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  1. MTSkiBum

    Division Title Game next week....

    I could win by 100 points! edit 95
  2. MTSkiBum

    Going To Get The Toyota Inspected

    No more monte carlo?
  3. MTSkiBum

    Recommend A Documentary

    My favorite documentary of the last 15 years is The Dust Bowl by Ken Burns. I watched it when it first came out and more recently again. It is a high quality documentary. https://www.pbs.org/kenburns/the-dust-bowl/
  4. MTSkiBum

    Bunny and Me at lunch in New Orleans

  5. MTSkiBum

    Happy Thanksgiving Geeks

    Looking forward to my thanksgiving feast of hotdogs and s'mores.
  6. MTSkiBum

    ***Official Political Slap Fight Thread***

    Your side is terrible and your politicians are corrupt and immoral
  7. MTSkiBum

    We are doing away with political talk here

    I would sooner believe a flying pig shooting rainbows out of its bunghole.
  8. MTSkiBum

    What to do with $300k?

    If the confused look is from beer I can try to explain further. I have an idea for a software that I am designing, and may start an LLC shortly. The problem is I am a below average programmer. I know my shortcomings and would hire a software architect to start the software for me before i started programming. Even then I would probably need to convince my brother to work on the project for it to have any chance of success. He has written his own operating system and created his own computer language. He is not a below average programmer. I am not looking for investments though, that was a joke. I still need to determine how feasible my idea is. This may still be a pipe dream. edit: and what a better place to post a pipe dream than a mmbeer thread. Am I right @Alias Detective
  9. MTSkiBum

    What to do with $300k?

    I have a good idea for a business, invest in me. I am still in the research phase, but I might hire a software architect to get the project started, 300k would be a big boost. If the company takes off i could turn that into many millions.
  10. MTSkiBum

    Let’s talk Jared Leto

    I have heard the name of him and his band. No idea what he has acted in or could not name any of the songs from his band. I assume I have heard a few of his songs on the radio over the years. I could find this out via google search if i cared.
  11. MTSkiBum

    Opinion: Bunny Needs an Intervention

    You might be hitting the brain altering chemicals a little too heavily recently. Be careful.
  12. MTSkiBum

    Sorry Fellow Geeks

    You injured your leg in a gardening accident in November? That's the thread we need.
  13. Meh, does not bother me if i get called out for it. In my case it makes sense, the first pro games i went to were at 3 rivers stadium and my first college football games were happy valley, but I have never lived in PA. My family is from PA and I visited alot, but since i lived in such states as North Dakota, West Virgina, Wyoming, etc I never had a local sports team to adopt that overruled the team my family rooted for. This is the first time in my life I have lived within a 5 hour drive of a major sports team. If someone wants to rag on me, go ahead.
  14. MTSkiBum

    Who uses flex fuel in their vehicle?

    In my opinion that is marketing BS, many companies and sadly government organizations put what the public wants to see on their website rather than the truth. Can't believe everything you read on the internet. Flex fuel is worse for carbon dioxide emissions than gasoline and is worse for MMGW. https://www.reuters.com/business/environment/us-corn-based-ethanol-worse-climate-than-gasoline-study-finds-2022-02-14/
  15. I no longer have a team I root for year in and year out I grew up a pittsburgh/penn state fan in all sports but after moving to Houston I no longer root for the Steelers. I would still get on the pirates bandwagon if they ever turned it around though. I cannot bring myself to ever be an Astros fan, however I think in a few years I may be a Texans fan. In a couple years if i answer this question it could be stroud.