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  1. MTSkiBum

    Coronavirus - Doomsday

    The below is straight from the company and is a press release, not a study. However, it looks promising to help those who advance to the worst stages of the disease. https://www.cytodyn.com/newsroom/press-releases/detail/401/three-additional-patients-with-severe-covid-19-treated-with The treatment with leronlimab is targeted as a therapy for patients who experience respiratory complications as a result of contracting SARS-CoV-2 causing the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19). Leronlimab is believed to provide therapeutic benefit by enhancing the immune response while mitigating the “cytokine storm” that leads to morbidity and mortality in these patients. The laboratory evaluation of the first four patients treated with leronlimab revealed that the immune profile in these patients approached normal levels and the levels of cytokines involved in the cytokine storm (including IL-6 and TNF alpha) were much improved. The results of the three additional patients are expected this week. Jacob Lalezari, M.D., Interim Chief Medical Officer of CytoDyn, commented, “The preliminary results observed in patients who were severely ill with COVID-19 and treated with leronlimab are encouraging. Although the data set is still small, we saw fairly rapid and positive laboratory responses in all 4 patients treated, and in three of the 4 patients these laboratory results were associated with a favorable clinical outcome. We eagerly await the results of additional patients treated under the FDA’s emergency IND program, as well as the results of several randomized clinical trials about to start.”
  2. MTSkiBum

    Coronavirus - Doomsday

    I was at the grocery store today in my n95 mask, and I saw one family where the mom put on chapstick in during shopping, a guy talking on his cell phone the whole time, and another woman drinking water while shopping. I went at 8 pm, after a rainstorm, and the store was empty. I cannot imagine what it looks like at 10 am on a saturday when everyone is shopping. People do not care and think this is a common cold.
  3. MTSkiBum

    On a scale of 1-10, How worried are you?

    6. We are taking pretty good precautions. I have only left the house twice in the past 2 weeks, both times to go to the grocery store late at night when it is not busy. In fact I just got back. I have a few N-95 masks from various fiberglassing/woodworking projects over the years, so I wore one of those along with gloves. The store was almost empty, and I only bought groceries that I could wash. It took 45 minutes to wash all of the groceries with soap and water. Next saturday night we will do the same procedure assuming it is not bad in Houston. If it starts to look pretty bad then i will hunker in place with the supplies that I have.
  4. MTSkiBum

    New official "I contracted Corona Virus Thread"

    Youngest brother was tested today, I am not sure when he will get the results. He had to go to the hospital today for a bad dry cough that has lingered for over a week. The doctor gave him an asthma inhaler i believe. Thankfully he is only 28.
  5. MTSkiBum

    What is your oddest hobby?

    I still play MTG, only modern format, and only with my younger brother the few times a year I see him. He is still in his 20's and does tournaments. I just net deck and print my cards at this point though.
  6. MTSkiBum

    Coronavirus - Doomsday

    https://www.japantimes.co.jp/news/2020/03/27/asia-pacific/science-health-asia-pacific/china-corona-toll/#.Xn7NCnJOmUk Japan times and other news sources are reporting similar stories.
  7. MTSkiBum

    Coronavirus - Doomsday

    My guess is the below is censored over there. https://www.rfa.org/english/news/china/wuhan-melee-03272020131506.html
  8. MTSkiBum

    How to post a tweet?

    @fandandy I made some instructions, but it looks like you got it working.
  9. MTSkiBum

    How to post a tweet?

    Post the link.
  10. MTSkiBum

    How to post a tweet?

    Just pasted the link in a post. I had to create a Twitter account. I hope Mike leaves this functionality.
  11. I do not understand what I have said that has caused you to lash out at me, but I apologize. Our opinion on this is not even that different, I have posted that i think doctors should use the medicine now. When I posted my first reply to you in this thread I was expecting a thoughtful reply and not an attack. I did not think our views on the Coronavirus were that different since we were both some of the most active in the original thread. I almost always make sure to include the shortcomings of what I read/post. This was why out of the 20 paragraphs that were in the article I included the one that stated that their were limitations. I am hoping the trials will work, and that this drug is a game changer. Have a beer
  12. I do get that, specifically in the post you quoted of mine I stated that doctors should be using it as the primary treatment option. But what if it doesn't work, then we could potentially miss out on using other drugs. This is why we need real studies as quickly as possible. For what it is worth, this looks like the path we are going down. There are multiple double blind studies that are starting up including ones for hydroxychloroquine.
  13. Sorry for the misunderstanding. I was trying to post how I came to my opinion that we should be cautious as it is related to hydroxychloroquine. I do think that doctors should use it because with the evidence we have now it is the most promising drug. However we really need some good double blind studies for a couple reasons, both to see if it is effective because if it is not that will allow us to move in a different direction and because if it is effective so we when to know to prescribe it and how much to prescribe.