I just think there is a double standard.
  13. MTSkiBum

    Sabrina the teenaged witch nude?

    Did she explain it all?
  14. MTSkiBum

    Drone fishing. Coolest evah!

    Fishing has never been more popular although in reality it is neither decreasing nor increasing in popularity. https://www.statista.com/statistics/247674/fishing-licenses-in-the-us/ As far as the video, that is a large bluegill. They are pretty easy to catch though, some of the stupidest, most aggressive fish out there.