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  1. MTSkiBum

    Star Wars - Jedi Fallen Order

    I know I had to purchase diablo 3 for both the ps3 and ps4. Even though i bought it on ps3 it did not give it to me free on ps4. I am pretty sure you need to buy all games once per system.
  2. MTSkiBum

    Star Wars - Jedi Fallen Order

    Don't starve together is a fun game that is frustratingly difficult at first and then becomes a piece of cake as you get better.
  3. MTSkiBum

    If you’re looking for a new tv....

    I think i may consider one of those 3. I still have a 6 year old 55" cheapo tv as my main tv. It may last 1-2 more years. Is it possible to get a dumb TV still? I just want the monitor part, i do not need/want any of the smart functionality.
  4. MTSkiBum

    National Debt tops $18 Trillion

    I still agree with this, except now I think we also need to repeal Trump's tax cuts and an across the board 2% spending reduction in addition to the ag spending cut.
  5. MTSkiBum

    Star Wars - Jedi Fallen Order

    I avoid star wars spoilers, I just assumed it was the movie. I was a big fan of the kotor games, but I have not played a star wars game since then.
  6. MTSkiBum

    Star Wars - Jedi Fallen Order

    The last 2 star wars movies were so bad. I will watch this movie, but I have low expectations.
  7. Rough sailing ahead https://www.thehulltruth.com/13102560-post20.html
  8. MTSkiBum

    Astros Cheating

    I have lived here for 7 years now, I still have only been to a few Astro's games and cannot get myself to root for them. I am indifferent to this story.
  9. MTSkiBum

    McGregor talking tough again

    He could beat me up.
  10. MTSkiBum

    Some of y'all are off the rails

    Did you read this thread from start to finish?
  11. MTSkiBum

    Jeffery Epstein arrested

    I rarely post there, but have been an active lurker the last 5 years. I have been there more frequently recently as I am casually shopping for my next boat.
  12. MTSkiBum

    Some of y'all are off the rails

  13. MTSkiBum

    Some of y'all are off the rails

    You misspelled "most".
  14. MTSkiBum

    Jeffery Epstein arrested

  15. MTSkiBum

    Interesting fact

    The Canary Islands were named after dogs, not birds.