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  1. MTSkiBum

    I have Cancer :/

    Best of luck.
  2. It would be awful tv and I would not watch it if I was paid a hundred dollars.
  3. MTSkiBum

    Good Morning

    I spent an entire day at the beach, and a half day at the swimming pool. It is the last weekend for our local pools to be open. Both the beach and the pools were deserted.
  4. MTSkiBum

    Good Morning

    That was a good idea. I always recommend going to the bars when too pregnant to go hiking.
  5. I caught bigger fish and more desirably species from my boat. But I have to admit, I have more fun fishing from the beach with my little fishing partner than offshore. I am still shopping for my next boat however
  6. I was surf fishing this weekend. I caught a limit of spotted seatrout and 10-15 sharks. I could have caught more but I was letting my daughter reel in the smaller fish and quite a few of the fish came off.
  7. MTSkiBum


    There was one extremely annoying chick and a few more with nose piercings. What did you notice?
  8. MTSkiBum


    I have no idea. I even googled jeopardy changes and cannot find what you are talking about. What is different?
  9. MTSkiBum


    New contestants almost every day? I think only 1 person has even won 2 games.
  10. MTSkiBum


    They are farther apart and trebek does not walk over to greet them. Trebek also sounds weaker at times, but is holding up pretty good.
  11. MTSkiBum

    Unwinnable Arguments

    Any argument on the internet.
  12. MTSkiBum

    This Week I Splurged On __________________

    I am still watching craigslist and fb marketplace everyday for my next boat. No splurging until that happens.
  13. MTSkiBum

    This Week I Splurged On __________________

    I have one that my grandpa gave me. I have never even shot it and it was given to me 6 years ago.
  14. MTSkiBum

    Tri Tip is better than Ribeye

    Hamburgers over charcoal are better than steak.
  15. I have always wanted to catch a decent sized sea run brook trout. We had brook trout in Wyoming and Montana but they were always on the small size(6-8"). To be able to catch them in the 12-14" range would be fun. Brookies and yellowstone cutthroats are the best looking of the trout. Although technically a brook trout is not a trout, it is a char. https://www.searunbrookie.org/